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Revisiting  A*Teens'
ABBA  Covers  Album  From  1999

Soon it's been 20 years that Sweden's A*Teens
put a modern sound on ABBA classics and came
out with their 1st album:  The ABBA Generation

Review with videos  >>  billboard.com


Sexy  Dancing  Queen !

Ex - A*TEENS - star Sara Lumholdt
now gives Pole dancing lessons

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9  A*TEENS  Videos 
That Will Take You Back To The Early '00s

by Jessica Norton  MTV news


  Let's  Dance
A*TEENS  reunited at the  Let's Dance  show tonight !
Amit,  Sara  and  Dhani  supported the ex-colleague  Marie
who lead in the dance competition.         photo by Leonardo

The Swedish newspaper  Aftonbladet has an  article  with
some more pics of the little reunion online, plus the short
video interview  below  ...  translated by   A*Teens Online

Some more photos:   #letsdancese    Ringblom Photography
                                             IBL photo archives:    A*TEENS    Marie        


Surprise  in  Stockholm !

FG No.1 got the OK from Amit to meet him in
Stockholm where we got very surprised by ...

but read the complete story  HERE (+ videos )


2014/Oct/09                   41  GIFs  That  Prove
                       The  A*TEENS
Were  The  Most  '00S  Pop  Group  Ever
A nice flashback in gifs by John Walker  @  MTV news



A*TEENS  Audio  Interview

Are you sure you have read it @  tommy2.net  ??



On  Tour  in  Germany

Now the A*TEENS toured through Germany and
FG No.1  followed them from concert to concert !

Please read more about on our special  tour page


America  Tour  With  Aaron  Carter

The four Swedens will open the shows !
Infos and  tour dates  @  MTV news


T E E N   S P I R I T
Release of the 2nd album  " TEEN  SPIRIT "
Track listing, music videos and lyrics  HERE

Infos about bonus tracks, country specific
editions, re-releases and the  New Version
of the album you can find on  wikipedia


A*TEENS  LIVE  @  BingoLotto

performing their new song                    
  "Halfway Around The World"   video


Dancing  Queen  Video

The A*Teens are currently back home resting and relaxing in
thier homeland Sweden. In July they will return to the U.S.
to support their debut CD "The ABBA Generation" during an
opening stint on Britney Spears' summer tour.   MTV news

The group's video for its cover of ABBA's  "Dancing Queen"


Dhani  Recovering  /  Britney  Spears  Tour

The A*Teens have just wrapped up a short promotional
of America, an outing that will set the stage for the
quartet's appearance on the Britney tour this summer.

Unfortunately, A*Teens' Dhani injured himself during the
first of two shows at Disneyland's Tomorrowland Terrace
in Anaheim (CA), and Dhani was forced to sit out the last
two dates with a partially torn ligament in his inner thigh.

Please read what more the band says and check out
the revised dates for Britney Spears' summer tour

MTV news


A*TEENS  Prepare
To  Release  Original  Music

A*TEENS are working on their own material !
Read more @  MTV news


1999    Here we go !



Just before christmas,
Marie, Sara, Amit  and  Dhani received the long-
awaited call of the record company  Stockholm
Records after performing in the audition at the
dance school in November.    The official at the
phone congratulated and said something like
"Hej, welcome ... you are in !  You are now an
  so Dhani told us in a later talk.


How  It  All  Started

Stockholm,  Sweden,  Nov.  1998  ...

Marie (15), Sara (14), Amit (15)  and Dhani (14)
visit  Lasse Kühler's  dance school in Stockholm.
Despite their young age,  the  four  friends  have
been  singing  and  dancing  together  for  about
five years.  In November '98 ...  and introduced
by their dance teacher,  the four participated in
an  audition at their dance school,  where three
requirements  were  set:    1.  to be good singer
                                         2.  to be a good dancer

      and most importantly   3.  to love ABBA music

The idea by the record company was to form
an  ABBA  cover  which revive the original
songs of the legendary band, but performing
them in modern dance, style and sound.


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