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    GREATEST HITS   -   2004

    L   01   Mamma Mia
    L   02   Upside Down
    L   03   Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
                (A Man After Midnight)
L   04   Floorfiller
    L   05-1   Dancing Queen
L   06   A Perfect Match
    L   07   ... To The Music
    L   08   Halfway Around
                The World
    L   09   Sugar Rush
10   Super Trouper
L   11   Heartbreak Lullaby
L   12-1   Can't Help Falling
         12-2   In Love
    L   13   Let Your Heart Do
                All The Talking
NEW   L   14   The Final Cut
NEW   L   15   With Or Without You
NEW   L   16   I Promised Myself



    NEW ARRIVAL  -  2003

    L   01   Foorfiller

    L   02   Have A Little Faith In Me
    L   03   Shame Shame Shame  LV
    L   04   Let Your Heart Do
                All The Talking
    L   05   A Perfect Match
    L   06   The Letter

    L   07   Cross My Heart
    L   08   In The Blink Of An Eye
    L   09   School's Out ft. A.Cooper
    L   10   Closer To Perfection

    L   11   Shangri La
    L   12   One Night In Bangkok
    L   13-1  Can't Help Falling
13-2  In Love
L   14   Heartbreak Lullaby
(Ballad Version) on CD !



    POP 'TIL YOU DROP  - 2002

L   01   Foorfiller
    L   02-1   Can't Help Falling
         02-2   In Love
    L   03   Let Your Heart Do
                All The Talking
L   04   Closer To Perfection
    L   05   Hi And Goodbye
    L   06   This Year
    L   07   Slam (complete version)
L   08   Cross My Heart
    L   09   Singled Out
    L   10   Oh, Oh ... Yeah
L   11   In The Blink Of An Eye
    L   12   School's Out
                feat. Alice Cooper



   TEEN  SPIRIT  -  2001

    L   01   Upside Down
    L   02   ... To The Music
    L   03   Halfway Around
                The World
    L   04   Firefly
    L   05   Sugar Rush
    L   06   Rockin'
    L   07   Around The Corner
                Of Your Eye
    L   08   Slammin'Kinda Love
    L   09   All My Love
    L   10   For All That I Am
    L   11   That's What
                (It's All About)

    L   12   Morning Light
    L   13   Back For More


                     Japan  Edition:   bonus track


                                   -  1999

    L   01   Mamma Mia
    L   02   Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
                (A Man After Midnight)
03   Super Trouper
    L   04   One Of Us
    L   05   Voulez-Vous
    L   06   S.O.S.
    L   07-1   Dancing Queen
         07-2   Dancing Queen
    L   08   Take A Chance On Me
    L   09   Lay All Your Love On Me

    L   10   The Name Of The Game
    L   11   Our Last Summer
    L   Knowing Me, Knowing You


special songs and singles


2003 / May

A*TEENS  -  Bounce With Me

This rare single was made for
Popdrinks  promotion only !!

Our member Lina visited the signing
in a supermarket - the photos you can
find on  ATEENSonline.com   GALLERY

Large pics:

                                                                                     credit to  hilfan1989


2002/Sept/17                           A*TEENS  -  Under The Sea
                                                                                  (The Little Mermaid)
              Disney Mania  -  Superstar Artists Sing Disney ... Their Way !

                                                                    credit to  DisneyManiaMusic101

A*TEENS - UNDER THE SEA              LYRICS  by  AnythingIfEverything


1999/Dec      A*TEENS  Happy New Year           CD cover 
                          LIVE @ Jupiter 1999     Sound edited      credit to  skv90s


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