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Amit is married, father of two little daughters
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2019/April/17                           Dancing  Queen

Let's dance !                                                                  
Amit teaches daughter Loa how to dance   CLIP/IG



2019/April/16               In  Iceland
When it rains in Iceland ...       CLIP/IG
Ikea Trip  requires stand up early   IG

April/08    Sick Day  in Sweden ...    IG
Kids'  kitchen + bedroom    IG:  01  02


2019/April/01                             No  Jokes
Spring  Enjoying the morning sun   2 pics/IG

Mar/28    "Fishbowl"  Art by Unnur   IG
Mar/25    Amit  plays guitar ...   CLIP/IG


2019/Mar/23                             Economy  Article

Article about Amit in the Swedish economy magazine
Veckans Affärer / VA    original   english           image/IG


2019/Mar/11               This  And  That
Goodbye kiss   in the morning ...    CLIP/IG

Space cowboy  Landing on the moon   IG
Prepare it  yourself  ;)   photo/IG

Mar/05    ...  and there was  light !   IG
Mar/01    Olives  are healthy !   IG


2019/Feb/27                   Spring  Is  Coming
Cleaning ok,  but where is the help ??    photo/IG
Artworks    ...  by Amit's wife Unnur   
IG:  01  02

Feb/23      Happy  Birthday  mom !      IG:  01  02


Charged  The  Batteries

Norway    Amit enjoyed the winter landscape of
the  Rondane National Park   wikipedia  photo/IG

Feb/16   Grandma is visiting   IG:  01  02


2019/Feb/13                   " Köttbullar "
Amit and Jara making  Swedish meatballs
with Spaghetti ...  God aptit !     photo/IG

Feb/03   Nice winter view ...   IG
Jan/31   Under water     CLIP/IG


2019/Jan/28                       Break  In  The  Snow

There's nothing better than taking a break and eating
snow even though Mom wants to take a ...   photo/IG

                                                     Bedtime  >>   photo/IG


2019/Jan/20                  When  In  Iceland
Amit daughters  Loá and Jara      IG:  01  02  03
Jan/12 ,13   Also mom having fun !    IG:  01  02
Jan/09     Listen to the Icelandic wind    CLIP/IG
Jan/03     In  the  whale  museum    2 photos/IG


Happy New Year !

Happy  Children  ...   photo/IG


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