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Amit is married, father of two little daughters
and managing director in his father's institute   Paxymer  team

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2021/June    Moved with his family to Iceland, Unnur's homeland  :)


Happy  A*TEENS  Day  !!

You're right Amit, "Memories stay. Fans stay."  ;)
Sounds great your piano version of "Upside Down",
please continue, people will like it ! 
Maybe there's
more possible, maybe even an album laterz ??   ;)


Mar 06   What would you like                                       
                           Amit should do on his channel ?  IG

Mar 04   Yesterday  Bubbi Morthens  concert   IG

Mar 03   Home  Morning Light   Song by  A*TEENS   IG

Feb 18   Freedom ...  letting go, relaxing   CLIP/IG

Feb 17   Iceland   Snow landscape   5 pics + 1 CLIP/IG

Feb 15   Loá ...  playing her flute in a kimono and
                           then content with life    photo/IG


Hello  From  Stockholm

"How are you today ?"   CLIP/IG

Feb 01   Amit asks ...  What of that which you are protecting
                         is not worthy of your devotion ?

Jan 30   Amit asks ...  Have you ever done something just to
                                              get something else ... ?

Jan 26   Amit asks ...  What happens in you if                  
                                          you imagine that ... ?

Jan 20   Amit asks ...  Emotions as just information ?   CLIP/IG

Jan 20    Stockholm, earlier time ...                     photo/IG

Jan 18   Amit asks ...  Where do you find space in your life       
                                     where change could happen ?   CLIP/IG

Jan 16   Amit about ...  The color of fear   CLIP/IG

Jan 14   Amit asks ...  What world do you live in ?   CLIP/IG

Jan 12   Amit asks ...  What do you need ? (2)   CLIP/IG

Jan 11   Amit asks ...  What do you need ? (1)   CLIP/IG

Jan 09   Amit about ...  Concept of modal confusion   CLIP/IG
Jan 05   World of Wisdom  podcast                 
                            Shifting contexts   CLIP/IG


2023/Jan/01                        Happy  New  Year  !
"Happy New Year lovely people! Thanks for beeing you
Hoping for more time together in the new year"
Icelandic fireworks at the turn of the year ...   CLIP/IG

Yesterday  Loa turned 7 y.o.  photos          




Happy New Years Gif 2023


WELCOME   2023

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