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Amit is married, father of two little daughters
and managing director in his father's institute   Paxymer  team

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2021/June    Moved with his family to Iceland, Unnur's homeland  :)


Amit  In  Icelandic  Newspaper

"The Swedish pop star who lives                                
                                     an ordinary life in Garðabær"

                     article @   Kristín Ólafsdóttir

Worth reading !  Use  google translator

Feb 14   Happy Valentines Day !  <3   3 +  7 pics/IG

Feb 12   Amit's Daughter  Sick, but busy  ;)   photo/IG

Feb 08   Awaken !  Fire breathing dragon   IG


2024/Feb/05       B T S  In  Malmö

Pre-show moments and a small
compilation by Amit's wife Unnur

6 pics/IG     video/IG


2024/Feb/04                           " THANK  YOU  ! "
"As I was watching the program with my daughters
tonight after arriving back in Iceland, waves of pride
and joy was washing over me. The gratitude to those
that made this possible  and the fans that travelled
from all over the world to take part in it."
   4 pics/IG

A*TEENS  Medley                                                       
                     - video surpasses 104K views !   IG  YT




A*TEENS  performed  @  Mello  !

Photos, videos and all about you can find
on our new page

---------->>    A*TEENS 25    <<----------



Tonight the  A*TEENS  are back on stage after 25 years !
SVTplay  broadcasts  LIVE  from  Malmö, 20:00 !!   IG

Amit  doing breathing exercises   photo/IG

YESTERDAY   Press conference  with the  A*TEENS   IG +

YESTERDAY   Unnur  and  Alice  @ the Fridays rehearsal   IG
Amit's wife (r) and Dhani's girlfriend (l) met up in the arena


2024/Feb/01                                          Memory  Laning
"Almost time for departure for Malmö and the Swedish ESC
... getting pumped up…  let's do this !"
                     3 pics/IG

Millennium Pop Group A*Teens To Reunite After 20 Years
At Sweden Eurovision Qualifier   article/          IG


2024/Jan/31                    Good  Vibes !

Preparations for the performance in Malmö
Melodifestivalen, Heat 1 - Feb/03
How nice to see them reunited again !  :)



2024/Jan/26               A  Happy  Day !


2024/Jan 25

A*TEENS  Reuniting !

Marie, Sara, Amit and Dhani reuniting to celebrate
25th anniversary of their debut album
The four are also an interval act Melodifestivalen  and
will perform a new medley @ Heat 1 in Malmö, Feb/03 !

All about A*TEENS 25                   2 pics/IG

Jan 25   A Cold  Get well soon Unnur !   IG

Jan 20   Happy Place  Pretty walk in the nature   3 pics + CLIP/IG
Starting tomorrow, Amit will spend two weeks in Sweden

Jan 13   Up & Down  the hill with dog   2 pics + CLIP/IG
   The happy little things ...  IG   CLIP/IG

Jan 12   Iceland  Breathtaking moments ...   IG


Happy  New  Year  !!

Amit's family in Iceland


WELCOME   2024

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