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Amit is married, father of two little daughters
and managing director in his father's institute   Paxymer  team

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2021/June    Moved with his family to Iceland, Unnur's homeland  :)


G o o d b y e  2 0 2 3  ! !

Happy  8th  Birthday  Lóa  !
Hip Hip Hurray  !
2 pics + 1 CLIP/IG


2023/Dec/24                                  Merry  Christmas  !
"Merry Christmas  and a happy new year, you lovely ones !
We are so lucky and grateful to have all these good people
 in our lives"                                                                               


Dec 21   Christmas 2023  Home bakery    CLIP/IG

    Dec 19   Vulcanic Eruption                         2 pics/IG           
            Since weeks in the worldwide press   2 more

Dec 18   Christmas 2023  "Aunt fun instead of gifts"      
                                                                 2 pics/IG

Nov 27   Winter Time  Christmas atmosphere   IG


2023/Nov/12                 Happy  Fathers'  Day  !
It's Sunday in Iceland ... and Fathers' Day !!   2 pics/IG

Olé España !   First trip to Tenerife (Canary Islands)
6 pics 1 CLIP/IG

Unnur's Painting  "Transformation"   CLIP/IG


!!   Happy  40th  Birthday  Amit   !!

We wish you a wonderful, happy and healthy day and life
with your family - enjoy this, your special day !!
All the best from all your fans !


Women  Strike  2023
NEWS   Never seen another such number in  Arnarhóli    IG
Women  stand together for equality in Iceland   video/IG
Painting  "Dedication"  by Unnur @ Galleri Fold   IG


!!  Happy  Birthday  Unnur  !!

Below some of the first well-wishers ...  :)

Oct 15   Backyard  Luxury   Cold,  but warm !   IG

Oct 02    "This & That"  ... for the colder days   IG

Oct 01   Sold Paintings  "Vöxtur" (Growth)   IG

Sept 19   Confusion / Painting       CLIP/IG
" Næði / Privacy "   or  " Friður / Peace "  ??
Please also check the posting below, Sept 02 !
Sept 18   Unnur's Paintings  "Roses 4"   IG

Sept 17   Childhood  Lost first tooth   IG

Sept 15   Sold Paintings  "Now"   photo/IG

Sept 12   Sold Paintings  "Wrapped Up"   IG         
           COOL !  Bathing in Iceland's nature   IG

Sept 11   Sports For Kids  Taekwondo   IG



Happy  6th  Birthday  Jara  !

                                                       3 pics/IG

Sept 02   Sold Paintings  "Peace" (Beautiful Chaos)   IG
In the exhibition this painting is listed as Næði / Privacy ,
and another one as  Friður / Peace  (not shown on IG)

Sept 01   Fall In Iceland  After the first storm ...   IG

Aug 27   Unnur's "FOG"  Gallerí Fold    CLIP/IG                  
                   Jogging  Put your Running shoes on   CLIP/IG

Aug 25   Lóa and Jara  Same school now, 1st + 3rd grade   IG

Aug 24   Painting "FOG"  Exhibition "Beautiful Chaos"   IG

Aug 23   Flower Puzzle  Welcome autumn ...   IG


Reykjavik  Culture  Night

Working Artist   Amit's wife Unnur paints
                      LIVE   @  Gallerí Fold,   13 - 15  !!


August 20
" Thanks to all of you who came and watched me while
I took a big step outside of my comfort zone yesterday ;)
It was a lot more fun than I expected

Aug 18   Culture Night  Preparing for tomorrow ...   IG

Aug 17   Reykjavik  Culture Night  on  August 19th   2 pics/IG

Aug 16   Painting  "Determination"   photo/IG

Aug 13   Children  Lóa and Jara have slept often and well in
the tent this summer and now refuse to sleep inside ...    IG

Aug 10   Iceland  Like the "Wild West"  Skriðdalur   IG
       Aug 11   Beautiful view in the morning   CLIP/IG

Aug 08   Iceland  Skaftafell  National Park   9 pics 1 CLIP/IG

Jul 27   Family Trip  4 days in the  Pakgil Roof Canyon    
                                                    9 pics 1 CLIP/IG

Jul 20   Unnur @ Home  Busy for some hours   IG

Jul  18   A Little Bookworm                                               
                   ... doesn't want to go to sleep yet   IG


Happy  11th  Wedding  Day
Amit  &  Unnur !

photo 1/IG
                                                                  photo 2/IG

Jul 11  @ Home  Neighbor is working ...   photo/IG

Jul 10   Enjoy !  ... after work is done  :)   CLIP/IG             
                         Active Volcano  @ Reykjane Peninsula   IG

Jul 09   Summer '23   Los dos trampolinas  :)   IG

Jul 05   Summer In Iceland  Relaxing ...   IG


The  World   Of   Astrid  Lindgren
Amusement and Theme Park  in Vimmerby

Marie with family followed a week later ...  CLIP

Hej  Pippi  Långstrump  ...                       
                                                           3 pics/IG

Jun 24   Quite Exhausting For Loá And Jara                             
                         ... rowing the family across the water   CLIP/IG

Jun 23   Midsummer  Lóa and Jara / Family fun   IG   CLIP

Jun 18   Poor Unnur !  First bee sting, puuuh ...   IG

Jun 07  Loá - 2 Classes Done !  Now Summer Holidays   IG

May 24   Congrats !  This little mouse graduated from
                           her kindergarten today   photo/IG

May 18   Exhibition  Looks like very special   pics 1-7/IG
        Family  Blind painting / Kite flying   pic 8 + CLIP/IG
                 Unnur @ Work  Rare moment ...   CLIP/IG

May 10   Highlight For Children  Petting Zoo Hradastadir   IG

Apr 29   Hello Unnur !  Amit's wife ...   IG

Apr 01   Florida 2023  Photo dump   10 pics/IG

Mar 11   Amit asks ...   When do you perform ?
                            When do you practice ?
                             When do you play ?   CLIP/IG


Happy  A*TEENS  Day  !!

You're right Amit, "Memories stay. Fans stay."  ;)
Sounds great your piano version of "Upside Down",
please continue, people will like it ! 
Maybe there's
more possible, maybe even an album laterz ??   ;)


Mar 06   What would you like                                       
                           Amit should do on his channel ?  IG

Mar 04   Yesterday  Bubbi Morthens  concert   IG

Mar 03   Home  Morning Light   Song by  A*TEENS   IG

Feb 18   Freedom ...  letting go, relaxing   CLIP/IG

Feb 17   Iceland   Snow landscape   5 pics + 1 CLIP/IG

Feb 15   Loá ...  playing her flute in a kimono and
                           then content with life    photo/IG


Hello  From  Stockholm

"How are you today ?"   CLIP/IG

Feb 01   Amit asks ...  What of that which you are protecting
                         is not worthy of your devotion ?

Jan 30   Amit asks ...  Have you ever done something just to
                                              get something else ... ?

Jan 26   Amit asks ...  What happens in you if                  
                                          you imagine that ... ?

Jan 20   Amit asks ...  Emotions as just information ?   CLIP/IG

Jan 20    Stockholm, earlier time ...                     photo/IG

Jan 18   Amit asks ...  Where do you find space in your life       
                                     where change could happen ?   CLIP/IG

Jan 16   Amit about ...  The color of fear   CLIP/IG

Jan 14   Amit asks ...  What world do you live in ?   CLIP/IG

Jan 12   Amit asks ...  What do you need ? (2)   CLIP/IG

Jan 11   Amit asks ...  What do you need ? (1)   CLIP/IG

Jan 09   Amit about ...  Concept of modal confusion   CLIP/IG
Jan 05   World of Wisdom  podcast                 
                            Shifting contexts   CLIP/IG


2023/Jan/01                        Happy  New  Year  !
"Happy New Year lovely people! Thanks for beeing you
Hoping for more time together in the new year"
Icelandic fireworks at the turn of the year ...   CLIP/IG

Yesterday  Loa turned 7 y.o.  photos          




Happy New Years Gif 2023


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