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2013/December             Follow  Amit  on his official  facebook fanpage
                                                                 - run by our team-member Marina !


2013/Dec/24                       Merry  Christmas  !
A Christmas greeting on Amit´s  facebook fanpage
                                              ...  posted by Marina !


2013/Oct/29                    Amit turns  30  today !


We wish you health, luck and success in all things
you´re just doing and hope that you come back
on stage soon. We all believe in you & your music !

Have a fun filled day today & a very nice party !

You can congratulate Amit on his facebook  fanpage


2013/Aug/16                      Album  Contest 

You can win a  signed copy  of  Amit´s  album
" Songs In A Key Of Mine "

!!  To participate please register till Aug/30  !!
facebook fanpage          CONTEST 2013  TUTORIAL


2013/Jan/01                       New Contest 2013

just started a new contest on  Amit´s fb fanpage

                                 Start:  Jan/01     Tutorial    Rules


2013/Jan/01               Happy New Year !

Check out Amit´s New Year greeting  HERE

WELCOME   2013

GOODBYE   2012


2012/November/01         And the winner is ... ??

Contest on Amit´s fb fanpage:                   
Win Amit´s first album "Songs in a Key of mine" !!

Start:  Oct/01  deadline:  Nov/30   Contest tutorial  the rules



Amit turns 29 today !

Only the very best to you, wellness
and luck whenever you need it !
Have a very nice day today
and fun with the video below ...

Your fans say  Amit !

Video moved to   videos
                             >>>   2003/Jan/16

2012/Oct/01           A M P     "FLOORFILLER"

The first Amit and Marcus Project video is online !
Check out this new version of the A*TEENS´hit
"Floorfiller" AMP performed in Varberg this summer.

You can watch the video  here  or on Amit´s  youtube

For more infos please scroll down to  May/28 + June/16



Dinner  for  4  -  The  A*TEENS  2012

Dhani, Marie, Amit and Sara
met at "Griffins´ Steakhouse" - just to see how
everyone is up and to talk about old memories.

    How nice to see you all together again !  

More photos + comments you can find on the instagram
profiles of  Sara  
(pic above)  and   Marie :   01   02   03   04
and also on  Amit´s  fb fanpage                                           


2012/July/01       Exclusive  Interview  AMP

Amit answered our questions
about his new project !

You can read this interview on our  exclusive content
                       and on Amit´s official  facebook-fanpage

Amit  for the quick reply and update,
and Marina who made this interview !

AMP @ Svea Strandcafé 2012-06-16 - photo by musiclovers


2012/June/16           AMP   LIVE  !!

The  Amit  and  Marcus  Project

Amit Paul and Marcus Gamme
in Apelviken/Varberg:

Svea Strand Café @ facebook
    first photos !!



Amit  and  Marcus  Project

Amit has started a new project with his
friend and artist Marcus Gamme:

A huge  LIVE  SHOW  is planned on  June/16
- Svea Strand Café - 18:00 CEST

Amit has just posted on his facebook:

"Amit and Marcus Project is an experiment. We will be
playing some of my own stuff, some of Marcus things
and some covers and some new stuff. It will be fun!

For all of you who can't be there I promise there will
be video and live versions of songs up this summer!"

    Amit Paul                                            Marcus Gamme



Amit´s Christmas Greetings
and interesting news for 2012 !!
read more





AMIT  !!

We wish you all time the best,
health, luck, energy & success
for all your dreams and things
you want to realize in life
and you´re just working on !
We know you as a very sympathic artist ... so just
stay as you are, have always
fun and a nice party today with your family and friends !





"Fångarna på fortet"
"Prisoners at the fort" / Competition TV show

Amit is member in one of the teams they try to get
into the fort´s treasury by solving riddles and
collecting coins to get passwords and keys they need.
You can watch  episode 6 with Amit
until Sept/16, on   TV4 play



Interview with Amit
Like last year, Amit want to answer our questions
and will give us some infos
about his plans for 2011.
Yesterday he sent the answers to our 30(!) questions,
so check them out now on our  exclusive  site !
And a big "thanks" to you Amit !!



Amit wrote us from India !!
Wow !  Really a huge document with lots of infos
about Amit´s past time since A*TEENS split up
And more,  so read all on our  exclusive  site !



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