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Amit is married, father of two little daughters
and managing director in his father's institute   Paxymer  team

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2021/June    Moved with his family to Iceland, Unnur's homeland  :)


2022/Aug/13                        Natural  Spectacle

Iceland      Unnur and Amit visiting an active volcano
- breathtaking pictures !  
                   4 pics  CLIP  IG

Aug 06   Back Home   from a camping trip   9 pics/IG
                Reykjavik   Queer Day, Gay Pride   3 pics/IG

Aug 02   Iceland Tonight  4+ Earthquakes !   IG


2022/Aug/02                       Summer  In  Sweden
Exciting holiday days for Loá and Jara in the old  home.
Much activities and lots of fun the kids have enjoyed  ...

14 pics, 4 clips :   part 1   part 2

July 05   Amit @ Home  Only to sand the platform   CLIP/IG

June 28   Iceland  The new home ...   photo/IG

June 26   Invitation  Wedding in Spain   9 pics/IG

June 23   Highlight For Kids  Ride a horse   3 pics/IG

June 18   Family  Unnur's brother turned 40   IG

June 13   Animal II  Monsa the cat !   IG

June 09   Animal  Certainly friends forever !   IG

June 08   School's Out  Loa finished 1st grade   IG

June 05   Family  Hug with grandma   photo/IG

May 29   Hiking  Walk on the volcano   2 pics/IG

May 07   That's  Iceland  Skiing in May !   2 pics/IG

May 02   Iceland  Moving into the new house ...  IG





E A S T E R  !

Gleðilega  páska

from  Iceland   :)


Breathtaking  Landscape

2 pics/IG

Apr 07   OMG !  This flu is not a joke ...  :((    IG

Apr 03   OH NO !   Meeting with the flu  :(   IG

Feb 18   New Home Found  Remember this one ?   IG

Feb 16   Mom & Daughter  Covid buddies  IG

Feb 10   World of Wisdom   Amit is back !   CLIP/IG

Feb 02   Iceland  Fascinating natural spectacle   3 pics/IG

Jan 22   Covid Haircut  Happy Farmer's Day !   IG

Jan 11   Friendship means ...  Activities   IG


2022/Jan/01                      Welcome  2 0 2 2  !

Happy  New  Year  !

Impressive photo by Amit's wife Unnur !                    





WELCOME   2022

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