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A*TEENS    Singles   (card sleeve)       Tracks     New / Used     Extras

01 Mamma Mia 2   N ABBA TEENS  (1st band name)
02 Super Trouper 2   N 2. Super Radio Remix
03 A Perfect Match 3   N 3. Slam
05 Upside Down 2   N 2. Sing-Along-Version
06 I Promised Myself 2   N 2. Extended Version


A*TEENS    Maxi  Singles              Tracks     New / Used      Extras

10 Mamma Mia 4   N ABBA TEENS  (1st band name)
11 Mamma Mia 4   N Super POP / Argentina
12 Mamma Mia 3   N Dance Mixes By ...     3.  9:20 min
13 Mamma Mia 3   U 2.  Lay All Your Love On Me
      3. Karaoke Vers.   +  MM  video
14 Super Trouper 4   N 2.  Super Super Remix  8:58 min
15 Super Trouper 4   U Tour Sticker   3.  Happy New Year
      4.  Mamma Mia  + ST video
Gimme! Gimme! G...!
(A Man After Midnight)
4.  A*TEENS Medley  8:19 min
Dancing Queen
4    U
3.  Main Extended Mix
4.  BTS Gold Edition Mix
Bouncing Of The
Ceiling  (Upside Down)
2   N
Enhanced CD / U.S.
+  UD video + Fold-out Poster
19 Upside Down 4   N 3.  Extd. Remix   4. JS 16 Remix
Halfway Around The
3   U
+  HATW  video
21 Sugar Rush 4   N 3.  Long Sugarcrush Remix
22 Heartbreak Lullaby 5   N + Christmas Song /Sthlm Rec. Sticker
23 Floorfiller 4    U 4.  My Long Version
24 A Perfect Match 4    U 4.  Singled Out

A*TEENS    Albums        Tracks    New / Used

The Abba Generation
11     U    tracklist
  Limited Editon
  3 enhanced videos
29 TEEN SPIRIT 13     U    tracklist  
30 NEW  ARRIVAL 14     N    tracklist  
31 GREATEST  HITS 16     N    tracklist  

SOLO   CAREERS                         Tracks     New / Used     CD     Extras

40    Marie That´s The Way My Heart Goes   2  N Single / card sleeve
41    Marie
That´s The Way My Heart Goes
  5  N
Premium  Maxi
+ Video // sealed
42    Marie Enjoy The Ride                tracklist 10  N Album  // sealed
43    Marie Disconnect Me   2  N Single  card sleeve
44    Marie Salt And Pepper   1  N Single  card sleeve
55    Amit Songs In A Key Of Mine 12  N Album  infos below


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album:   Songs  In  A  Key  Of  Mine

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we have visited

Amit / Sweden

Marie / Germany

New Yorker

Marie / Germany

A*TEENS / Sweden

Top of the Pops
A*TEENS / Germany

Kids Festival
A*TEENS / Holland

Cinema Promotion
The Princess´ Diary
A*TEENS / Germany

9  Concerts
- tour tracking -
/ Germany

A*TEENS / Germany

EXPO  2000
A*TEENS / Germany


DVD  -  videos
private  recordings

Each DVD only 2,50  EURO !!
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official & exclusive
Meet & Greets

Amit   Stockholm (S)
Marie   Cologne (D) Bremen (D)
Hannover (D)

the  A*TEENS   Stockholm (S)
   Utrecht (NL)  Cologne (D)
  Oberhausen (D)
Münster (D)   Berlin (D)

and we met our faves in
Gothenburg (S)   Munich (D)
Hamburg (D)


Our  DVD collection  has many
extras, i.e. Fangroup meetings
during the tour in Germany
and videos of the A*TEENS
our members recorded, so

you should not miss this !

All videos are in full length
(Thommy´s cut)  with
higher quality than on our
video site

Video format:  VOB
Playable on most DVD players &
every PC with the  VLC  player.


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Katerina Procházková

language:  czech (CZ)

 only   2,-   EURO

This is a special fanarticle
with more than 60 sites
and some rare pictures !

Signed  by
Sara, Marie,
Amit Dhani

@ the  Meet & Greet
in Stockholm 2004

where we handed
each of the A*TEENS
a personalized book
with best greetings
from the author:




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