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                                    works as songwriter and producer
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   Sony/ATV   Scandinavia    website   facebook

Projects / Co-work

Avicii  (Album: Stories)  Gonna Love Ya, Sunset Jesus  IG   Spotify  fb
Saie Saie (ft. 1NVOLV3D  Million Pieces  IG   SC   YT   fb
Sandro Cavazza  Free Falling, Afraid  IG   SC   YT   fb
L33T  Fav. Rapper, G.R.O.W U <3  a.o.  IG   SC   YT   fb


2015/Dec/31                                                N Y E

Dhani is rockin' to a new and sick beat:   CLIP/IG

2015/Dec/30                               Last  Words

this year, Dhani says  Thanks  to friends @  IG


2015/Dec/25                      Merry  Christmas !

A beautiful xmas day!   from Dhani    photo/IG


2015/Dec/20                                       Video  Work

First impressions of the video of  Sandro Cavazza's
new song  "Don't Hold Me"  Dhani and Sandro are
just working on ...     CLIPS/IG:  01  02     facebook


2015/Dec/12               Arrival  in  Stockholm

Back from Thailand, back in Stockholm    photo/IG


2015/Dec/11                                          Thailand
Last day of vacation and on the beach    photo/IG


2015/Dec/09            Christmas  Special

How Dhani and Sandro say  Merry Christmas
to 150 kids in Thailand:   photo/IG    GREAT !

Dec/15    Photo  posted by Sandro on his IG


2015/Dec/06                                                       Thai  Boxing

Dhani and Sandro @ Muay Thai  training in a school   photo/IG
on Phuket - where amazing sunsets are at home ...   photo/IG


2015/Dec/01                                             Thailand

Vacation   Dhani enjoying some days off on  Phuket
Beachwalk  clip/IG     Thai boxing  photo/IG  (below)


2015/Nov/28                         Sandro  Video

In the making:  video to Sandro Cavazza's new
song  "Don't Hold Me"    photos/IG:
  01  02  03


2015/Nov/11                                     Avocados

Tasty  Guacamole   Recipe by Dhani   photo/IG
Use the core for own plants  >>>  photoalbum/fb

Time  is the most valuable thing we have !
True words by Dhani on Instagram   image


2015/Nov/08        Happy  Fathersday !

Previous times:  Dhani and his dad   photo/IG


2015/Nov/02        Sunday  &  Monday

Sunday  Soul Relaxation                                
Fishing with Carl Falk in Trosa ...   photo/IG
Monday  Condition Training                          
500m sprint after Messy Metcon  photo/IG


2015/Oct/31                        F.  F.  M.  F.

Fashion.  Food.  Music.  Fitness.   >  Dhani.
  01  02  03  04   CLIP


2015/Oct/28                       Fall  2015

Instagram pictures by Dhani and friend
"Sir Norell " : 
01  02  03  04  05  06  07


2015/Oct/26                        Breakfast  Club

Today Dhani served hash brown with bleak roe
and smetana with a shot of vodka !    photo/IG

        Smetana = extra creamy sour creme   wikipedia
Check also:  Grated potato pancakes with bleak roe,
sour cream and onions @


2015/Oct/23                              G L Y  Interview
Dhani and Sandro about the successful cooperation
and work behind the hit "Gonna Love Ya"  image/IG
-  to find on Avicii's new album "Stories"                   
Interview  by  the  fashion  brand  NLY man   english

Date night  Who is dating Dhani tonight photo/IG

Past night  Dhani, Sandro and some friends worked
on the video to "Don't Hold Me"  -  the first song on
Sandro's  EP 
...  release very soon !            photo/IG


2015/Oct/21                              Dhani  Today

Breakfast after Yoga, fashion   @ IG:  01  02  03


2015/Oct/19            Fashion  &  Music

Fashion and Music  ...  always fits together !
Photos/IG:  01  02  03      Musiktip YouTube


2015/Oct/15                      Gonna  Love  Ya

is now  # 3  in Spotify's  TOP 50  in Sweden,  IG
congratulations Dhani
!  It seems you have had
the right ideas at the right time ... maybe the
result of eating healthy food ... (?)  --->  
For more song details please check Oct/01+07


2015/Oct/12      Breakfast  Club

Today it was Dhani's turn to present
the breakfast ...    photo/IG         CFK


2015/Oct/07                  Gonna  Love  Ya

is now  # 5  in Spotify's  TOP 50  in Sweden !
  For more song details please check Oct/01


2015/Oct/05                           Talented  People

"Since I started with music I've been very fortuned to
have been surrounded by the most talented people
in the business
."  says Dhani today on Instagram.
Read all  and take a view on Dhani's pics
of the past weekend: 
01  02  03  04


2015/Oct/02                                   Sunset  Jesus

Another song co-written by Dhani and other artists.
Bravo  Dhani  !   You must be very proud to be part
of Avicii's new album  Stories ...  @ Spotify   LIVE    IG

Image/IG  by Avicii                


2015/Oct/01                             GONNA  LOVE  YA   

Gonna Love Ya                                                                               
Pre-release    today from Avicii's new album  Stories
The song was written by Dhani and Sandro Cavazza
together with Avicii and was co-produced by Dhani.

Spotify    youtube                     Dhani/IG:   01  02  03


2015/Sept/28                             Dhani  Fashion

Photos @ Instagram:   Sunday  &  Monday  (below)


2015/Sept/23                                 Denmark

Sandro EP    Dhani and Sandro in the studio in
                      Copenhagen    photos/IG:  01  02


2015/Sept/20                                    Dhani's  Sabrage
Sabrage is a technique for open a Champagne bottle with
a saber.  Dhani tried it yesterday during a guided tour in
of Bergères-Lès-Vertus, a small village
the region Champagne-Ardenne in France:   photo/IG

On another  photo/IG  you can see him picking grapes for
his friend Rami's own Champagne  photo/IG  ...  and from
HERE (Arlanda airport SE)  the 3-day-experience started.

TIPP   A glass of Champagne goes well
            with Dhani's "Croque Monsieur"

Man on the Street  -  The Look of ... ?   01  02


2015/Sept/14              Breakfast  Club

Dessert by Dhani:  Raspberry Crème brûlée
Photos/IG:  01  02  03        Fall Fashion:  IG


2015/Sept/12              Saturday  Work

Remixing causes cable clutter ...    photo/IG
Friday  Happy Birthday Sandro !   photo/IG


2015/Sept/08                                   Dhani  Today

The master today !                                         photo/IG


2015/Sept/03                                  Sandro's  EP

Sandro Cavazza's EP Dhani has worked for the last
weeks seems to be ready and will be released soon
like it seems ... so stay tuned !     photos/IG:  01  02


2015/Sept/01                                 SOON  !

Dhani is getting ready and want to be fit for
for the lot of things they're in the making ...

Latest photos at Insta : 
01  02  03  04  05


2015/Aug/24       Breakfast  Club

Spontaneous  "last minute"  breakfast
with friends ...   photos/IG:  01  02  03


2015/Aug/21                     Breakfast  Time

What Dhani likes to eat ...     photos/IG:  01  02


2015/Aug/15                                       Instagram

Latest pics on InstaGram:   08/10   08/12   08/13


2015/Aug/09                               Dhani's  Sunday

Brunch and posing in the street, funpark Gröna Lund
and working in the studio ...     photos/IG:  01  02  03


2015/Aug/07                      Summer  Time

Family Time   Latest pics @ Instagram:  01  02


2015/Aug/04                                    Cavazza  EP

Dhani's hair stand on end !   He is excited, because
of finishing Sandro Cavazza's debut EP.   photo/IG

TIP  Healthy combination:  Ginger & Honey !   photo/IG


2015/July/24                       Dhani turns  31  today !



2015/July/22                     Photo  Riddle

A hard  01  + Dhani's  02  give you the power
to work a night in the  03  !     Did you get it ?

Solution:   gniniart 10   sekacnap 20   oiduts 30


2015/July/13                                     Good  Morning !

Back at home in Sweden it's time for sailing ...   photo/IG


2015/July/03              Studio  Time  in  L. A.

Dhani, Avicii  and other cool people, with Carl Falk
(producer, One Direction) in the studio in Hollywood
= magic in the making !             photos/IG:  01  02



2015/June/28                        Las  Vegas

Avicii  concert  June/27   @  XS nightclub
Dhani with friends and Avicii in Las Vegas !
CLIP + CLIP  +  photos @ IG:  01  02  03


2015/June/26                          Delicious !

Today's Champions Breakfast ...   photo/IG
and truffled clams two days ago:  photo/IG


2015/June/19                      Dhani  in  L.A.

Dhani landed in Los Angeles / USA     photo/IG
And please check out this cool  painting !


2015/June/12                   Summerburst

Dhani @ the  Summerburst  festival   clip/IG
Beautiful, magical city Stockholm   photo/IG


2015/June/05                                 Family  Time  !

Outside in the open:      Dhani enjoys the nature and
Swedish landscape with the family - IG:   photo   CLIP

LIVE  VIDEO   of Sandro Cavazza's song  Afraid
Recorded by Dhani in a church in Ösmo   YouTube


2015/June/04                            Sandro  Cavazza  EP

Teaser of Sandro Cavazza's upcoming EP, live recorded
in a church from 13th century ...    photos/IG:  01  02
Read what Dhani has posted about:   CLIP/IG 
Sandro is part now of the Sony/ATV family   photo/IG

2015/June/04                             G.R.O.W U <3

:: L33T ::    "Get Rich On What You Love"   video


2015/May/30                          G.R.O.W U <3

New track out by  :: L33T ::      IG:  CLIP   L33T
"Get Rich On What You Love"  @ soundcloud 


2015/May/28                Million  Pieces  V

Out now !     The  VIDEO  to "Million Pieces"
- directed by Dhani and Saie Saie     YouTube

Million Pieces  @ soundcloud  -  written by
Saie Saie and Dhani, produced by Dhani


2015/May/24                            Killer  Hair  Day

Photos on Dhani's Instagram:  selfie (below)   L33T


2015/May/22                              M P  Video

First pieces of the videoclip  @ IG:  p1  p2  v3


2015/May/13                Dhani's  Pancakes

Wednesday Breakfast Tradition      Today Dhani
offers his friends his selfmade protein pancakes
Photos/IG:  01  02  03


2015/May/11                             "Million  Pieces"

Listen to the new song Dhani has produced:
"Million Pieces"  by  SAIE SAIE (ft. 1NVOLV3D)
@ soundcloud        Instagram:  SaieSaie  Dhani


2015/May/11                                               Sandro  C.

Sandro Cavazza  recorded his first original song inside a
13th century church - video coming soon !

Dhani  last weekend ...      photos/IG:  01  02


2015/May/05                                   More  Dhani

Fashion:  01  02     INSTA  PICS    Training:  01  02

2015/May/04                                   Dhani  Cool

The guy with cool hair and clothes !        photo/IG


2015/May/01                    The  Summerhouse

Spring is there,  summer will come soon,  so time to
check what's to do at the summerhouse:  photo/IG


2015/Apr/29                           Watches  &  Gym

Daniel Wellington Watches                                           
Photo update  @  carmhagen.se   01  02  03  04  05

From nothing nothing comes !     photos/IG:  01  02


2015/Apr/24-26                            Weekend  Parties

Saturday       ALESSO  in concert @ the Globen hall and a
                       after show party @ the  V/WALL 

Friday          Event by Dhani's friend and promotor  iSHi
Absolut Art  project @ IG       pics:   01  02  CLIP  04  05



" Favorite  Rapper "

Musicvideo  out now from   L33T  ::  F4V0R173  R4PP3R
Performed by  Anthony Mills  FB    ::   Produced by
  Dhani  IG

Check it out  HERE  or  @  YouTube         L33T FB  IG  YT  SC

Sandro  Cavazza

Today Dhani presents us a 2nd talented singer and musician
he's working
with:  Sandro Cavazza   @ IG  @ YT    photo/IG

From My Bridge - Session 1    video/YT 
Acoustic interpretation of different songs 
"1 will be released every month ..."  Dhani say on  IG


2015/Apr/12                               Uppsala !

Dhani's shadow, so do you know what time
of day the photo was taken ?       

Three Swedish men  TOPLESS !     photo/IG


2015/Apr/08                                 Studio  Suit

Dhani's  outfit today ... check it out !    photo/IG
Soaking in the sunlight yesterday ...     photo/IG


2015/Apr/02             Good  Morning  Dhani

Extra exciting today  ...  things are in the making !
Good Luck Dhani !                                      photo/IG



Two  Men  @  the  Pole  !

DHANI :   "Being away for that long
will never happen again."   photo/IG


2015/Mar/28                                          Video  Interview

Sara, Amit and Dhani visited Marie yesterday at  Let's  Dance
where the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet took the chance
to ask the 4 ex-colleagues if  something exciting is coming ?
video + photos


2015/Mar/27                                  Let's  Dance

Dhani visited the TV show  Let's  Dance  with Sara
and Amit tonight to support  Marie !        photo/IG


2015/Mar/24                                 Days  of  Summer

Watch  Dhani  acting  in Daniel  Wellington's  commercial
video  "Days of Summer"
  video   youtube     photo/IG

PHOTOS     Read more about Daniel Wellington watches
and the campaign with Dhani below  >>>  Feb/11 + 14

Get Inspired !     danielwellington.com


2015/Mar/22                               A*TEENS  2015.1

YES !   3/4  just met again !  Dhani  posted the  photo
below on Instagram, writes:  "Talking about the year
1999 and how that year
changed our lifes quiet a bit."

Only  Amit  was missing ... because he won an award
and wasn't in town. But he was connected with them
via  "FaceTime"  Marie  just wrote on her Instagram,
to an other photo  Sara  has up on her Instagram


2015/Mar/20                                        L 3 3 T

Dhani  started a little project  with the rapper
Anthony Neogriot Mills  -  so check it out and
listen to their first three songs on  soundcloud


2015/Mar/19            When  the  city  sleeps

After work:  Dhani on the way home ...    photo/IG


2015/Mar/14                                                           PLACES

Archipelago   What for a wonderful place and ...   photo/IG
And take a view on Dhani's 10 y.o. trenchcoat !   photo/IG


2015/Mar/13                                   Over  And  Out

MUSIC   Dhani has reached the final phase of his work
and the preparations with and for a person Dhani will
present to us very soon ...       
       photos/IG:  01  02


2015/Mar/11                     OUT  SOOOOON  ?!

Dhani on his Instagram today:                                  
"It's a blessing beeing around your best friends 
every day at work. And a lot of things are in the 
the making people."                                              



2015/Mar/09                        Unbeatable

Dhani like days like this one ...       photo/IG


2015/Mar/08           Dhani  Outfit  (2)

The sun laughs, spring comes !    photo/IG


2015/Mar/06          Dhani  Outfit  Pic

In the streets of Stockholm ...     photo/IG


2015/Mar/05        I  Can't  Get  No  Sleep

 Dhani's  "can not sleep"  face ...   photo/IG
                                                           music TIP

2015/Feb/27            DJ  Dhani  @  V*****

Dhani is DJ @ the  V  cocktailbar tonight !   INSTA
"The club requires a totalrenovation when         
 I'm ready tonight ..."  Dhani jokes on his    INSTA


2015/Feb/15                           H A I R

Dhani's Morning Hair Game:   photo/IG



                                    Happy  Valentine's  Day

                                              by  Dhani  &  Daniel Wellington



Greetings  to  Valentine's  Day

PICS  from the photo shoot Dhani did last week
for  Daniel Wellington Watches  and the  special
for  Valentine's  Day  and the  DW S15  journal.
Photos/IG  ::  01  02  03  ::  Jonas Carmhagen

Daniel  Wellington    website   facebook   instagram


2015/Feb/07                                     In  the  Studio

Since a few days Dhani works with the Swedish singer
and writer  Saie Saie       Photos/IG:  01  02  CLIP  03


2015/Feb/03                              Back  in  Europe

Good-bye South Africa  -  welcome back in Europe !!
Dhani thanked his friend and "brother" Rami for the
last two weeks:
photo/IG         More:  01  02  03  04


2015/Jan/29                                     Dhani  is  fine !

Dhani and the gang enjoying the days in Camps Bay,
check it out on instagram:   01  02  03  04  CLIP  04  05


2015/Jan/23                                Cape  Town / ZA

Who is with Dhani and what they're doing in Africa ?
Today the gang celebrates their friend's 40th b-day,
Grattis Rami !   CLIP  :IG:  01  02  03  04  05  06  07  08


2015/Jan/22                           South Africa !

Dhani currently enjoys Cape Town with friends
like "brother" Rami ...  
       photos/IG:   01  02


2015/Jan/05               Chainsaw  Massacre

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>   photo/IG
Dhani's nice view from the lake house:   photo/IG


2015/Jan/01                              HAPPY  NEW  YEAR  !

"When you think the party's over, look over your shoulder 
I'm at your door, coming back for more ..."
Back  For  More     by A*TEENS          album:  Teen Spirit

Happy New Year 2015  from  Dhani & Ida !   photo/IG


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