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How to become a member of  
Fangroup No.1

To give you a free & endless membership
we need these personal infos from you:

1.  your full name

2.  your correct and full postal address 
    We need these infos to send you the
free welcome-package

3.  your e-mail address(es)

4.  your full date of birth
example: 12.december.90

5.   language(s) you understand

6.  your phone-number(s) - only if you want ! 

Please send these infos to
or via letter / postal service to

Thomas Lubig
Marienstr. 45
38102 Braunschweig
-  Germany  -

A reply from  Thommy  will confirm your membership.
If you agree, we add you to the current  members-list
and send you a personal free welcome-package.

Privacy  /  Data  Protection

Fangroup  No.1   asks for personal infos like your name, address, aso.
This  data  will  not  be  disclosed  to  third  parties  and  are  written  on
index cards,  stored  outside  the  www  and  pc.    We use this infos for
communication and identification if necessary (e.g. orders, shipping ...)
Please contact us if you want to know what exactly data we've stored
and we may have to update, or to delete if you wish that. More about
the rights regarding your privacy in the web you can read in the (new)

EU's  General Data Protection Regulation  GDPR  from May 25th, 2018.

Thanks  for  joining  and  your  trustment  !


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