Marie - extra 1

2006 - Germany

Meet & Greets  with Marie

3.   2006/06/01    Hannover
2.   2006/05/26    Bremen  
1.   2006/05/10    Cologne

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2006 / June / 01
Hannover - Germany
Meeting with Marie
Grand Opening
The fashion chain "New Yorker" celebrates
the opening of the 450th. store in Europe

... with up to 30.000 visitors this day !!

First we met Marie at the autograph session, then followed her
through the store and recorded the acts she was booked for.
Later we went backstage and talked with Marie and her staff
about the funny things happened over the day and Marie´s huge
success here in Germany. We all had alot of fun. But too bad,
today was the last day of the big promotion tour Marie did
the past weeks. Now she´s flying back home to Stockholm.
Thanks alot Marie, for spending your rare time with us !!
You stayed as we know you since ages, always a great and
funny person ! Thanks for all again, we have enjoyed a nice
time with you in Germany and hope to meet you soon again :)

PHOTOS      video caps

Same video, but in higher quality
on our  DVD  Marie 1

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German  Radio

"That´s the way 
my heart goes"

is top in
many user charts !!
Thanks for
mailing and calling
radio stations

A special

goes to

Marie and

- Sony BMG -

& to
the staff of
New Yorker
Bahnhofstr. 6-7
30159 Hannover

New Yorker

As well as the Fangroup No.1,  the "New Yorker" fashion brand
has its headquarters in
Braunschweig,  a city close to Hannover.
Our local newspaper reported about the opening, the article
you can read in the archived newspaper as 
PDF  - page 22/22


2006 / May / 26
Bremen- Germany

Meet & Greet

The Dome 38

Our 2nd meeting
with Marie since
she´s acting solo

After we´ve checked the stores to get some copies of Marie´s
debut album "Enjoy The Ride", which was released today, we went
to Marie's hotel and got an exclusive meeting in the lounge, just
a few hours before Marie's big performence at THE DOME - so what
could we've said more than to wish a "Good Luck" for the show ?!
At the meeting we talked about her fans in Uruguay. Some of our
members there sent letters and nice gifts we handed out to Marie.
After the meeting we went to the hall to watch her LIVE on stage.

Read all about below  and  enjoy our videos !

Special  Action :
Marie's video greet  we shot with Jessica's cellphone
and sent it directly to  Marco  who was already
waiting to post it  for you fans at home !

flash video

Our  Meet & Greet  in the hotel lounge ...

flash video

Marie !

Thank you so much  for spending your time
with us again,
we will never forget this day !

Our              Marie's
photos            gallery


We also
want to thank

&  Marie

- Sony/BMG -

for making
this meeting

it was nice
to meet you !


After this
Meet & Greet

we went to the
hall to see Marie
live on stage ...

And that was  simply awesome !!!

flash video

Bravo Marie !

You've done a great job, nice performance !

It was a bit far away in the hall, but later at home
we saw and enjoyed the show on TV once again.


2006 / May / 10
Cologne - Germany

  The Fangroup's 1st    Meet & Greet                     
                                                        with  Marie    as solo artist !


A big promotion tour is
plan of the next weeks:

Marie's earworm
"That's The Way
My Heart Goes"

is running up & down
on the radio channels
and her debut album
"Enjoy The Ride"
will be released soon.

The Fangroup
got an exclusive
meeting with Marie
in her hotel at
Colognes Media Park.


Marie just came back from a
radio promotion in Hannover:

She said it was a long drive over
the highway back to Cologne
and that it smells when she tried
to open a window: "Gestank!"
  said Marie in german and laughed
about how it sounds. Of course, we have alot more traffic than Sweden, where the air is really much cleaner!
We too always noticed that when
we came back from Stockholm .

Interview 1

After a warm and heartly "Welcome !"  we asked Marie
how it feels now as a solo artist, and that we're very
happy about her come-back and this huge success !!

Marie gave us the facts to all questions !

Special thanks to Marie
and Jessica, who run this interview !


flash video

Interview 2

Annika and Marian, friends of our member Sandra took
also part of the meeting and made an exclusive interview
for a radio show they´re working on. You´ll be able
to listen the interview if you receive the local channel
Antenne Ruhr, City FM:  Dirk Visser´s Drive Time Show


Marie !!
It was so nice to meet
you again after two long
years now. We wish you
a huge success here in
Germany - and hope
to meet you soon again.

Alexandra and Robin
for making this
meeting possible !


Jessica  Thommy  Annika  Marian  Sandra


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