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2016/Dec/31                               Glitter  2017

Marie's little inspiration for the 'turn of the year'
party tonight  ...  ALL THAT GLITTERS !!   BLOG




2 0 1 6

 Photo  rain


Photo taken from
Marie's Instagram



2016/Dec/24          Merry  Christmas !

Short video greeting from Marie ...    clip/IG
plus  'All I Want For Christmas'  Carpool  Karaoke
from "The late late show" w. James C.   BLOG  YT


2016/Dec/23                One  Day  Left

Do you remember Uppesittar Kväll ?    IG

And before Christmas Eve ...   BLOG        
Dec/19  'Marie Christmas' burger  clip/IG


2016/Dec/17                       Meet  Marie !

12:00 - 14:00     Marie presents her perfume
line "Signature" @ Nacka Forum     photo/IG


2016/Dec/15                            Nyhetsmorgon
Superskaparna  will be sent in spring,  but already
yesterday Marie visited the TV4 Morning News to
tell us a bit about the program.   video/YT   BLOG

NO new single  and  NO new girl group, only a
few girls having fun on parties ... 
IG:  01  02


2016/Dec/14                              Superskaparna
Spring 2017    Marie has the honor to lead the new
TV program "Super Creators" @ Sjuan  >>  TV4  IG
"A  do-it-yourself  program  where participants will
in creativity,
imagination and dexterity on
a really high level"
Marie posted on her Instagram.


2016/Dec/12                                  Meet  Marie !
Marie will present her perfume line  "Signature"
in Nacka's large shopping center  Nacka Forum
Dec/17  Saturday, 12:00-14:00  
Signature by M. S.

Marie's 3rd Advent in pictures ...   BLOG


2016/Dec/09          Christmas  Time

Marie   and   friend   Terese   enjoying   the
Christmas time  @  Mr. French   BLOG  IG



Jewellery  &  Cosmetics

Christmas wish:  Dear Santa 'Johan' ...   IG
Cosmetics    Exclusive skin care     IG  BLOG


2016/Dec/07                OK  Christmas  Dinner

Nov/29    Marie has tried the  Christmas dinner from
Operakällaren   served in the main dining room
of the Opera cellar restaurant ...      photos  >>  BLOG


2016/Dec/04                                The  2nd  Advent

That was Marie's 2nd Advent Sunday   CLIP/IG   BLOG


2016/Dec/02                Marie  Christmas

Et voilà !  The recipe of the December-Burger
by Marie and Daniel Couet @
Vigårda    BLOG
Good Night !   Marie's new bed ...    photo/IG

2016/Dec/01                 X-mas  Burger
"Marie Christmas" @ Vigårda     IG:  01  02
 Marie forges first plans for 2017  photo/IG


2016/Nov/29             Christmas  Table

This year's first Christmas table:  Trying the
Christmas dinner  @  Operakällarens  Matsal
IG:  01  02 
03  04


2016/Nov/28        Jewellery

Marie wearing Sara Biderman's
jewellery design.      IG:  01  02


2016/Nov/28                                  DST  2017

Photo campaign for Marie's baking competition
"Det Stora Tårtslaget 2017"  IG    
clips:  01  02



2016/Nov/27       Glad  1st  Advent !

Marie leaves London again ...      BLOG  IG
Photos London  Marie's snapshots  BLOG


2016/Nov/26                    Hello  London !

After months of intense work, Marie has now
finally a weekend off.   The reward ?   A long-
awaited trip to London.    read all     BLOG   IG


2016/Nov/25                      Christmas  Season
Marie @ Christmas shopping in London - in front of
the Christmas-decorated Ritz hotel entrance ...   IG
FASHION  Special @ Anine Bing - infos @  photo/IG

 (check also Nov/01 below)                                                


2016/Nov/19                      B  B  Busy !

Backstage @ the TV factory    IG:  01  02


2016/Nov/14                                        Birthdays

Photos from Daga's birthday last Saturday   BLOG
Nov/05    Marie's father Ronny filled 64 years    IG


2016/Nov/12                                        Pyjama  Party

Happy Birthday  dear friend Daga !    IG:  01  CLIP  02


2016/Nov/05                            Meet  Marie  !

Today   Marie presents her perfume "Signature"
12:00   @  Åhléns City in Stockholm      photo/IG


2016/Nov/02                            Meet  Marie  !

Meet  Marie  and her fragrance series "Signature
by Marie Serneholt" @
Åhléns City  in  Stockholm,
Saturday,  Nov/05 - 12:00 !                          photo/IG


2016/Nov/01                              A  Rainy  Day

It's raining again  ...  and that just on a free day !
So Marie will now have fun with the script for the
next recordings of  DST.                         IG   BLOG


2016/Oct/27              Det  Stora  Tårtslaget
DST   Season 2 in the making    photos/IG:  01  02
Yesterday:  Marie is ready for the day !   photo/IG


2016/Oct/25              Det  Stora  Tårtslaget
DST   Season 2 in the making    photos/IG:  01  02
Below:   photo  by Evelina L.  (press photo shoot)


2016/Oct/23                                               Matfest

Marie's sister invited to the traditional food festival
where Marie met her beloved grandpa ...       BLOG


2016/Oct/18                                  Gothenburg

BingoLotto   Photos Marie has shot last weekend
with her Mobile-phone in Gothenburg ...     BLOG

2016/Oct/17                        25  Years  BINGOLOTTO
25-year-anniversary  of  BingoLotto  on Saturday two days
ago. Marie celebrated with ex-colleagues and hosts from all
the years and the people behind the weekly show at  TV4 .
Marie host the show in  2013  and  2014  and is honored to
be a part of BingoLotto's history.   Interview      BLOG   IG

2014/May/25    Motherday - Surprise for Marie   video/YT
2001/Feb/10   A*TEENS  LIVE  BingoLotto   video/YT


2016/Oct/14                       Grab  Your  Boobs
"Grab Your Boobs" shirt collection by  INEZCO
Fair trade clothing with a purpose to raise
awareness on breast cancer.    IG:  01  02

Last nights' girls dinner @ Sushi Oi    IG:  01  CLIP


2016/Oct/13                     Gastronomy  Prize  2016

Oct/10   Marie visited the Swedish Gastronomy Prize,   IG
held last monday at the Opera cellar in Stockholm.   BLOG


2016/Oct/11                   Ladies  Lunch

Lunch & fashion presentation ...  BLOG  IG
Photo:   The secret behind Marie's hair   IG


2016/Oct/08              Stockholm  Weekend
Happy Birthday  Griffins' Steakhouse  !   photo/IG
Marie and friends @ Nosh and Chow ...   photo/IG
Signature by M. S.  New stuff in the making ...  IG


2016/Oct/05                          Wednesday
Breakfast in bed  interspersed with jobmail and coffee
- a good start to this Wednesday
   writes Marie   BLOG

Yesterday   for  Cinnamons  !    BLOG   IG
Oct/03   Secret recording @ TV4   photo/IG


2016/Sept/30                                        Left  Or  Right  ?
Help Marie !  What she should wear tonight, skirt or jeans  ?
LoR  is a new app that will help you in making decisions.  IG

Marie  enjoyed  the  Happy Birthday lunch  by  Andrea ...   clip/IG
Bathroom deco: the candle from Marie's "Signature" collection  IG


2016/Sept/26                                  Marie's  Weekend

     Friday   Be.Core  fitness  ...  and dinner  @  Teatergrillen
Saturday   B-day party turned out to be a Wedding party:
     TV profil Micael Bindefeld surprised his friends ...  BLOG


2016/Sept/25                                       Cinema  Time

15:00   Marie is watching "Bridget Jone's Baby"   photo/IG
Last night:   Party with Johan and friends ...    photo/IG


2016/Sept/22                                                     Thursday
Marie  started todays thursday with having a vegan lunch
w. friend Lill @ the  Ling Long  Asia restaurant /Story hotel
Later she visited with her sister the  bakery & Café  Tösse
where they enjoyed yummy raspberry-macarons ... BLOG

Some days ago:   Brunch   Signature                             BOOM !

Photo/IG  Marie and Lill @ Ling Long                                         


2016/Sept/15                                      Move  Your  Lee
Jeans News   New major campaign @ LEE  #moveyourlee

and more:   collaboration with Marie !  Soon more about !
Throwback Thursday     A relaxed week in Spain ...   BLOG


2016/Sept/14                  Marie  x  3
MARIE  01  02  03  ...  @  INSTAGRAM

Yesterday Marie tested the new app "Let's Talk", where
you can learn to write and to speak Swedish a bit better,
helped by Swedens of course.   Marie practised with two
girls she never met and it was "damn fun" she said.     I


2016/Sept/11                   Brunch  @  Griffins

What for a fun yesterday:  Marie invited 40 friends
plus family to Griffins' Steakhouse !    BLOG  english


Steakhouse  Brunch

Saturday  Brunch  @  Griffins'  Steakhouse
IG:   01  02  03  04  05  06  07  08  09  10
And the party goes on !   CLIP   photo/IG

Yesterday:   Porkfilet with Tzatziki    BLOG


2016/Sept/04                                            Kristallen
Marie gets ready for the  Kristallen TV award tonight
Stylist:  Nathalie  Berzelius    IG:  CLIP 1   photo   CLIP 2
Kristallen  - Red Carpet    IG:  01  02  CLIP       BLOG

MARIE  #nbthestudio                                                         


2016/Sept/02               Brilliant  Last  Night
With best friend Clara @ Hotel Sturehof   CLIP/IG
@ Swarovski's new pop-up store   Be Brilliant
   in the "Mall of Scandinavia"   IG:  01  02  03

And finally ... celebrating Sofi Fahrman's new app
"Left or Right"
@ Hotel Diplomat   IG:  01  02  03

Some more photos are up on Marie's  BLOG
So  ... Welcome  back  in  Stockholm  !


Greek  Dinner  In  Spain

Between a cool Strawberry daiquiri and a very tasty
Gyros-pita ...     Photos:   BLOG    IG: 
01  02  03  04


2016/Aug/28            Cheese  Party

Vacation on the Canary Islands (Spain)
Photos - part 2         BLOG    IG:  01  02


This  Is  Not  America

Marie on vacation - do you know where ??
How about Spain again ?!      BLOG   BLOG

      Photos/IG:  01  02  03  04  05 + 06    Music Tip



Det  Stora  Tårtslaget  2

Season 2 of the baking contest, lead by Marie !
Filming will start in autumn.     video/YT   BLOG


2016/Aug/20                        Sunny  Saturday

How  nice  as  the  sun  finally  looked  up  today  !
It has not really been spoiled with good weather 
the past few weeks ... 
writes Marie on her   BLOG


2016/Aug/15                          I  or  II  ?

Marie ask which one is your favorite ?   IG
Latest blog entry and jewelry:   BLOG


2016/Aug/12            Cruel  Summer
Weather  is cool and rainy,  so let's enjoy
Marie's  smile  photographer  Anna  Maria
recorded some time ago in L. A.      BLOG

+ let's find something nice to eat:  IG-1  IG-2
Photo cut / Original by A. M. Zunino Noellert


2016/Aug/06                                Solsidan

Marie presents the new cast of the Swedish
comedy series  Solsidan @ TV4    IG:  01  02

Y'day   Look who's in Sweden now:   01  02


2016/Aug/05                            Crayfish  Party

Y'day  Won't be the last time this year:  BLOG  IG


2016/July/30             Hankø  Island
Photos    The summer in Norway   BLOG
Jewelry - part 2    photos/IG:  01  02  03
One week ago   Marbella - part 2   BLOG


2016/July/28                Jewelry  From  Norway

Marie meets up with Jewellery designer Marte Frisnes
Hankø Island , Norway ...          photos/IG:  01  02


2016/July/26                 Special  Tapas

Marie's first evening in Marbella   BLOG   IG
and the days after ...      IG:  01  02  03  04


2016/July/22               Marie  in  Marbella
Purobeach  Beach Club    IG:  01  02  03  04  05
Photo cutout / Original                                                                


2016/July/21                                     Marbella !

Olé !  Marie visits her Cousin's family in Spain and
enjoys some days off.        photos/IG:  01  02  03


2016/July/15                                  Beachwear
Tassels  photoshoot  by Anna Maria Z. N.     BLOG
Tonight  Belated b-day party @ Coco    photo/IG
 Y'day   Marie @ Gröna Lund amusement park   IG


2016/July/13                     Birthday  Pics

Photos from Marie's birthday two days ago,
check them out on her  BLOG  IG:  01  02

Photo cutout / Original                                          


2016/July/11                      Happy  Birthday  !!
Marie celebrates her  33rd  birthday today !
Congratulations  from your friends  &  fans !

Pre Celebrations  >>  BLOG  photo/IG

happy birthday cupcake animated gif
                                                      best animations


2016/July/07                             LDJ  Replays

Replays of  Let's  Dance  Junior  1-6  with Marie
now straight on TV4 - fridays 20:00 !      IG  IG

And before the 1st show will run on TV Marie is
having dinner with friend Therese @ Mr. French

                                                 Photos/IG:  01  02


2016/July/05       Summer  Face

Summer in Stockholm          photo/IG


World  Of  Fashion  By  Marie  Serneholt

Some weeks ago  (check news part 1)  Marie met the fabulous
Swedish designer Carin Rodebjer and talked with her about
this summer and autumn fashion, her inspirations, living in
New York, the summer and much more ...     CLIP/IG   BLOG

Videos @ YT:   teaser   full interview                 Marie / videos


2016/July/01                                       Summer  !

Marie enjoys strawberries, moules, vine ... and the
Swedish summer of course !     IG:  01  02  03 (bel)



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