Amit - Album

Amit's  Album

" Songs In A Key Of Mine "

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        (You have to pay shipping only)

Europe, Australia:   Thommy

South-America, USA:   Marina  -  please use this  form

Other:   please email Thommy  -  or use the form above


Thommy Order ID Status
Germany AM-001 ordered - shipped - arrived
Netherlands JLvG-002 ordered - shipped - arrived
Spain EB-003 ordered - shipped - arrived
France JS-004 ordered - shipped - arrived
Australia BA-005 ordered - shipped - arrived
Spain JPMM-006 ordered - shipped - arrived

Cheaper  Shipping

Because of the sometimes high shipping costs, some fans have
offered their help with distributing the CDs later.
Currently we are
compiling a list of your orders and those people who like to
help distributing the albums in their/your city or country.

In case you want to get your album directly from Thommy or
Marina you can tell us later
when we will ask for your address
But first of all we have to get the albums from Amit, so
do not send your address yet, only name + country please

and be patient for more infos soon, thanks !

Alternatives  /  Helping  Fans

Country City Name Contact
Spain only   Antonio send to you via email later



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