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How to become a member of  
Fangroup No.1

To give you a free & endless membership
we need these personal infos from you:

1.  your full name

2.  your correct and full postal address 
    We need these infos to send you the
free welcome-package

3.  your e-mail address(es)

4.  your full date of birth
example: 12.december.90

5.   language(s) you understand

6.  your phone-number(s) - only if you want ! 

Please send these infos to
or via letter / postal service to

Thomas Lubig
Marienstr. 45
38102 Braunschweig
-  Germany  -

A reply from  Thommy  will confirm your membership.
Then we will add you to the current  members-list
and send you a personal free welcome-package.

Thanks for joining and your trustment !

We do not give any personal data out to third hands and
your personal infos will be stored outsite of pc and the www.


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