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2017/Sept/19                                                  Klassfesten
On Saturday Marie is guest in the TV program 'Klassfesten'
Sept/23 - 20:00  TV4     A little preview is up on Marie's  IG

Sept/15    Three girls on Friday tour ...    IG:  01  02


2017/Sept/15                    After  Dark  -  "This  is  it  !"

Last night Marie enjoyed an amazing show @ Oscars Teatern :
"After Dark" is a famous drag group around Christer Lindarw,
presenting an amazing live show.  With "This is it !"     TRAILER

the group celebrates its 40-year stage jubilee.        IG:  01  02


2017/Sept/14          Moonwatch  turns  60

Yesterday / Fashion    Last night Marie celebrated
60 years "Omega Speedmaster"   IG:  photo  CLIP


Steppin'  In,  Steppin'  Out

In Stockholm the party day of the week is Thursday.
Around midnight all young people met outside of the
discos, then later all clubs are overflowing ...    clip/IG

 Yesterday  Marie learnt cooking Thai ...     IG:  01  02


2017/Sept/01                 Kristallen  2017

Marie is ready to visit the Swedish TV awards
                         CLIP   : IG :   1a  1b  2a  2b  03


2017/Aug/31                    Fashion  Week

Fashion week  SS18  in Stockholm   photo/IG
Photo by  Eero Hannukainen   photo/IG


2017/Aug/26                              Celebrations
Saturday Brunch @ Griffins' Steakhouse !
photos/IG:  01  02  03  04  05  06  07

Aug/22  Congratulations to Marie's hair dresser
who launched his own line of hair products.   IG


2017/Aug/21                                  Cray  Cray  !

One more Crayfish Party last night ... !   BLOG  IG


2017/Aug/16                                          Grey  In  Grey
What you can do, when the weather is bad ...    BLOG  IG
Marie's last day in Marbella looked quite different !   BLOG


2017/Aug/13                                  Crayfish  Party

2 days ago      Just back from Spain Marie enjoyed an
incredibly beautiful evening with friends and insanely
good crayfishes on the plates ...     photos:  IG  BLOG


2017/Aug/09                                       Purobeach

Back in the Purobeach hotel / club    IG:  01  02  03
- later Marie dined @  Mosh Fun Kitchen    photo/IG


2017/Aug/08                    Fashion  &  Clubs
Marie wears 'Blue & White' in the day   IG  BLOG
and 'Black' in the evening ...     IG:  01  02   CLIP
Yesterday  at the Purobeach hotel / club   BLOG


2017/Aug/07                                                   Marbella
Marie visits her cousin Linda in Spain ...   IG:  01  02  03
In Concert:   DJ Ingrosso    IG:  01  02  CLIP  CLIP  03

Yesterday    Welcome  in  Marbella  !!   IG:  01  CLIP  02


2017/Aug/06           Cannes - Stockholm - ??
A week ago Marie enjoyed three days in Cannes,  IG
then stayed 2 days in Stockholm   IG:  01  02  03  04
before she will now fly to wonderful ... ??    photo/IG

V.L.F.  Check out the picture bomb on Marie's  BLOG


2017/Jul/31                       Bonjour  France  !

Marie visits  Cannes, the famous city of the yearly
 film festival on the Côte d'Azur.     IG:  01  02  03


2017/Jul/30                    Sunday  Funday

Marie enjoyed a hot summer day with friends
in the pool ...   photos  >>  BLOG   IG:  01  02


2017/Jul/26               Lady  In  ...

Red, Bikini and White    BLOG  IG  IG


2017/Jul/24                   Palma  De  Mallorca
Welcome Marie and Therese !    photos/IG:  01  02
Photo: "Yep I'm enjoying myself thanks for asking"  IG


2017/Jul/21                24  Hours  Borgholm

Photos from Marie's visit on Borgholm  BLOG  IG
TRAVEL  Lunch tip if you have to empty the fridge   IG


2017/Jul/20                Welcome  In  Borgholm

Marie with friend Daga in Borgholm, visited a concert
of the Swedish band and trio  G E S   wiki    IG:  01  02


2017/Jul/17                                 Summer  Evenings

Marie's friends, living in the Swedish countryside, invited
Marie to celebrate her b-day a bit afterwards with them.

 And even the weather was fine !   BLOG   IG:  01  02  03


2017/Jul/14                               Birthday  Pictures
Marie's birthday celebration three days ago   BLOG  IG

Who knows that not ?!  IG     WWM  Another  photo/IG


2017/Jul/12                           Walk  With  Marie

Marie's co-work with  BookBeat  continues ...   BLOG


Happy  Birthday  Marie  !

                                                    Marie turns  34 

           Marie !           
Wishing you all the best     
    and a wonderful day today !    

BLOG   IG:  01  02


2017/Jul/10                                              Start  Moving

Collaboration w. SEAT     Seat's new TV series with Marie
and author  Manne Forssberg      TEASER

Epi 1:  Marie's Holiday Pearls: "Paradise on Earth"  video


2017/Jul/09                        Another  Birthday

On Magnus' b-day party yesterday ...      BLOG  IG

2017/Jul/08                                     Street  Girls

Four girls after partying yesterday   IG:  01  01-03

2017/Jul/07                Birthday  Countdown
Hurray !   Only four days left and Marie celebrates
her 34th birthday !   Pre b-day day  -->  photo/IG

2013   Marie's 'Dirty 30' cake 4 years ago  -->   IG


2017/Jul/05                                                 Indian  Summer
This yellow bohemian summer dream from Indiska's collection
'Explore Summer' is already a favorite in Marie's wardrobe.  IG

Olé Espana !   Soon back in the sun ...  photo/IG    MUSIC VIDEO


2017/Jul/02                       Summer  Lunch
June/30    The annual summer lunch with best
friend Tess @ Mr French ...   BLOG   IG:  01  02


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