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2021/June    Moved with his family to Iceland, Unnur's homeland  :)


!!  Good - bye  2022  !!

Colorful Fireworks Happy New Year

December 31

Happy  Birthday  Lóa  !

Amit's   daughter   turned  7  today,
C O N G R A T U L A T I O N: )

7 pics/IG

2022/Dec/31                  " Double  Date "

Night out  with Unnur's brother and wife, to see
Ari Eldjárn,  an icelandic stand-up comedian   IG

Dec 30   Best wishes for the  New  year  !   CLIP/IG                
      Late night powder skiing in Iceland   2 pics/IG

Dec 27   Amit ask ...                                                                    
              What if you only did things that gave you                
          pleasure ?
  Then what would happen ?   CLIP/IG


Merry  Christmas  !

Greetings from Iceland
                                                                   3 pics/IG

Dec 25   Fresh Air Today  ... on skis !   CLIP/IG

Dec 23   Christmas Spirit  That feeling   2 pics/IG
Iceland   A new family member   IG

Dec 20   Family Fun  instead of gifts   pic + 2 CLIPs/IG


2022/Dec/19                  Pure  Amit
" What patterns/behaviours have           
            made you successful ?

Dec 17   " Break in the snow shovelling "   CLIP/IG

Dec 16   " So apparently I’m doing this today "   CLIP/IG

Dec 07   Dinner  Cooking at night with this view   IG

Dec 02   Christmas Bakery  Lussebullar  recipe   CLIP/IG


Unnur's  Exhibition  -  Opening

"Wonderful Chaos" - Unnur Ýrr Helgadóttir
@ Galleri Fold  Rykjavik, Iceland

Galleri Fold  is Iceland's leading auction house
and foremost fine arts dealership - shows

the best collection of quality Icelandic art

  Of course,                                                          
  Amit is also proud  of his wife ...
   3 pics/IG

Nov 28   Eventful Weekend  (26./27.)   IG  
Nov 29   Happy artist mom with her kids   IG

Unnur's  paintings :
"Enough" (sold)  IG   "Determination"  IG   "Wonderful chaos"  IG
"New lava"  IG   "Wrapped up"  IG   "Salvation"  IG

Dec 01   About   Unnur and her exhibition   IG

Dec 03   Visitors   10 pics   7 pics/IG

Dec 05/06             Two more paintings :
"Roses 3"  IG     "Dedication"  2 pics/IG

Dec 08   Unnur shows  Short tour of her exhibition   CLIP/IG
Dec 09   Painting  "Freedom"   CLIP/IG
Dec 10   Exhibition - Last Day  Thanks for coming !   CLIP/IG
Dec 12   Painting  "The gift"   CLIP/IG


The  "Enough"  Painting

Poor artist Unnur works through the night,   IG

                 on one of her best motives   photo/IG
Nov 22   Preparations  Painting   CLIP/IG
                     Audio:  Ayra Starr - Rush   YouTube

Nov 20   Final Push !  Exhibition, Nov 26th, 14:00   IG

Nov 16   Artist Mom  Unnur gets company ;)   IG

Nov 16   Painting  Part of work in progress   IG

Nov 14   Exhibition  Last preparations ...   IG

Nov 14   Exhibition  @ Galleri Fold  Rykjavik,  Nov 26   IG


Happy  Father's Day  !



2022/Nov/03-10                  Unnur's  Art

Amit's wife is currently working on various
paintings and posted a pic and clips on IG :
photo   CLIP 1   CLIP 2   CLIP 3

Oct 31   Halloween  Garden town   photo/IG

Oct 30   Unnur's Art  No light without ...   CLIP/IG


Happy  Birthday  Amit  !

Dear Amit,
all the best to your 39th today, enjoy the party !
Good luck, joy and success in everything you
do and plan - but the most important thing:

Stay healthy and fit !

Animated Happy 39th Birthday Card with Cake and Lit Candles

Heartly Surprise  in the morning ...                
                                                                 pic + CLIP/IG

Oct 26   Unnur's Art  Another painting   IG

Oct 25   Flowers +  Check out Unnur's new painting   IG

Oct 22   Special B-day Surprise for Unnur  (yesterday)
              Belated all the best !                        photo/IG


2022/Oct/18                                    Art  &  Painting
As you know, Amit's wife Unnur is a successful artist of
modern, contemporary, abstract painting. Today she
gives us a few insights into her work and her studio ...

Artist Life   Unnur's workplace   photo/IG   IG
One of the favorite things  in a painter's life is ...  IG

Cheerios (Oat Ring Breakfast Cereal)   CLIP/IG
 Contemporary Art  CLIP/IG   photo/IG

Sept 08   Laundry Day  Reminds Unnur to ...   IG

Sept 07   Northern Lights  What for a view !   photo/IG

Aug 27   Rocky Nature  Berjamó - Berry moss   IG

Aug  24   Podcast  "World of Wisdom"                 
                 Amit's teacher  Raz Kennedy   CLIP/IG


2022/Aug/13                        Natural  Spectacle

Iceland      Unnur and Amit visiting an active volcano
- breathtaking pictures !  
                   4 pics  CLIP  IG

Aug 06   Back Home  from a camping trip   7 pics 1 CLIP
           Reykjavik   Queer Day, Gay Pride   3 pics/IG

Aug 02   Iceland Tonight  4+ Earthquakes !   IG


2022/Aug/02                       Summer  In  Sweden
Exciting holiday days for Loá and Jara in the old  home.
Much activities and lots of fun the kids have enjoyed  ...

14 pics, 4 clips :   part 1   part 2

July 05   Amit @ Home  Only to sand the platform   CLIP/IG

June 28   Iceland  The new home ...   photo/IG

June 26   Invitation  Wedding in Spain   9 pics/IG

June 23   Highlight For Kids  Ride a horse   3 pics/IG

June 18   Family  Unnur's brother turned 40   IG

June 13   Animal II  Monsa the cat !   IG

June 09   Animal  Certainly friends forever !   IG

June 08   School's Out  Loa finished 1st grade   IG

June 05   Family  Hug with grandma   photo/IG

May 29   Hiking  Walk on the volcano   2 pics/IG

May 07   That's  Iceland  Skiing in May !   2 pics/IG

May 02   Iceland  Moving into the new house ...  IG





E A S T E R  !

Gleðilega  páska

from  Iceland   :)


Breathtaking  Landscape

2 pics/IG

Apr 07   OMG !  This flu is not a joke ...  :((    IG

Apr 03   OH NO !   Meeting with the flu  :(   IG

Feb 18   New Home Found  Remember this one ?   IG

Feb 16   Mom & Daughter  Covid buddies  IG

Feb 10   World of Wisdom   Amit is back !   CLIP/IG

Feb 02   Iceland  Fascinating natural spectacle   3 pics/IG

Jan 22   Covid Haircut  Happy Farmer's Day !   IG

Jan 11   Friendship means ...  Activities   IG


2022/Jan/01                      Welcome  2 0 2 2  !

Happy  New  Year  !

Impressive photo by Amit's wife Unnur !                    





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