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Amit is married, father of two little daughters
and managing director in his father's institute   Paxymer  team



May 29   Unnur's  Home  Office  + new PC   IG  IG

May 24   Ever heard of the "grandpa tree" ??   IG

May 23   Even  rainy days  can bring joy !  ;)   IG

May 10   "On The Race Track"   IG  +   music TIP 
Face Painting  Freestyle   IG  

May 07   Lucky Sisters   photo/IG


2020/May/03                           What  A  Day  !
Daughter Jara got an own scooter ...     photo/IG
and Amit a "Covid 2020" haircut by his wife !   IG

                                          What a view !   photo/IG

May 02   Online Auction  LIVE   pic/IG
April 26   Sweet Art  Liquorice   pic/IG
April 24   Oldies  & Goldies   CLIP/IG
April 21   Old Hard-Drives  Memories   photo/IG
April 15   Daily Routine  brings joy   CLIP/IG 
April 13   Easter  Bunnies   photo/IG


2020/April/11                                   Happy  Easter !


2020/April/10            Regrowing  Lettuce
Unbelievable:  Regrowing salad in the kitchen !
Check the difference of 14 days:  Mar27  today

April 07   Washing Day   IG


Creativity  vs  Corona
Today's projects for Loa and Jara ...   IG   IG

April 02   Ooops ...  Homeless ?   IG
Mar 30   Selfmade  Easter deco   IG
Mar 29   Bath time  for two mermaids   IG
Mar 27   Unicorn  Word of the day   IG


2020/March/26                                Art  &  More
Thanks to Amit's wife Unnur,  who always keeps us
up to date with her postings and photos
... and
who is a great artist !    2 pics/IG

Mar 22   Let the day begin  like this ...   IG
... before we "use up" those leftover
wedding thank-you cards   2 pics/IG

Mar 19   Practice early   IG


2020/March/21          Photo  Of  The  Month



2020/March/16                   At  Home

Creativity vs Corona   Let's paint !     IG
Loa & Jara @ home   Mar 04  05  07  09



Not  Ash  Wednesday

" ... Just a regular Wednesday in this home"   IG
But a little bit of fun is always good !    IG
Feb 24   Spring Feeling  Flowers     IG
Feb 22   IKEA  "Child labor"   CLIP/IG


No  Snow  -  But  Rain

It's raining again ...  photo (bel)/IG     music TIP 

Feb 07   Swedish Turbanita   IG
Jan 31   Flue Season   IG
Jan 23   Happy Sisters   IG

Loa & Jara    Standing In The Rain     music TIP 


2020/Jan/18                                       1 0 0  !
Amit's grandma turned 100 years old today !
Happy  Birthday  Langamma !    5 pics/IG

Jan 11   Bedtime ...   IG
Jan 09   Sisters 2.0   IG


2020/Jan/02               Back  In  Sweden
Back from beautiful Iceland ...   6 pics + CLIP

Morning view from  Hotel  Budir , one of
the most beautiful place in Iceland ... 


Happy  New  Year  !

A new decade has started,
2020  is just the beginning



WELCOME   2020

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