2011 - A*TEENS extra !!


The same procedure as every year ?
                                             Yes, the same procedure as every year !

2014/Nov/02-30               The A*TEENS in Concert
VIDEO  -  GER/2001               Scroll down to the video and enjoy it again !

2013/Nov/01-30               The A*TEENS in Concert
VIDEO  -  GER/2001               Scroll down to the video and enjoy it again !


The Concert video
...  is online again ! You can
watch it until Nov/30 !! 

The A*TEENS on tour
in Germany ...
Nov/17  (part 2)  168 pics
Nov/07  (part 1)  142 pics

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10 years ago, in Oct/Nov 2001
the  A*TEENS
toured through Germany,

together with the famous german band "No Angels".
Fangroup No.1 followed them from concert to concert !
In every town we met a bunch of our members and fans,

they all became crazy by looking forward, watching
Marie, Sara, Amit, Dhani
LIVE  on stage !!

We often remember to this wonderful time we´ve enjoyed

so much, that I -Thommy- got the idea to post something
special about, just and because 10 years have passed now !

We´ve also invited our 4 faves from Sweden,
to take part at this "extra" here on fangroup.net,
                                 ... and we´re sure they will visit us ! 

    So a heartly                           

  Marie, Sara, Amit and Dhani !!  

          ... applause applause !!             


Let´s start our special
with some pics first ...

2001/Oct/24     Oberhausen

In Oberhausen we met the 4 outside, because there
wasn´t found a suitable place in the hall to this time.
It was 1 day before Sara´s 17th birthday, so we brought
some gifts with. If I remember right, Sara and Marie told
us they just shot the music video to their new song
"Heartbreak Lullaby" in the night before - till 5:00 a.m. !!
The other photos are from the concert in Hamburg, on
Amit´s 18th birthdayPlease start the slide-show now ...

For more photos please check our  GALLERIES

2001/Oct/29      Hamburg

Yeah, it was Amit´s 18th birthday !
It was a "special" concert because the hall wasn´t that big
and all people had seats. Unfortunately we haven´t enough
cards for this concert - sold out at the first day where a
reservation was possible !! So I gave the "red card" to myself,
met other fans outside they haven´t cards too and did some
fanwork. Our members they were inside presented our gifts
to Amit after the concert and had a small talk with the band
and some family members they came over from Sweden.

Watch the complete concert

Downloads are  NOT allowed ...
if you are not Marie, Sara, Amit, Dhani, one of the dancers or the musicans !
We have payed the GEMA fee and contacted UMG in Berlin and Stockholm.
We also have informed and invited Marie, Sara, Amit and Dhani in 2001.

But if you think we haven´t any right to post this video, please contact us !
Special credit and "Thanks" to Anna-Lena who has provided us this video.

!!  We are sorry, but you are too late  !!

See you next time, 2015/Nov/01-30 ??



1. Halfway Around The World       2. Mamma Mia
3. That´s What  (It´s All About
4. Slammin´ Kinda Love
        5. Heartbreak Lullaby
6. To The Music ...       7. Super Trouper       8. Upside Down




And this is a special cut of the recordings we shot
during the complete tour ... inclusive the
Meet & Greets in Oberhausen and Münster:

A*TEENS - tour 2001 - Germany

Meet & Greet  in Munich

Yes !! We´ve got a third and very special meeting at the
end of the tour in Munich ! (last scenes in the video)
The A*TEENS invited Jessica and me into the hall
where we also could take part of their sound check !
I just remember to Marie´s wild drumming, so funny !!
Sorry, but filming inside the hall was strictly forbidden
because of the other artist´s privacy, so no recordings.

" In the hall we shot some photos and
the A*TEENS signed our stuff as always,

but then Marie and Sara wrote a very special
" Thanks for your support ! "
with some really kind words into my photobook !!
This means so much to me, till today !!
You can be sure that I´ll keep this in honor
forever, so once again:  Thank you !! "


At last,
a small but funny
tribute to our 4

The video below has nothing to do with the FG,
we don´t know this funny people ... and we don´t
say good-bye hehe, but we want to use this clip as
a special tribute to you 
Marie, Sara, Dhani and Amit:

Thanks so much for all you´ve done in this nice A*time,
YOU & the A*TEENS will stay in our hearts - forever !!

We also want to thank the dancers 
Charles, Kimberley and Kevin

for their admirable dance acts
and the musicans they did a great job too,

and last but not least the security guy Stefan,
who was always kind with us fans !!

YOUR  Fangroup No.1

Fangroup No.1  has nothing to do with the following video,
we just have found it and thought it´s funny to show it here !

Original discription:
"I just moved to Germany, and one of the activities we did
at my going away party was shoot this music video
  to the A-Teen's song Halfway Around the World.
I have the best friends in the world. Thanks guys."

Thanks & credit to  MKCataclysm   - nice idea and work, we like it !!

And this is not to be the end ...

Special  "THANKS"  to Marina
who helped me a lot ,  not only
with this "extra" - thank you !!

It was nice to be part of this project and being able to
help you. I really liked your idea, you did an awesome job.
Guys, if you liked our project, please visit our guestbook
and leave us a comment. Thank you !

WOW !   Sara has written in our  guestbook:   # 164 !!


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