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More about Marie

After the A-Teens went separate ways in 2004, Marie decided to take a break
from the music business and the public eye - she wanted to spend her time as
a normal teenager,  doing all the things she couldn't do while she was touring
with the successful swedish group "The A-Teens".

In 2005, her career as a model flourish when she was picked as the face of “Maybelline Scandinavia Cosmetics Line” - she also dubbed voices for the swedish versions of movies such as "Robots" & "Herbie: Fully Loaded", did several photoshoots and important campaigns in Sweden.
Later that year, Marie decided it was time to go back to the studio to record
new tracks for her solo album - so she called the famous swedish songwriter
Jörgen Elofsson and started to work with him.
Marie signed her first record deal as solo artist under the label “Planet Six”,
a part of SONY BMG, created by Elofson.
Her first single was "That's The Way My Heart Goes" - 2006/02/21 - Planet Six.
On March 29th 2006, she released her first solo album "Enjoy The Ride",
produced by Elofsson.

After her successful album release, Marie started to work again as a model, appearing in fashion magazines, participating on fashion shows in Sweden,
and continued dubbing voices for movies - and she released two new singles:
"I Need A House" (2006/09/05) & "Oxygen" (2006/10/26), both Planet Six.
Marie participated in swedish shows such as “The Voice Konsert” and “Gavle

Cityfest” and was on swedish TV show “Stjärnor På Is” ice-skating.

During December 2008, Marie was confirmed as one of the wildcard artists
for “Melodifestivalen 2009".
On February 7th 2009, Marie performed her new single "Disconnect Me",
written by Tony Nilsson and Peter Boström, she placed sixth of eight, but
didn't make it to the finals.
The new single was released on February 25th 2009 under the label
“Catchy Tunes”. Later she released a music video for the song.

Marie also spent 2009 for recording new songs, doing photoshoots and
working on the artwork for the new album.

At the moment - 02/2010 - Marie is the lead performer in the swedish version
of the musical "Grease", playing the role of Sanna/Sandy,  premiered on
February 4th 2010.
Marie's second album hopefully will be released too during the new year 2010

written:  02/2010
by our team-member


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