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2020/May/04                                         Mother's  Night

May 31     Mingle with Sara & other fantastic mothers from
the couch at  The Ultimate Mom's Night
Save your seat and get a stuffed
and luxurious goodie bag
just in time for the event !
   Hurry hurry - limited number  !


2020/April/15                        Adam  Alsing  Dead
Sara also posted a photo from an earlier meeting with
the  popular  TV  presenter  who died today at the age
of 51 as the result of a coronavirus infection.   IG  wiki

April 10    Stay  healthy  people !    photo/IG


2020/Mar/25                      Baby  Alarm !

Sara is on the way to become mother,
congratulations !!


2020/Mar/10                          Lily  &  Freja
Sara's dogs are waiting for spring    photo/IG
Feb 27   Health & Anti Doping  certificate   IG


2020/Feb/14                               Valentine's  Day

Since more than 7 years a couple:  Chris & Sara !   IG


2020/Jan/22                   Back  On  Stage  ?
Is  Sara  planning  a  comeback  ??        photo/IG
Photos:  Egoboost magazine, Jan 2013   IG  Pinterest


2020/Jan/07                          Pole  SM  2020

Sara and the organizers are still looking for staff
and volunteers for various tasks at the  Pole S M
March 28/29  in Uppsala,  Fyrishov     IG   register



Happy  New  Year  !


WELCOME   2020

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