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  Choreography:   Charles  "Chucky"  Klapow
                       Dance:   Charles  Kimberly  Christian      

The official website  was closed
2014, please visit this  facebook group
  instead !



Amit Paul Amit's profile
Amit Paul official fanpage  by Marina
Sara Lumholdt Privat Sara Privat
Sara Lumholdt Sara's profile
Sara Lumholdt official page
FLOW sthlm Sara's Poledance Studio
Marie Serneholt Marie's profile
Marie Serneholt official official page
Dhani Lennevald Dhani's profile
Dhani Lennevald Fanpage fanpage  by Guillaume
Dhani Lennevald fanpage
Sara Lumholdt Fans fanpage  by Sabrina
Sara Lumholdt Music fanpage
Marie Serneholt fanpage
Marie Serneholt Espanol fanpage
Marie Serneholt Argentina fanpage
Ateens Int. FG No.1  FG No.1 page  by Samantha
A-Teens fanpage
A-Teens Chile fanpage
A-TEENS  (Mexico) fanpage
A Teens - PERU fanpage
A*Teens Online fanpage  by Lina
A * Teens Forever! fanpage
A Teens Cover Oficial A*TEENS Cover Brazil


websites  &  fansites

A*TEENS  France A*TEENS + the solo careers
A*TEENS Thailand A*TEENS  2002-2006
Dhani Lennevald webmaster:  Guillaume - France
Dhani Online archives   infos - photos
Fangroup No.1  USA webmistress:  Melissa - USA
Fangroup No.1  Chile A*TEENS  2001-2003   A*TEENS archives  bio - pics - vids - tracks
Metrolyrics  A*TEENS A*TEENS lyrics of 65+ songs
CamloMusic  BLOG CD infos + covers   fanmade !

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