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Amit is married, father of two little daughters
and managing director in his father's institute   Paxymer  team


Happy  Birthday  Loá  !

Amit and Unnur's first daughter  Loá  turns  3
just before the change of year  -  congrats !!

                                               2 photos + CLIP/IG


2018/Dec/25                    Happy  Feast  !
Christmas in Lundsberg 2018      5 photos/IG
Happy Feast  from Amit & family !   photo/IG



Winter  In  Stockholm

Photo:  Amit's children enjoy the snow   IG
Dec/05   Wrong delivery !   IG


2018/Nov/23                  Cooking  Dinner
Early practice makes you perfect ...   photo/IG

Nov/20   Breaktime - take a rest !  ;)   IG
Nov/15   Unnur  Interview @ 500.IS   IG


2018/Nov/11                            Making  Music
There's music in the air @ Father's day !   CLIP/IG
Nov/10    Loa   the little snow queen ...    photo/IG

Nov/03    Art   Painting on the wall    IG
Oct/31     Oops !   Cookie accident !    IG



Happy  Birthday  Amit  !

Amit turns  35  today, congratulations !

We wish you a wonderful day and evening with family
and friends, health, wellness, success and luck in the
things you're doing and in future, but most of all ...

GREAT  gifts of course !!!   Happy Birthday Amit !!

animated-birthday-image-0077        animated-birthday-image-0019


2018/Oct/28                             Good  Night  !
Amit reads a bedtime story to his daughters   IG

Oct/27   Art by Kids II   5 pics/IG

Oct/25   Environment / Nature                  
"What is your privacy worth ?"  facebook
Lecture by Edward Snowden  
IG:  01  02



Belated  Happy  Birthday  !

Yesterday  Amit's wife Unnur celebrates her birthday
and spent a wonderful day Amit planned.     3 pics/IG

Oct/15   Art by Kids     photo  CLIP/IG
Oct/09   Lóa plays "mother & child"  IG


2018/Oct/08                       Home  Bakery
Yummy Banana-carrot muffins on offer !   IG

Oct/01   Mommy's work   2 photos/IG
Sept/22   Hard at work ...  IG:  01  02


2018/Sept/14                   Friday  Mys

Good idea for a relaxed friday night !   IG
Sept/12     Cool  sunglasses !    photo/IG


Happy  Birthday  Jara  !

Amit and Unnur's 2nd daughter Jara
completes her 1 year of life today !

Congratulations !

2 photos    photo/IG


2018/Aug/21                               Girl  Trio
Amit's three girls:  Unnur, Loa and Jara   IG
Unnur's paintings in  Reykjavik ...   photo/IG


2018/Aug/17          Loa  And  The  Goats

Iceland   A visit to the children's zoo   7 pics/IG



Iceland  >>  Sweden

The end of the holidays for Amit ...
"Hello again Sweden !"     photo/IG

Photos/IG:               Iceland, Summer 2018
01   02-09   10   11   12   13    CLIP    14-18


2018/July/24                Sweden  >>  Iceland

Cooling !   Welcome to rainy Island !   IG:  01  CLIP
Unnur's  art exhibition in Reykjavik   IG:  01  02
Last days in hot Sweden ...    IG:  01  02  03  04


Wedding  Anniversary

Best wishes  to Amit and Unnur to their
6th wedding day !     photos/IG:  01  02

                                                                      extra / painting
"In the woods again ..."  photo/IG                                       


 2018/June/27                                   98 + 2,5 

Was  Lóa Margit  named after her 98-years-old
great-grandmother ?
?     IG:  01  CLIP  02  03


2018/June/22               Glad  Midsommar  !
Amit and family are celebrating tomorrow's mid-
summer with Loa and Jara's great-grandmother
in Lundsberg (Värmland) ...     IG:  01  02  03  04

June/17+18    Celebrations    IG:  CLIP  01  02
June/12    Jara's  Indian hairstyle    photo/IG


Summer  In  Sweden

New photos in the family album on
Instagram :   01  02  03  04  05  06

Thanks Unnur for all pics 'n' postings !
06  Boat trip to the archipelago ...            


2018/May/18                    Awarded  !
“Sustainable Product of the Year”
PAXYMER  was awarded by the Swedish plastics
industry association SPIF.  Congratulations !   IG

Latest pics from the family album,
IG:  01  02  03  04  05  06+07


2018/May/03          Summer  In  Iceland
Summer ??  But it snowed today ... !?   CLIP/IG
Amit climbed onto Iceland's  Kirkjufell   6 photos

A few days ago:  best sunshine like you can see
on the photo below, so what ?   IG:  01  02  03

Food & fun @  Le Kock  IG    Art/IG:  01  02  03


2018/Apr/19                    Family  Happiness
Amit with his daughters Loa and Jara    photo/IG
GIRLPOWER  in Iceland ...    IG:  01  02  03

ART   Due to lack of space Unnur offers some of
          her works for sale ...     IG:  01  02  03  04



2018/Apr/13                            Early  Practice

Baby "headbanging"  Jara loves music !   CLIP/IG
Chess, art & more ...     IG:  06  05  04  03  02  01



Jara's first intake of food other than milk ...   photo/IG
Hindu ritual,  also called the 'First Rice Ceremony'  wiki

What more happened in Amit's family ?
Photos/IG:  01  02  03  04   CLIP

Thank you Unnur  for letting us know what is going on
in your 'little' family and all the photos.
  Happy Easter !


2018/Mar/21                         Sisters

Cute video of Loa and Jara     CLIP/IG
+ new photos:  01  02  03  04  05  06


2018/Mar/04               Early  Practice
Like the father, so the daughter !   clip/IG
More fun & other activities ...   IG:  01  02

Image taken from the clip above                    


Amit's  Daughters

   Ill again,  so get well soon !    IG:  01  02-03
    HAPPY CHILDREN    01  02



2018/Feb/04                  Wintertime
If the kids are sick, the mother has twice as hard !
So get well soon !     IG:  01  02  03-05  06  07  08

Unnur's Art:  sheep "Magdalena"  image/IG
and another painting with a bird ...  clip/IG



2018/Jan/17                         Little  Sisters

New photos of Loa and Jara    IG:  01  02  03
and a nice artwork by mother Unnur ...       04


2018/Jan/06                         The  Ivitation
Amit's wife Unur was invitated by the Iclandic
president and his wife to meet the Swedish
king and queen !  Congratulations !     info/IG

Last impressions of Iceland before flying
back to Stockholm ...         IG: 
01  02  03


2018/Jan/01                                                 Fireworks

This is how Icelanders welcome the new year:  CLIP/IG
And not even an hour ago Loa turned  two  years old !!
Her mother still remembers the night of Loa's birth   IG


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