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The extra page about our
Meet & Greet with Sara
in her studio FLOW
and our stay in Stockholm
from April 02-06

Enjoy and have fun !  :)


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2016/April/02   Saturday

Travelling  with  Fangroup  No.1
Braunschweig/Germany  -  Stockholm/Sweden

After  the  arrival  in  Stockholm

and on the  hotel ship  we went to the old town
Gamla Stan  for dinner and enjoyed all the nice
little souvenir shops and later the carillon of the
famous  Tyska Kyrkan   ... an old german church
and tourist attraction inmidden the old town ...


2016/April/03   Sunday

The  Meet  &  Greet  with  Sara !

Finally, after 12 years passed we've got a meeting
with our poledance  queen Sara !  Yeah, it's just not
easy with the time if you're self-employed and you
have to manage a lot of appointments and tasks, but
the more we got happy that it happened by now !  :)
Thank you Sara for spending your time with us,
it was so nice to meet you again after all the years !
We hope it was not the last time !   ;)

Have fun guys and enjoy the stuff we've recorded !

Part 1  -  Signing Postcards

As usual, we have buyed some postcards which
all participants of the Meet & Greet have signed,
inclusive Sara of course !  We have send them
three days later on April 06 from Stockholm, so
who knows, maybe one just landed in your box (?)

Part 2  -  The Interview

Our surprise guest Lucia from Uruguay asked Sara
about her dogs, how she came to dance on a pole,
about a possible comeback on stage as singer and
about the life outside in the county, where Sara
lives now.   So listen what Sara has answered ...

Sightseeing - part 1

After the Meet & Greet with Sara we went down to
Gamla Stan, the old town of Stockholm.  We past
"Mr. French" (restaurant) and the royal palace and
tried to look into the windows from the Grand Hotel,
Marie's second home. Next we went to Östermalm,
where Dhani lives, before we went back to the city
across Kungsträdgården, the legendary park with
the stage where the A*TEENS and also Amit have
performed. Next on our list was Åhléns City, a huge
department store which has open on Sundays.
We went in for Marie's parfume "Signature" and after
a few minutes we have found it. Out of the store we
went towards Kungsholmen, the district where Marie
lives. Who knows, maybe she was just at home !?


2016/April/04   Monday

Sightseeing - part 2
Gröna Lund / ABBA museum

After  breakfast  we  went  with the little ferry to Djurgarden,
the island where you'll find the famous entertainment park
Gröna Lund, the open air museum  Skansen  and many more,
like the new opened museum of the legendary band  ABBA  !

ABBA  The  Museum

Visiting  ABBA  The Museum  is an absolutely must be  when
you are in Stockholm. The museum is interactiv, so you can
get up on stage to sing and dance with them as 5th member
of the band, take place in studios and mixing their songs and
many more. The exhibitions shows a lot of original stuff like
outfits, a golden CD collection
... and the helicopter from the
album "Arrival", to name only a few. On many displays you
can follow their story while watching never-showed-before
and the friendly staff and great accustic around will
make your visit to an unforgettable experience !  At the end
you're welcome in the fanshop,
where you can find and get
a lot of merchandise, from postcards to T-shirts up to all
ABBA albums as LPs,  so don't forget to take a look inside !

Filming is not allowed in the  ABBA museum,  but we have
recorded some nice photos you can find in our

and have found the video below on  youtube  -  so enjoy !


2016/April/05   Tuesday

Sightseeing - part 3
Stockholm on  the  Rocks

Now follow us to one of the most beautiful places
in Stockholm - to one you do not want to leave
again:  the panoramic hill at the ferry docks !

Restaurant  "MEATBALLS"

Well guys, here are they served the world famous meatballs,
Sweden's national dish Köttbullar !   If classic, deluxe or just
the daily dish, the nice waitresses Kate and Sofia (photo)  will
help to find the right variation.    Or do it like me:  just order
a second time !  Very nice ambiente, worth to visit !    *****

Meatballs for the People   facebook    instagram

Stockholm  @  Night

Out of the restaurant we took the bus back to
Slussen and went to the building with the platform
on 11th floor ... and WOW ... what a view !!


2016/April/06   Wednesday

Departure  Day  -  part  1

Bye-bye  Stockholm  !

It's always sad if you have to leave and to say good-bye,
but very sure ... we'll come back, you wonderful city !   :)

Daparture  Day  -  part  2

Arlanda  Airport 
(In the very last Minute !)

Normally we all wanted to meet up at City Terminalen, to
take the bus together to the airport ... but then everything
changed !  Our special guest from Uruguay and her friends
with tickets to Madrid did not appear at the meeting point,
so after waiting 40 minutes more we ourselves had to take
the next bus to reach our plane back to Germany on time.

Arrived at the airport, we suspected our friends in the plane,
maybe they have take the train or the underground to the
airport ? So with a bit luck, maybe we'll see them taking-off
we thought, when suddenly a last call came over the speakers !

So the plane must be late, maybe our chance to send a last
greet via the crew, together with the newspaper with the latest
Marie-interview I just bought before ... and yes, after spoken
with somebody from the crew it seems we had luck with !

So we went back to the big windows and I started to film,
when suddenly an urgent call for three well-known people
Madrid (!) came over the speakers again, the "last call" !
"So they are NOT in the machine ? OMG !" we thought and
went back to the crew to tell them that we know the missing
people ... when suddenly all three came around the corner !
So last hugs and a last good-bye were finally still possible,
but they have to hurry of course, and so we went back to
the big windows, where I continued recording the starting
plane  ... but now  WITH  OUR  FRIENDS  ON  BOARD !   :)

An exciting story, oh yeah, but finally with
Happy End  ... 
in the very last minute !  :)


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