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After the A-Teens went separate ways, Amit decided to take a break from the
music business and figure out what to do. After six years of success with
"The A-Teens" he wanted to have a normal life and study at college, so he
signed up at "Stockholm School Of Economics" for an Accounting and Financial Management Degree.
While Amit was studying, he had spare time to share with his family, friends
and also to write new music. After some time he felt the urge to go back into
the studio to record some of his new songs.
Amit spent the last four years of his post graduate writing and producing his upcoming solo album and playing small shows around Sweden.

In 2007, Amit decided it was time to go back to the music industry full-time: his new solo material was almost ready. On February he released his first single "Stay" on his own record label "Ganesha Records", that got popular and started to be played on several Swedish radio stations such as P4, P3, etc.
In April he released his first music video, it was however not for "Stay" it was a
new song "My Elysium". The video was shoot in New York City, directed by one of Amit's close friends David Dworsky from Radon PVR.
A few months later he released an online single "Leavin'". Just as "Stay" this new song doesn't have a music video.

On 22nd July 2007, Amit performed at "Barncancerfonden" show in Kungsträdgården playing three live songs: "Leavin'", "My Elysium" & "Stay”
together with keyboard player Elias Ringquist. Members of Fangroup No.1 ( from Germany and other parts of Europe went to see
him performed and got a meet & greet; where he signed singles, was
interviewed and have a good time with the people from the Fangroup.
Amit continued his studies, while working in the studio finishing his upcoming
solo album.

April 2nd 2008 finally, after four years of waiting, Amit released his first album "Songs In A Key Of Mine" under the label "Ganesha Records"; the CD did well inSweden and got excellent critiques and his songs were playing on the local
radios. The album has twelve songs that were written and co-produced by
Amit. During that time Amit was invited to several Swedish TV-shows such as "Bobster", "Nyhetsmorgon", "Så Ska Det Låta", "My Playlist", "Big Words",
among others; where he was interviewed and also performed. Some times with
his band: Elias Ringquist (Keyboards), Christoffer Schoug (Guitars),
Mikael Petersson (Bass) and Andreas Ekstedt (Drums), other times by himself
or just with Elias Ringquist.
July 2008 he released the online single "Judge You" and later a music video
directed by Philip Hammar and Eric XXXX hit local Swedish TV.

In 2008 Amit also traveled to Hungary and spent a couple of days promoting
his album and latest single "Judge You"; he was invited to perform at
"Viva Interaktive". The visit got good media coverage in Hungary.

2009 was a quiet year for Amit; on January 20th he gave a private
performance at "Marknadsföreningen" together with keyboard player Elias.
After that performance we haven't heard much from Amit in the public space;
he is studying and writing new music for a second solo album.

At the moment you can find Amit's album (Songs in a key of mine) and singles
in online stores such as: Itunes, Amazon, Nokia Musicstore,,, and a number of other online sites.

written:  02/2010
  Amit Paul / Marina Vicente


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