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visits the
Movie Premiere
in Sweden



Nicola Chessa





SARA  is the cover girl
on the new issue
of the
RODEO magazine
in Sweden    8/2007

Large interview + photos !!

Read the
english translation on
 SLO - forum

and the article on


"Glamour Bitch"
Sara Love  feat. Milano Money

... tracked to various artists CD !

Absolute Dance
Move Your Body  autuum 2007

CD 2 / track 13     Release today !!



"Glamour Bitch"
Sara Love  feat. Milano Money

Sara´s "Glamour Bitch" entered
the swedish charts and became the
"Smash Hit of the week"
just after the 1st week played
on Radio NRJ.



performs "Glamour Bitch"

LIVE   on stage
@ NRJ  In The Park !

August/20    Gothenburg
August/22    Malmö

wrote on her old  myspace :

Just got back
from my performences

for NRJ In THe Park in Gothenburg
and Malmoe, Sweden. It was more
than 15,000 people at both shows!
Had an amazing felt so good
to be on stage after more than 3 years
since the last time;) Check out a video
of the Gothenburg performence
and pics from both shows.

Love ya,



Radio Premiere  on !!

Sara Love   feat. Milano Money
" Glamour Bitch"

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    photo: 2004 or before


Dear  fans  ...

we had a long time to wait, 
but now it´s out in what
we believed all over the time:

Sara is back as solo-artist 
>>  Sara Love  <<

After the project with
the "WeSC" in Feb/Mar
Sara recorded the song

"Glamour Bitch"

We are sure this will
become a really smash hit.

You hit the mark Sara !
Bravo !!!


featured a small article based on
 what Amit said in a radio interview.

Ex-A*Teen  Sara  has
recorded  her  first  video  !

Sara Lumholdt,
the last and fourth member of the A*Teens
also pursues a solo career with brand new material.
According to latest rumors, she recorded
her first single as well as a   video  !!

"I know there is a lot of hush-hush around her music, but
I have been informed she's working on her own material." 

says former A*Teens member Amit Paul when questioned
about Sara at radio station City 106.5 in Uppsala.


February / March  2007

"Let´s  Get  Physical"
>>   Sara Love   <<

We are the Superlative Conspiracy

The fashion company presents a brand new compilation
album to represent their spring & summer collection 2007:

" Let´s get physical with WeSC "
featuring 12 exclusive cover songs of
Olivia Newton-John´s hit "Let´s get physical" (1982)

Sara is part of this album  with  track 3 !!
                       Release:  March/14            amazon 



Sara is now working
in the large media agency

TIP:  check the "who.we.are"


You can read a small
interview on
An english translation
is up on Lina´s new

A-TEENS  blog



Soccer World Cup 2006 / Germany
Sweden vs. England

Sweden´s last match in group B against England ends 2:2,
but before the match started, Sara sang live the Swedish

national anthem in the sportsbar "Ballbreaker" in Stockholm.



Back in Sweden
Sara is just back from Los Angeles, where she worked on
new material for her solo debut. More infos will follow soon.



Sara in the studio !
Wow !! Sara seems to be in the studio too now, creating
her first solo-CD !! We hope to get more infos very soon,
so stay tuned ...   infos: ~ discussion board


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