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2017/Jul/24                   Palma  De  Mallorca
Welcome Marie and Therese !    photos/IG:  01  02
Photo: "Yep I'm enjoying myself thanks for asking"  IG


2017/Jul/21                24  Hours  Borgholm

Photos from Marie's visit on Borgholm  BLOG  IG
TRAVEL  Lunch tip if you have to empty the fridge   IG


2017/Jul/20                Welcome  In  Borgholm

Marie with friend Daga in Borgholm, visited a concert
of the Swedish band and trio  G E S   wiki    IG:  01  02


2017/Jul/17                                 Summer  Evenings

Marie's friends, living in the Swedish countryside, invited
Marie to celebrate her b-day a bit afterwards with them.

 And even the weather was fine !   BLOG   IG:  01  02  03


2017/Jul/14                               Birthday  Pictures
Marie's birthday celebration three days ago   BLOG  IG

Who knows that not ?!  IG     WWM  Another  photo/IG


2017/Jul/12                           Walk  With  Marie

Marie's co-work with  BookBeat  continues ...   BLOG


Happy  Birthday  Marie  !

                                                    Marie turns  34 

           Marie !           
Wishing you all the best     
    and a wonderful day today !    

BLOG   IG:  01  02


2017/Jul/10                                              Start  Moving

Collaboration w. SEAT     Seat's new TV series with Marie
and author  Manne Forssberg      TEASER

Epi 1:  Marie's Holiday Pearls: "Paradise on Earth"  video


2017/Jul/09                        Another  Birthday

On Magnus' b-day party yesterday ...      BLOG  IG

2017/Jul/08                                     Street  Girls

Four girls after partying yesterday   IG:  01  01-03

2017/Jul/07                Birthday  Countdown
Hurray !   Only four days left and Marie celebrates
her 34th birthday !   Pre b-day day  -->  photo/IG

2013   Marie's 'Dirty 30' cake 4 years ago  -->   IG


2017/Jul/05                                                 Indian  Summer
This yellow bohemian summer dream from Indiska's collection
'Explore Summer' is already a favorite in Marie's wardrobe.  IG

Olé Espana !   Soon back in the sun ...  photo/IG    MUSIC VIDEO


2017/Jul/02                       Summer  Lunch
June/30    The annual summer lunch with best
friend Tess @ Mr French ...   BLOG   IG:  01  02


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