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2009/Feb/15      Fangroup.net is back !!

We hope you like the the new design and style !?
We´ll rework all sites and will try to add new contents
and stuff whenever we´ll find time for, so stay tuned !


2008/Jan/25      Welcome  Chantal !!

THANKS  for your offer to help fans in the US,
you´re heartly welcome in our team !  Chantal


2007/Sept/04      Welcome back  Juanjo !!

Our team-member is back at home in Guatemala
and will support you fans in Latin America. Juanjo


2006/Oct/14      A*TEENS  COVER

The official COVER from Sao Paulo/BRAZIL
Support &  website  by Fangroup No.1

2006/July/16      Photos - Meeting in Stockholm

First pics of my 3-day-trip are up now on our  multimedia site
In Stockholm I met our team-members Bella and Sarita, so a big
"Thanks" to Sarita and her friend Ashleigh for comming over here
and to Bella for guiding us through the hometown of our 4 faves.
Unfortunately, a meeting with one of the 4 wasn´t possible to
this time, but we have enjoyed our meeting ... and Stockholm !!

       Bella (S)             Sarita (AUS)                Ashleigh (AUS)


2006/May/16      Welcome  Marina !!

Now we´ve found a great supporter - not only for spanish speaking
members and fans:  our new team-member Marina from Argentina
will help you in all questions  ~  so a heartly welcome   Marina  


2006/Jan/17      HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL

Copy of Charles Klapow´s original posting
on a-teens.com - January/16

Hey, it's Chucky (the A-teens choreographer/dancer).
I hope everyone's doing well! Just writing to let you know
that the film I helped choreograph and danced in is airing this
Friday night on the Disney Channel! It's my first big film as a
choreographer so I'm really excited for everyone to watch it!

friday night on the disney channel! Watch!

I choreographed it with two special people. One is
Kenny Ortega (also the director). Kenny choreographed
Dirty Dancing, Madonna's Material Girl video, Michael Jackson
tours as well as MANY MANY other big projects.
Bonnie Story assisted on Michael Jackson's smooth criminal
video and she was the other choreographer on this project!

Hope you all enjoy it! Thanks for your support!


Charles Klapow             HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL
homepage   wikipedia                 Disneychannel              


2005/June/02      A*TEENS split up ??

Yes ... sad but true:  the A*TEENS will not continue !!
Because we fans all are very sad about ... here are some
comforting words from me they hopefully help you
a bit in these hard time ... so  "heads up"  guys !

english     espanol     deutsch


2004    Ooops ... the
            Fangroup again !

Funny diary of our trip to
the concert in Gothenburg
by Jessica and Thommy

            deutsch   english

More pics are up in a gallery
on our multimedia site

After the concert we met the
dancers outside
at the tourbus,
waited for the A*TEENS



2001   A*TEENS in the hayhouse ...

The  Fangroup  No.1´s  e-mail - interview
with The  A*TEENS 
   deutsch   english   espanol


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