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2011/Dec/21        Michel  Widenius  photography
                                   Visit Michel on his  website  and  blog

Photo: © 2010  Michel Widenius  enlarge: right click+open in ...



3 days @ "Vakna ! med The Voice"
SARA  3x LIVE  in the Radio Morning Show !
website   Kanal5 play
Read more + photos on Sara´s  blog/english



New hairstyle !?
Red?  Ombre?  Short+Black?  Fringe?
VOTE  for Sara´s new hairstyle on her  BLOG
Voting will close Dec/15 - 23:59 CET

Sara signed our guestbook !!!   # 164




CHAT  & updates !

Sara is back from holidays
and has updated her blog.
You can chat with Sara,
today @ 12:00 CET !!!

Don´t miss your chance
  and ask her what you want
to know - Sara promised
to answer every question !

Questions & Answers

Thanks Sara, for spending
your time with us !!

photo:  © Michel Widenius
Dec/2011      website     blog


2011/November Sara & the Dolls
~  on nightclub tour in Sweden ~
  Nov/23 To the gig in Nässjö - in a Volvo V60
A small tour diary with pics :
website/VOLVO    english    pics/HQ
  Nov/21 Some pics of the last gig in Nässjö !
are up on Sara´s   blog/english
  Nov/12  Sara & the Dolls will rock the crowd 

- tonight in Nässjö !!
Their amazing Pole-Dance-Show is
the highlight in the Nightclub Disco of

  Nov/11 Pics of the last show in Arvidsjaur
Sara posted some pics on her  blog/engl.
and visited the                                   
Championship in Pole Dance 2011
@ the Health Fair in Älvsjö/Stockholm.
Read more about on Sara´s  blog/engl.
Nov/05 Pole Dance Show 2night in Arvidsjaur
Sara & the Dolls´ amazing Pole-Dance-Show
is the highlight on the Halloween Party of





Sara & the Dolls
- tour continues !

 Nov/05   Arvidsjaur
Nov/12   Nässjö     

For more infos please visit
Sara & the Dolls   english



The 1st Swedish
Championships in Pole Dancing

@ the Health Fair in Älvsjö/Stockholm.
Sara  will be conferencier on this event
on Friday,  Nov/11.
     website   english

Also visit Sara´s blog for more about.




We wish you good health, strength
and energy for reaching your goals &
dreams you´re working on so hard !!
It´s your day today, so have a nice
celebration with your family & friends !


  Have  always 
good luck & success !



"4 Stjärnors Middag"

TV cooking show on
Kanal 5

Sara is cooking  Curry Chicken
for 3 guests they´ll enjoy the dinner? !!
Bon Appetit !     watch

Now Sara is one of the guests:
Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday
watch          watch         watch 


"Summer Games" - "Sommarspelen"

- the funny sports competition show
program site    Kanal 5 play

Episode 6/6

Will Sara win ???
!!!  GOOD  LUCK  !!!


program site   Kanal 5 play

    Sara  in the                   Semifinal 

Episode 5/6

Check out the news
and photos Sara posted
on her blog this week !


"Summer Games" - "Sommarspelen"

- the funny sports competition show
program site

         Episode 4     Will Sara stay in the Top 4  ??
Kanal 5 play    episode 4


"Summer Games" - "Sommarspelen"

- the funny sports competition show
program site
20:00 CEST - Kanal 5    Episode 3  with Sara !!
Watch the show after the TV broadcast on
Kanal 5 play    episode 3




    This is really
   a funny story !!

            S  BLOG

Pics of Sara with the new hairstyle
& video of "Aerial Silk"

Visit Sara´s blog and take a view on her new haircut   pretty !!
Then watch the clip of "Aerial Silk" Sara want to learn   crazy !!



Sara´s  new

Like you can see on the photo,
Sara´s beautiful long hairs
are history now ... OMG !!??

Go to Sara´s blog,  surely she´ll
post some pics of her new look
when the haircut is finished ...



2011/August/26   "4 stjärnors middag"
                                      TV cooking with celebs 
The episode with Sara  was just recorded and
will be shown  in October.
  Premiere: Aug/29.
For more infos, trailer and videos please visit:
Kanal 5       Kanal 5 play

2011/August/13   "Sommarspelen"
                                     "Summer Games"
Sara is back from small holiday on the Canary Islands.
On her blog she´s writing about the new TV show.
Last week Sweden´s TV channel "Kanal 5" recorded
episode 3 with Sara,  on TV @ Sunday,  Sept/25 !!
For more infos, trailers and past shows please visit:
Kanal 5
       Kanal 5 play

2011/July/11    New pole with circular stage !
Now Sara´s order has arrived from London: 
A new pole with accessoires of a circular stage !

Use the link above to check the pics on Sara´s blog.
Surely we´ll see this soon in action ...

2011/July/09     New Photos !
Behind the scenes with Sara & the Dolls

 in Eskilstuna and of Polesque 2011 in New York.
Click the link above to visit Sara´s blog + take a look !

2011/July/07    Blog news: very busy !
Sara posted her schedule of the last 10 days.
Every day filled out with a lot of dates ...
yes, but always with fun - like we know Sara !



Summer Break

Season´s end for Sara´s talk on Radio 1.
Last show today ...  but you can listen
all shows
on   Radio 1 Play
                program site    free download:  itunes  

Check out the pics on Sara´s blog,
where you can read and see what happened
the last two weeks in Sara´s life ...

WOW - So much happenings !
Not only the midsummer celebration,
Sara sang on her friend´s wedding in a church
and did the pole dance on another friend´s
hen party, got invited to ... but read yourself.
Nice pics too there, as always !




Photo  Exhibition

Sara is part of a
nice photo exhibition

Small portraits of
famous people
and celebrities

Some more photos
are up on Sara´s blog


Sara & The Dolls -Tour start in Sala !

Great show mix of pole dance and performences
of songs like "Enemy"
, "Glamour Bitch" and others
@ the nightbar City Hotel in Sala/Sweden.
Read the interview from yesterday and
watch a nice promotion video on the new site
Sara & The Dolls

"The Dolls in action !"  Visit this  Gallery  on  facebook !!


2011/May/22    Sara in New York
"Polesque 2011"   Pole dance competition and evening
show at "Galapagos Art Space"
in Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY.
Read more about  here
  and visit Sara´s  blog/engl.
The video of her performence you can watch  here


2011/May/04      Sara @ "Radio 1"
2nd show today - check out Sara´s bambuser
and watch a 4 min. part of the live talk:   video

Pole Dance: video added !!   must see !!
Sara  improvises freestyle to Katy Perry´s  "E.T." 


2011/April/27   Sara´s premiere on "Radio 1"

Sara  launches a new radio show, talking with
interesting guests about relationships, daily problems
and other hot stuff. Listeners are encouraged to call in
and to discuss with Sara and her studio guests.
"We will experience an open and fearless Sara ..."
  Radio 1 promises:   program site

Video:  Sara after the show ...   watch

   Listen  LIVE:   wednesdays  13:00 - 15:00 CEST
       Radio 1 Stockholm:  freq. 101,9   internet radio     

If you can´t listen live with Firefox try Windows Internet Explorer:


2011/April/21   Questions to Sara
Sara answered a few questions about her
new talkshow on Radio 1:  Q + A

   Online now !  Sara´s new  blog  
Check out what happend the last time,
Sara posted back till April 6 (blog start)
... with nice photos and videos !!!

2011/April/19    Radio Talk with Sara
Sara moderate a new weekly talkshow on "Radio 1"
Always wednesdays  13:00 -15:00 CEST 
Premiere:  April 27   live on  "Radio 1" !!

2011/April 09    Sara let the dolls dancing !!
Pole dance show in the Soap Bar again:  12 pics of
this event you can watch on the   DQ blog
   April 10


2011/April/08   Sara´s new entries
                           on  her  blog & twitter

Sara will move her blog the next days:
"New tag, fun and exciting year awaits!"

On twitter Sara writes about her admirable pole-dance:
She got an award with "Studio Dancing Queen",
invented a new trick and celebrated the first performence
with her group "Sara & The Dolls" just a few days ago.


tv3 show: Glamourama2  visited Studio DQ     
Sara teaches them how to do pole dance and            
shows some of her figures:  video  06:20 - 09:58      

Btw, below at "Jan/15" is the link to the "Amba" video,
 recorded Jan/14.  Watch & enjoy - really stunning !!


2011/April/01    Sara & the Dolls
1st Pole Dance Show

@ the Soap Bar in Stockholm - visit   Studio DQ
                   9 pics  you can find in their   blog
  April 02

2011/March/26    Pole Dance with Sara
Studio "Dancing Queen" performed in Skogås
6 pics  are up on the   DQ blog  March 26

2011/Feb/27     Sara  @ Nyhetsmorgon TV
                                ... as secret guest !   video TV4

2011/Feb/19    TV World Premiére !!!
Sara performed her new song "Enemy"
Melodifestivalen - Heat 3 - Linköping

It was Sweden´s 3rd of four pre-selection contests where
Sara was listed. Too bad, only place 7 and out ... but this is
tele-voting like it is : often the results doesn´t have anything
to do with a nice or bad song or performence,  like you
can see on Sara´s video from the live show. We are sure
"Enemy" will become an earworm and will run the hitlists !

Performence        Video + Intro + Lyric           itunes  SE  

Text and Music:   Niclas Lundin and Anton Malmberg Hård af Segerstad

© - Sveriges Televison            collage made by Thommy - Fangroup No.1

The final of Melodifestivalen 2011 is in Stockholm, March 12.
The winner is Sweden´s artist for the Eurovision Song Contest in May/GER.
                                                                      running order - video

official website   english   youtube 
schedule    facebook    wikipedia 


video    Enemy 

video pics    (Nov/2010)
  from the pressconference

video   youtube / talk  (2010)

Scandipop    nice pic + comment

2011/Feb/18     Videos + News from today
Dress rehearsal - all about @    english
Backstage - small roundtour with Sara   video
Friday night with Malin - Sara´s comeback story   video
Scandipop - report of Heat 3 rehearsals   review
Telia Interview
- Sara and her "double"

2011/Feb/17     Sara´s rehearsal "Enemy" !!
Don´t forget to watch the webshow @ 21:00 CET

Pole dance  with Sara & Elsa    video
Schlagerbloggen  today:    news + videos
Melodifestivalen:  Sara offers a sale   video

Sara´s test flight  @ airforce museum festival
4 videos are up on Sara´s   bambuser
Video by Expressen TV  with Sara´s recordings
during the flight in the fighter aircraft   video




2011/Feb/16    First pics     
   of todays rehearsals @     
facebook + twitter   
Sara in da hall !!    video    
"First day finished !"   

2011/Feb/16     Schlagerbloggen
- Tobbe Ek met Sara -
Scroll down to find all comments + pic
read blog      



Sara @ Vakna!
<< Med the Voice >>


1   2

11 Questions 2 Sara
article + pics



2011/Feb/14      Sara @ RIX FM
 Radio Interview @ Valentine´s day     
             audio   english               


2011/Feb/10      Sara @ Stylisterna
The styling & fashion show on  Kanal 5
       full video      short clip 

2011/Feb/02      Finest Awards 2010
Sara presents one of the awards ...  the pics


  !!  Nice Interview  !!

   High in the sky, on
   TV tower Kaknästornet,
   Sara was interviewed
   by Nassim Al Fakir of
Telia  phone company.
   Sponsor - Melodifestivalen



2011/Jan/30      Sara @ Nyhetsmorgon
10:15 CET     Watch the video on TV4    here !

2011/Jan/24      Poplight - interview
Sara will start in Linköping as "no. 3"
- let´s think this is a good omen !

view article

 2011/Jan/22      Battle of the pole
Sara performed in the nightclub "Ambassadeur"
videos + pictures

2011/Jan/20      Two Interviews !
   Sara is talking about Melodifestivalen, her new song,
CD, album, pole dance, StripChair, the old A*TEENS time
and much more ... but read yourself, it´s interesting !

@ Scandipop          @ fitness magazine  / englishSLO


Sara @ Vakna!
<< Med the Voice >>

Radio Show

!!  2 videos  !!




   2011/Jan/19    Sara´s official website  


Sara´s fantastic pole dance !  WOW !!!

Check out the pics on Sara´s new  blog  &  twitter 
and the video from her mobile phone @  bambuser

Jan/14    Pole pop-up @ the nightclub                      
                              "Ambassadeur"  in Stockholm   video



Melodifestivalen 2011
- Pressconference -

Sara  will participate at the swedish national selection contest
for the huge Eurovision Song Contest in May/Germany.
She´ll perform an own brandnew song
  Feb/19  in Linköping  @ Heat 3 - LIVE  PREMIERE

Infos, pics & vids will follow soon ... just stay tuned !


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