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Amit is married, father of two little daughters
and managing director in his father's institute   Paxymer  team

                             Business / New challenges

June 28   Moved with his family to Iceland, Unnur's homeland  :)


Happy  6 th  Birthday  Loa  !

All  the  best  to  Amit  &  Unnur's  older  daughter  Loa !
                                                               7 pics/IG   4 pics/IG


2021/Dec/24                          Merry  Christmas  !
from Amit, Unnur, Loa and Jara in Island        3 pics/IG

Dec 18   Painting  One more by Amit's wife Unnur   IG

Dec 13   Puff Pastry Making  Time taking procedure   3 pics/IG

Dec 12   Puff Pastry Making  Day 2   2 pics/IG

Dec 11   Puff Pastry Making  Day 1   2 pics/IG
                       "Roses 4" @ Galleri Fold  (Reykjavik, IS)  IG

Dec 09  Acrylic Painting  "Roses 4" go to Galleri Fold   IG
            World of Wisdom  Interesting question   CLIP/IG

Dec 07   Unnur's Painting  Nature (sold)  IG

Dec 05   2nd Advent  Cookie baking with the kids   IG

Nov 27  Hospital Stay Ended  Back home again   IG

Nov 20   Snow Landscape  Amit's backyard   2 pics/IG

Nov 14   Happy  Fathers  Day  Amit !   IG       
         Fireplace  Color test    CLIP/IG

Nov 10   Loa @ the First Lady of Island's
                book release
  about strong women   IG

Oct 31   HALLOWEEN  "Trick or treat !"   IG



!!   Happy   38th   Birthday   Amit   !!

Maybe not your first birthday that you celebrate in
Iceland, but it will definitely be a special one with
your family and all the friends around. Enjoy it
and have fun !!  Wish you the best, stay healthy !


Oct 28   First pumpkins  ... for Halloween   IG
Oct 21   Happy  Birthday  Unnur !                    
              But  THIS  seems more important ...   IG

Oct 18   The Hole  ... in the wall   IG


2021/Oct/16                              Autumn  in  Iceland
Enjoy Iceland's nature in autumn with a walk.   
7 pics/IG

Oct 13   At The Beach  Traces in the sand   IG

Oct 11   Four-legged friends  A day at the dog park   IG

Sept 29   At The Beach  Low tide   IG

Sept 11   Birthday Cake  ... for Jara   photo/IG


Happy  Birthday  Jara  !

Amit's daughter turned  4  years  old today !
Congratulations & all the best !!


Aug  29   World of Wisdom  Money/Wealth   3 CLIPs/IG

Aug 18   Renovation  "Little" help from ...   IG

Aug 14   Nature  Researching Icelandic Plants   2 pics/IG
       Night Walk  ... to the volcano   IG:  1-3  04  05

Aug 07   Impressions  Life in Iceland   3 pics/IG

July 29   Summer in Iceland  Beachday   2 CLIPs + photo/IG
         Volcano  Eruptive neighbourhood   IG  IG  IG


2021/July/28                             The  New  Area
Amit on discovery tour with his bike ...            3 pics/IG

July 23   Playing Sisters  & waterproofed markers   IG

July 21   New Home 2  Renovating goes on ...   IG

July 19   New Home  Renovating started   IG


Wedding  Anniversary

Married  for  9 years,  WOW  !!
And what do your children think about ?

All the best in future !


2021/July/09                 Double  Clearing

Clear out, clear in -  the containers arrived !
                                          CLIP/IG   photo/IG

2021/July/04                             Iceland  !

Welcome  to  the  new  home  !       IG


2021/June/27                 Last  Day  In  Sweden
Now the day has come to say good-bye to  Sweden !
Tomorrow Amit and his family are moving to Iceland,
Unnur's homeland. So "Happy Arrival" !       photo/IG



2020/June/17                                     World  Of  Wisdom
Podcast    Since May Amit is an official co-host of the podcast
about  existence, meaning  and how to master your own life .
94. World of Wisdom stories:  R. v. Leoprechting    IG  podcast

June 15   The Fly  no words needed -   3 pics/IG

June 13   Family Fun  Away from packing ...    8 pics/IG

June 12  Loa's Graduation  End of the Pre-school (?)   IG

June 07   Move to Iceland  Packing ...   photo/IG

June 05   Early Practice Jara (3) begins to write !!   2 pics/IG

May 30   Mother's Day  Best compliments to ...   2 pics/IG   IG

May 28   CoVid-19  First vaccination for Unnuar and ... ??   IG


2021/May/18                                       A*TEENS  Coke  Can
Look what Amit has found:       A Coke can from Thailand 2001,
where the  A*TEENS  performed at the Hurricane Festival   IG

May 16   The little things  in life ...   IG

A*TEENS Coke can / Thailand 2001           photo/IG


Video  Meeting  with  Amit  and  Sara  !!

Recording of yesterday's AMA (Ask Me Anything)
with Amit and Sara on
Sara also dropped in to have fun with almost
100 fans who logged in from round the world.

More about  you can find on  Amit's  fb fanpage



2021/May/16                                          Z O O O O O M

Video meeting with Amit, Sara and fans round the world !
Zoom in  >>  21:00  CEST  @    infos / registration

Up now:  the first three screenshots on Amit's  Instagram


2021/May/10               A M A   Video   Meeting

Amit invited to an "Ask Me Anything"
video meeting  LIVE  on  ZOOM

Sunday  -  May 16th  -  21:00 CEST

RSVP    Please respond   HERE   if you are interested
and follow the things on  Amit Paul's  facebook fansite


2021/May/10                                     Moving  To  Iceland
Facebook   Amit let us known that he will move with his family
to Reykjavik (Iceland). Because of that he want to give some
of his A*TEENS memorabilia to the fans or auction the one or
other for a good cause  -  i
ncluding stage clothing and signed
copies of his own album  "Songs in a Key of Mine"     >>  CDs

Amit's original message you can read on  facebook  / A-Teens

May 10   Amit's wife Unnur  The role of a mother   3 pics/IG

April 19   Outdoors  Fun in a maze   2 CLIPs + 3 pics/IG

April 14   Fun Art  Face painting with mum   IG

April 13   Kids in the Box  Nice view   IG

April 11   Loa & Jara  The Worm   3 pics/IG


Campfire  In  The  Forest
Grilling sausages with the kids ...               photo/IG

Mar 18   Face Art  Artist: Unnur  Model: Jara   IG

Mar 16   COVID-19  Two more weeks @ home   IG

Jan 30   Unnur's Art  Work in progress ...   IG

Jan 26   Unnur's Art  Sneak peak   IG

Jan 14   Unnur's Art  Another new painting   IG

Jan 12   Loa & Jara  Good Morning in Iceland   IG

Jan 09   Unnur's Art  A new painting ...   IG

Jan 04   "Studio Unsa"  Art in the garage   IG

Jan 02   Amit's wife  ... tested negative again !  :)   IG





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