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FLOW   was Sara's studio
in Stockholm. Dropped out
2018  because of marriage
and moving to England.

FLOW Stockholm
FLOW Polefitness

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             More about Sara

After the A-Teens went separate ways in 2004, Sara decided to take a break
from the music business and have a normal life and a regular job.
During the first part of 2005, Sara dubbed voices for the Swedish release of Electronic Arts racing game "Burnout: Revenge" and was also booked for small
gigs in a couple of local clubs.

In 2005, it was time to go back to the music business - she started to work
with local swedish producers, songwriters and some friends in Sweden and
Los Angeles. After two years of hard work, on March 14th 2007 it was
released a cover of Olivia Newton-John's hit "Let's Get Physical" under the
stage name of "Sara Love" for a promotional CD for clothing company WeSC.
However, "Let's Get Physical" wasn't meant to be Sara's first official single as
a solo artist, it was only done for the WeSC compilation.

Later in 2007, her first single under the stage name of "Sara Love" was
released, the song was "Glamour Bitch" featuring rap artist Milano Money.
The new song was quickly played by one of the most important radios in
Sweden "NRJ Radio". After this huge success, she did two big performances
at "NRJ in ThePark" in Gothenburg (August 20th) and Malmö (August 22nd)
among others.

A new year started and Sara decided it was time to move from the "Sara Love" project, because all the record labels that were interested on her new music expected too much work from her and she wasn't ready for. She thought to something new and fresh, so Sara started to work on a new project.

Sara flew to Los Angeles where she met songwriter Josh Skinner and Grammy
Award winning producer Ted Perlman. She spent February to May 2008 writing music with Josh & Ted in L. A. and in June 2008 she released her first single
from an upcoming album "Back To You". This song was called "First" and it's
about putting yourself first, said Sara.
During the rest of the year Sara divided her life - working in a regular job in
Sweden and writing songs in Los Angeles. She co-wrote twelve songs for this
new project, but nothing more happened yet.

At the moment Sara is in Sweden, working with local producers, trying to find

her own style and doing small gigs around Sweden. We really hope to hear
something new from her very soon.

written:  02/2010
by our team-member


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