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Amit is married, father of two little daughters
and managing director in his father's institute   Paxymer  team



2021/May/10               A M A   Video   Meeting

Amit invited to an "Ask Me Anything"
video meeting  LIVE  on  ZOOM

Sunday  -  May 16th  -  21:00 CEST

RSVP    Please respond   HERE   if you are interested
and follow the things on  Amit Paul's  facebook fansite


2021/May/10                                     Moving  To  Iceland
Facebook   Amit let us known that he will move with his family
to Reykjavik (Iceland). Because of that he want to give some
of his A*TEENS memorabilia to the fans or auction the one or
other for a good cause  -  i
ncluding stage clothing and signed
copies of his own album  "Songs in a Key of Mine"     >>  CDs

Amit's original message you can read on  facebook  / A-Teens

May 10   Amit's wife Unnur  The role of mother   3 pics/IG

April 19   Outdoors  Fun in a maze   2 CLIPs + 3 pics/IG

April 14   Fun Art  Face painting with mum   IG

April 13   Kids in the Box  Nice view   IG

April 11   Loa & Jara  The Worm   3 pics/IG


Campfire  In  The  Forest
Grilling sausages with the kids ...               photo/IG

Mar 18   Face Art  Artist: Unnur  Model: Jara   IG

Mar 16   COVID-19  Two more weeks @ home   IG

Jan 30   Unnur's Art  Work in progress ...   IG

Jan 26   Unnur's Art  Sneak peak   IG

Jan 14   Unnur's Art  Another new painting   IG

Jan 12   Loa & Jara  Good Morning in Iceland   IG

Jan 09   Unnur's Art  A new painting ...   IG

Jan 04   "Studio Unsa"  Art in the garage   IG

Jan 02   Amit's wife  ... tested negative again !  :)   IG





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