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Dec 29   Oscar's  very first Christmas   IG

Dec 17   Oscar  4 months old   4 pics/IG

Dec 14   Cuddle Sunday  yesterday   IG


2020/Dec/12                   Christmas  Chat

Check out the  video chat  with Sara from
heltenkeltfi's  Christmas calendar ...       IG

Nov 17   Oscar  3 months old today   3 pics/IG

Nov 08   Happy Father's day !   4 pics/IG


!  SARA  LIVE  !

Episode  1  in Sara's  LIVE  Q & A  on Instagram
                                                              video (32 min)

And read Sara's birthstory  "Waterbirth"   IG       



36 years                                                     
full  of  love,  fun  &
                mastered  challenges,

S a r a  !

We wish you all the best, health, luck  and
a wonderful day,
hurray, hurray, hurray !







Sara answers your questions
on her Instagram  >>  stories


Oct 17   Oscar  2 months today   IG

Oct 05   Oscar  Cheeeeese !!   IG

Sept 29   Oscar  6 week old   IG




2020/Sept/17                   Oscar  1 month

And the dogs seems to love him ...    photo/IG

2020/Aug/27                                                       Oscar

2 years after their wedding in Sweden, Sara and Chris
are now parents of a little boy:  Oscar !       IG:  01  02


2020/Aug/23                        Welcome  OSCAR  !

Now Sara has also become mother !  Six days ago, on
Tuesday,  August 17th,  she gave birth to a little boy !

Sara has just published the first pic on her instagram,
so go there to say "Hello" to little Oscar !      photo/IG
Congratulations  to the proud parents & all the best !


2020/Aug/11                                 Three  Days  Left  !
But Sara doubts that he will arrive at the due date ...     IG

Aug 04   Countdown Runs  10 days left   IG
Aug 02   "We can't wait to meet you !"   IG

Photo:  willcarsonmedia                                                               


2020/July/31                                            Soon  Mother

Sara's pregnancy ends in around two weeks, means she'll
become mother soon !  All the best for that !       photo/IG


2020/May/04                                         Mother's  Night

May 31     Mingle with Sara & other fantastic mothers from
the couch at  The Ultimate Mom's Night
Save your seat and get a stuffed
and luxurious goodie bag
just in time for the event !
   Hurry hurry - limited number  !


2020/April/15                        Adam  Alsing  Dead
Sara also posted a photo from an earlier meeting with
the  popular  TV  presenter  who died today at the age
of 51 as the result of a coronavirus infection.   IG  wiki

April 10    Stay  healthy  people !    photo/IG


2020/Mar/25                      Baby  Alarm !

Sara is on the way to become mother,
congratulations !!


2020/Mar/10                          Lily  &  Freja
Sara's dogs are waiting for spring    photo/IG
Feb 27   Health & Anti Doping  certificate   IG


2020/Feb/14                               Valentine's  Day

Since more than 7 years a couple:  Chris & Sara !   IG


2020/Jan/22                   Back  On  Stage  ?
Is  Sara  planning  a  comeback  ??        photo/IG
Photos:  Egoboost magazine, Jan 2013   IG  Pinterest


2020/Jan/07                          Pole  SM  2020

Sara and the organizers are still looking for staff
and volunteers for various tasks at the  Pole S M
March 28/29  in Uppsala,  Fyrishov     IG   register



Happy  New  Year  !


WELCOME   2020

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