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NEWS  part 1



Sept 15   Ad  Active Wear  Casall    5 pics/IG


Happy  3rd  Birthday
Philip  &  Nicholas  !

Marie's twins turned 3 years old today !
Congratulations & all the best !!

3 pics/IG


A  Lunch  With  A  View

Micael Bindefeld invited a handful friends for lunch in his
The blue and white tableware he designed
also bears the name of the place where Micael's summer
residence is located: "Aspvik" !    
2 pics   4 pics   7 pics/IG

Aug 25   Fun, Fitness & Recreation  Clear water   CLIP/IG

Aug 17   "Clothes  ... make the woman"   2 pics/IG 

Aug 15   Jacket  Little rockin' man   IG

Aug 13   Fashion  Bts ... fall campaign   3 pics/IG


2021/August/03                                   Gotland  3
Marie enjoys every single day on the great island ...
                                                                        2 pics/IG

Aug 01   Gotland 2   Restaurant  Guldkaggen   IG

July 30   Gotland  Pension & Restaurant  Grå Gåsen  
                                       in Burgsvik   photo/IG

July 29   That Smile 2  Holidays !   IG

July 25   That Smile  Like mom, like son !  IG

July 18   Summer  ... makes hungry !  ;)   IG

July 17   Health  Enjoy fruits & vegetables   IG

July 16   Nature  What a view !   photo/IG



! !  Happy  38 th  Birthday  Marie  ! !

We wish you all the best and a great time with
your family and friends !  Stay healthy !!  ;)

                                        photo/IG  (outcut)

July 10   Preparations  for tomorrow   IG

July 09   Gröna Lund  Today and 3 years ago   2 pics/IG
Relaxing  @  Ellery Beach House   IG   

July 05  Summer  ... means for kids: baaathing !!     photo/IG

July 04  Meeting Friends  @ hotel  Villa Dagmar   IG  5 pics/IG



Family  Trip  To  Saltsjöbaden
Welcome to  Saltsjöbaden  !
 The suburb of Stockholm is part of the municipality of Nacka
and is directly connected to central Stockholm (Slussen) by
the  Saltsjöbanan * rail system.
As Marie said, she had a wonderful day there and we're sure
her boys couldn't get enough of all the boats around !?  
Restaurant tip: 
Holmen Kök & Bar

Due to the  Slussen reconstruction project,  the section
between Henriksdal and Slussen was closed in 2016, just
after our visit in Stockholm. So I had the luck and was
able to record the running trains on 
video  (ff >> 10:40)



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