Data protection
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Registrierung / Mitgliedschaft
Fangroup No.1 fragt nach persönlichen Informationen wie Name, Adresse usw. Diese Daten werden nicht an Dritte weitergegeben und auf Karteikarten gespeichert, also außerhalb des Internets und von PCs. Wir verwenden diese Daten zur Kommunikation und falls erforderlich zur Identifizierung, z.B. bei Bestellungen und beim Versand.
Bitte kontaktiere uns, wenn Du wissen möchtest welche Daten genau auf deiner Karteikarte stehen und welche wir gegebenenfalls aktualisieren oder löschen sollen
sofern von dir gewünscht.

Mehr über deine Rechte bezüglich deiner Privatsphäre auf Webseiten kannst du in der (neuen) EU-Datenschutz-Grundverordnung 
GDPR  vom 25. Mai 2018 nachlesen.

Data  protection
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Use of cookies
The following cookies are used on this website:

a) Cookie confirming the cookie confirmation window (cookie will make the confirmation
    window appear only once)

b) Cookie to switch between mobile and desktop view
c) Cookie for storing products temporarily placed in the shopping cart
d) Session cookie (Allows the website operator to switch from the website to the edit
    mode of the website)

e) Cookie for the use of the password-protected area (if a password-protected area has
    been activated on this website, a cookie is stored when authenticating a website
    visitor, this cookie allows to visit several password-protected pages without having to
    enter the password again)

Contact form
Each time the contact form is used, relevant data such as actions taken, name (if available), date / time and IP address are stored. If you contact the website operator in this way, your details will be stored so that they can be used to process and answer your request. Without your consent, this data will not be disclosed to third parties. Your consent to data processing is given by clicking the checkbox and submitting the form.

Guest book
Each entry of a comment in the guestbook stores relevant data such as actions taken, date / time and IP address. This is for safety. If your text violates applicable law, the website operator must have a legal right to track your identity. Your consent is given by clicking on the checkbox and submitting the form.

Registration / Membership
Fangroup No.1 asks for personal infos like your name, address aso. This data will not be
disclosed to third parties and are stored on index cards, outside the www and pc. We
use this infos for communication and identification if necessary, e.g. orders, shipping.
Please contact us if you want to know what exactly data we have stored on your index card and we may have to update, or to delete if you wish that.
More about your rights regarding your privacy on websites you can read in the (new)
EU's  General Data Protection Regulation  GDPR  from May 25th, 2018.


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