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After the A-Teens went separate ways in 2004, Dhani decided to go back
to the
studio in order to write and record new songs for his own upcoming
solo career.

His first single release was "Girl Talk", Stockholm Records - Sept. 15th 2004.
The song was about how men cannot understand what women are trying
to say to them. The video for "Girl Talk", directed by Mikeadelica, was filmed
in Stockholm featuring Denmark's biggest rap artists, Nik & Jay.
Dhani has performed this new song in several swedish night clubs
and on big events such as “Rockbjornen”, “NRJ in The Park”, etc.

After this successful release Dhani started to work as a model, appearing in
fashion magazines and also participating on fashion shows in Sweden.

2005 Dhani & Universal Music parted ways, because Dhani wanted to be
more involved in the making off his first album, but Universal didn’t let him
do as much as he wanted.
But this year was also the year when he released the new single
"Let's Do It Again". There wasn't an official release of this single, but Dhani
appeared on the swedish show “Vaerldens Barn”, performing his new song.

During the following years, Dhani worked as songwriter/producer in Sweden
and Los Angeles (USA). He also did some photoshoots for Pixation,
together with his girlfriend and swedish model Natacha Peyre (2007/2008)
and participated on several events such as “The Voice Konsert” and the
“Gävle Cityfest” among others.

2009 Dhani´s first song as co-songwriter/producer was released, the song
was called "Wait Forever", sung by swedish artist Hani.

After these successful releases we haven't heard anything new from Dhani
about own upcomming projects. He´s still working on his debut album,
writing and producing music for other artists.

written:  02/2010
by our team-member


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