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Below is the section of our own shots, recorded at all the nice
Meets & Greets
we've organized with our 4 faves.
It would be so nice to meet them
again - we do not give up hope !


  Marie           Sara      

   Amit           Dhani    

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2007/July/22                         Amit   Performed
Stockholm/Sweden                   @  Barncancerfonden

We met Amit after his performance on the Benefiz-festival
 in the king's garden inmidden the city -

AMIT´s    LIVE  performance 
+ videos  from the  Meet & Greet
are up on a  DVD   (+ extra videos)
and on our special page  Amit - extra 1


2006/May/26              Meet  &  Greet  with  Marie
Bremen/Germany                         @  The  Dome  38          

We met Marie in the hotel during her stay in Bremen,
just a few hours before her performence  @ THE DOME

Marie  on  Promotion  Tour  in  Germany !

video DVD  with all three Meet & Greets is now
available in our  fanshop  and you also can enjoy
our recordings on the special page 
Marie - extra 1


This longer Meet & Greet below in Stockholm was
the last one with the A*TEENS as complete group.

Only a few months later the four swedish band members
Marie, Sara, Amit and Dhani split up to start solo careers.


2004/May/25                             Meet  &  Greet       
Stockholm/Sweden                       with  the  A*TEENS

Exclusive  @  Stockholm  Records  !

A very nice, funny and special Meet & Greet at the
record company of the four. In more than 90 min. we
 talked and exchanged our memories of the past and
the A*TEENS signed a lot of stuff during the 90 min.
we had together.  They also sang the typical Swedish
birthday song for our member Klaudia.    GALLERY

Different  videos  available  on  DVD

New   video  in  work  !

Check  back  March  2020


2003/March/03                     The A*TEENS in Concert
Gothenburg/Sweden                         @ the Liseberg halls

Wow !        ...  what for a nice trip and great concert !!

We met the  A*TEENS  four times this day, when they arrived,
inside and outside the hall after the concert and finally @  ... ??
Read what happened this day and on our trip,  a tour diary by
Jessica and Thommy is now up: 
english   german   photos/gallery

So sorry, we were not allowed to record the concert, but we met
the four and their dancers after the show, ... outside at the bus !


2003/Jan/16                Meet & Greet with the A*TEENS
Cologne/Germany         @ Top of the Pops                               

After the A*TEENS performed their hit "Floorfiller" Fangroup No.1
organized an exclusive
meeting with the Four ...       photos/gallery


2002/Oct/25           Meet & Greet @ with the A*TEENS
Utrecht/Holland         @ the Kids Festival                                  

Sara turned 18 today ...   Happy Birthday !!

Fangroup No. 1 made a trip to Utrecht, where the A*TEENS
performed at a big festival just for kids. Because it was Sara´s
18th birthday we congratulated backstage with a selfbaked cake
with 19 candles on. But hell, just in this moment our camera
gave up !  But we could repair it and recorded the 2nd meeting
after their amazing performence where we stand directly in
front of the stage to make best pics ...    


2001/Dec/21          Meet & Greet with the A*TEENS
       Berlin - Germany                   Cinema Promotion Tour/Dec. 18-21      
Just before christmas we got a nice Meet & Greet in
their hotel, where first Sara and Dhani made fun with us,
... said Marie and Amit are ill and can´t participate !
Some seconds later both jumped out of the closet ... *lol*
After the meeting we went to the cinema and saw them once
again "live" on stage before they had to fly back to Sweden.

Movie / Comedy:    "The Princess Diaries"     website   wikipedia
On the soundtrack CD:   "Heartbreak Lullaby"   by the  A*TEENS

INFOS     Hamburg - Kassel - Berlin     photos/gallery


2001/Oct-Nov      The  A*TEENS  on  TOUR  !!
              Germany             with the german girlband "No Angels"  
Fangroup No.1 followed them from concert to concert,
where we met up with our members and other fans.

Enjoy our tour impressions, inclusive the parts
of our special Meet & Greets with the A*TEENS
in Oberhausen, Münster and Munich !

More infos, photos and a complete concert
you can find on our extra page  tour 2001


2001/April/04                   Fangroup No.1 Uruguay met 
Buenos Aires/Argentina       the  A*TEENS  in their hotel !

The fanclub in Montevideo/Uruguay, which has become part
of Fangroup No.1, used the chance and visited the A*TEENS
in their hotel
in Buenos Aires during their stay in Argentina.

A special THANK YOU   to Lucia and Marianna they
organized the Meet & Greet and sent us their video :



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