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2023 /August                       Dhani               instagram   spotify  fb
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                                               works as songwriter and producer
                                               and has signed @ Sony/ATV  Scandinavia 
                                                                                          website   facebook

                                               1/2  of  the  Swedish  DJ  duo  D H A R C
                                                                                              soundcloud   IG

                                               1/2  of  the  producer  duo  S i C i n d y
                                                                                              soundcloud   IG

Own Releases / Co-work, Remixes              >>  dhanimusic.com

Dhani Insanity (Dhani Remix)  (05/21)  IG        YT   SC
Dhani Mixtape 1  (03/13)  IG                SC

SiK  CiNDY   New Releases !                         instagram    youtube

July 17  Brazil        IG   YT
July 07  Drop        IG   YT
June 30  Mumbai  ft. Soleil Camara        IG   YT
June 24  Don't Slow Down        IG   YT
June 16  Pu$$y Power  ft. Melisa Randal        IG   YT
June 09  Money Gun        IG   YT
June 02  Right Now  ft. Tony Sauna        IG   YT
May 26  I Sell Hope  ft. Charlee Notes        IG   YT
May 19  W.A.G.E  ft. Tony Sauna        IG   YT
May 12  Work        IG   YT
May 05  X-Model        IG   YT
April 28  Party Like A Rockstar  ft. Tony Sauna  IG  IG   YT
April 21  Get Rich On What You Love  ft. Tony Sauna  IG  IG   YT
April 13  How Many Times  ft. Tony Sauna         IG   YT


Aug 23   Dhani In Sweden  Funny animals   2 pics 5 CLIPs/IG



!!  Happy  39th  Birthday  Dhani  !!

Wishing you all the best, health and many beautiful
and happy moments on your special day !
  :) :) :)

Have a nice and crazy party with family & friends !

Happy Surfing Happy Birthday Gif


Breaking  Habits  EP

Funny !   Little dog "Viking" helped out with some
chant stacks on the track  "Kalyma"         CLIP/IG

July 02   Mixing  Important track get a voice   CLIP/IG

June 05   USA, Georgia  1 month in Atlanta   4 pics + 3 CLIPs/IG

May 21   INSANITY  Dhani remix - listen !    IG  YT  SC



  Sik  Cindy    The New Releases !         instagram

 28 "Party Like A Rockstar"  ft. Tony Sauna   YT   IG  IG
 21 "Get Rich On What You Love"  ft. Tony Sauna   YT   IG  IG
 13 "How Many Times"  ft. Tony Sauna     YT   IG

Apr 10   California  Easter beach weekend   3 pics + 2 CLIPs/IG

Apr 03   Dhani in Los Angeles  Routines   photo + 3 CLIPs

Mar 13   Dhani Music  Mixtape 1   soundcloud  IG


2023/March/12              Springweather
When the sun shines ...                                    


2023/Feb/02                     New  Home  In  LA

Dhani &  Alice   New home in Los Angeles   3 pics/IG





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