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2015/Feb/13  Rose Club 5 years pic  01  02
2014/Jul/19   Friday @ KHARMA pic  01
Jul/18   White Party @ KALLIS pic  01
  Beach Club in Visby      
Jul/17   Wednesday @ KHARMA pic  01
Jan/25   Battle of the Pole pic  01
2013 & earlier          


2015/Dec/15                Christmas Party
FLOW Linköping            Yesterday Sara performed in her studio in LKP

Sara's performence                                                              FLOW Polefitness


2015/Oct/05          Running Order - SM i Pole 2015
Sweden - Sthlm      Swedish Championships in Pole 2015   infos/tickets

Running Order                                                               poledanceforbundet


2015/May/23              Sara performed
Croatia/Zagreb               @ the  EU Pole Show Art Championship   MORE

Sara's performence                                                            FLOW Polefitness


2015/Mar/28          A*TEENS  reunion  @  Let's  Dance
Sweden - TV4             Interview (text/english) and lots of photos   HERE



2015/Jan/31              Sara  @  Gladiatorerna  Special
Sweden/Sundsvall         2014/Nov - Nordic Hall   Series / TV4   more/photos

Celebrity Special in full length !                                                by  GURRA G


Here are the 4 celebrities they'll fight man vs man
and woman vs woman ... and against gladiators !
1.  Sara Lumholdt in recoil against Valkyria watch
2.  Anna Lindberg vs Sara Lumholdt climbing wall watch
3.  Sara's coach Anki (Flow) in gatloppet (traffic). watch
4.  Sara Lumholdt in the pendulums watch
5.  The final between Sara and Anna watch


2014/Nov/23           Swedish Championships in Poledance 2014
Sweden/Sthlm         Nov/09    Sara won the Swedish Nationals !    MORE

Place 1   Sara's performence                                          by  flowpolefitness


2014/Oct/14                 Sara performed in Barcelona
Spain/Barcelona             August    Barcelona Pole Camp 2014   more about

Just for fun ...                                                         by  PoleDanceFactoryBCN


2014/Sept/20            Sara´s  choreography workshop in Örebro
Sweden/Örebro            May/03    Two workshops with Sara !      photos/IG

Freestyle choreography
designed and based on the students' level                                by


2014/May/17                      Copenhagen Pole Competition 2014
Denmark/Copenhagen            Sara took part today !              infos/photos

Sara's performence                                                              by  Poleranking


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