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2016 / December                 Dhani               instagram   facebook
                                               works as songwriter and producer
                                               and has signed @ Sony/ATV  Scandinavia 
                                                                                           website   facebook

Projects / Co-work

Mona Najib  Limbo   IG  web  YT   fb
Soleil Camara  Get At Me   IG   SC   YT   fb
Sandro Cavazza  EP  in the making, coming soon !   IG   SC   YT   fb
Avicii  The Crowning Of Prince Liam   IG   IG  web  YT   fb
iSHi  Avicii - Pure Grinding (iSHi remix)   IG          YT


2016/Dec/29                    South  Africa
Dhani,  Valerie  and friends @ holidays
in Cape Town, Camps Bay   photo/IG

Sunset @ Glen Beach, C. B.'s best surfing beach


2016/Dec/22                 LIVE  Session
2017    Sandro Cavazza's first single
                          coming out in January !     photo/IG
Dec/21    BBQ night with ...    IG:  01  02


2016/Dec/20           Epic  Words  &

Epic words from Dhani to Sandro @ IG
Yesterday in the Carl Falk studio ...   IG
 and  "a wolf in sheepskin" ...   photo/IG


2016/Dec/15                Spotify  Stockholm

Dhani and Sandro @  Spotify  headquarters   IG


2016/Dec/02                  Single  Release

"Limbo" by  Mona Najib     website  YT  fb  IG
Produced by Brian Brundage and Dhani   IG


2016/Nov/28                                Late  Night

Finishing a song for Sandro's EP ...      photo/IG

2016/Nov/27                                New  Song
Working on a new song from Sandro   CLIP/IG


2016/Nov/12                             Talents

Dhani with talented friends @  Berns   IG
and with Sandro in the studio   photo/IG


2016/Oct/21             " Get  At  Me "
Made a while ago and  OUT NOW:
Soleil Camara - Get At Me
Production and Mixing:  Dhani and Ishi

video/YouTube      videos/Dhani


2016/Sept/26                             Holiday  Time

Dhani and Valerie enjoying Italy again    photo/IG


2016/Sept/23                                 Studio  Time

Are they working on a remix of  "Håller Fortet" ??


2016/Sept/11                                    This  Weekend

Like you can see, Dhani enjoys one of the last beautiful
 summer days for this year ...                 photos/IG:  01  02


2016/Aug/31                                              I B I Z A
Wonderful sunset from two days ago ...    photo/IG

Dhani  thanked the Avicci crew for the amazing and
and unforgettable memories the past year.          IG
"... and Im excited for the plans that are already in
the making." he writes from Ibiza.              MusicTip


2016/Aug/26                         Dhani  On  Travel

No way is too far when work calls ...    IG:  CLIP  02
Enjoying wonderful home Stockholm !    IG:  01  02


2016/Aug/19          Friday  Night

Dhani @ Kinglet studios ...   photo/IG


2016/Aug/16                                     Sandro  C

Working on Sandro's first EP - probably some of
of the last steps before coming out.   IG:  01  02


2016/Aug/01                        Headphones
Urbanista headphone advertising    photo/IG


2016/July/28                                   Greece

Dhani and his new girlfriend  Valerie Wigardt
enjoy the islands of Greece.   IG:  01  02  03


2016/July/24                     Happy  Birthday  !!
Dhani celebrates his 32nd birthday today !
Congratulations  from your friends & fans !

Yesterday @ Nammos   Mykonos, Greece               
                                         photos/IG:  01  02  03  04

happy birthday fireworks animated gif
                                                               best animations


2016/July/16                               This  Week

@ work in the  studio  &  @ Bern's  Cocktailbar


2016/July/08                      Urbanista  Story
Dhani's  Urbanista  story  is out now !   video/YT
Dhani/videos            photos:  01  02                        

Plus latest on Dhani's Instagram  2day  &  y'day


2016/July/01                       A  Perfect  Friday
... ends @ Restaurant  Frantzén  YT         photo/IG
Yesterday   Studio day / details   photo/IG (below)
Last week   Midsummer in the Toscany   photo/IG



2016/June/26        Midsummer  In  Italy

Party & Studio work in the vine yards    CLIP/IG
after leaving the studio in Gotland ...   photo/IG


2016/June/21                    Team  Work

Sandro EP    Made in Gotland    IG:  01  02


2016/June/19                                                     Gotland

Sandro Cavazza EP     Day 2 & 3 in the studio in Gotland
Photo shooting on the plan today !    IG:  01  02  03  04

Photo:  Studio Sandkvie in Gotland                                          


2016/June/17                        Sandro  EP

Final spurt !  Dhani and Co are working out
the last sounds of  Sandro's  EP.     CLIP/IG


2016/June/05               Beautiful  Life

Sporty Weekend / IG:   Saturday   Sunday
Friday   ft. Sandro Cavazza    IG   video/YT


2016/June/02                       In  The  Making

Dhani and Sandro continue to work on the video
to Sandro's new song  Don't Hold Me    


2016/June/01                                    Photo  Shot
Dhani posing for  Urbanista  earphones :   photo/IG
Yesterday he tried to track some vocals with friend
Sandro, who's already a wanted man ...    photo/IG



"San  Francisco"
Dhani's  earphones !   photo/IG   @  Urbanista.com

Yesterday    Dhani's morning run leads from
Östermalm to Djurgarden
  photo/IG (below)

May/21   Happy birthday  Chris Norell   photo/IG
Throwback/Photo Art:  Malibu waves   photo/IG

Image:  widescreen, cut out  >>  original


2016/May/12                            Sounds  &  Colors

New ideas encourage creativity !    photos/IG:  01  02

2016/May/06                           Highway  One

Roadtrip in California/USA  from San Francisco
down to Los Angeles on the famous  Highway 1

                                                   photos/IG:  01  02

2016/May/01                                   Outdoors

Dhani prepares the summer place ...   photo/IG


2016/April/25                                Frukost  Klubben

Dhani's protein pancakes, fried in coconut oil   photo/IG

2016/April/18                   Frukost  Klubben

Today's crowd at the breakfast club    photo/IG


2016/April/10                                               Friends

Sunday training with friend Chris Norell     photo/IG
Sandro and Dhani  on their last US trip w. Avicii (?)  IG


2016/April/05                           Dad's  Jacket

Dhani has attracted the old jacket of his father,
and it looks good, right ?      photos/IG:  01  02


2016/April/04                                 Breakfast  Club

Today's starter by Dhani:  oakmeal with berries, cocos
flakes and maple syrup ...           photos/IG:  01  02  03


2016/Mar/28                                 Springtime
Spring has started in Stockholm .....    photo/IG


2016/Mar/26                 Easter  Vibes

Photo fun with friend Chris ...   photo/IG
can you find the difference ??   photo/IG


2016/Mar/20                                  What  A  Trip !
Dhani  comes back home from the journey through
the States and he will be a part of Avicii's new album
on which we'll find the songs the team has recorded
the last two weeks ...        photos/IG:  01  02  03  04

AVICII  LIVE                                                                 
last night @ Ultra Music Festival in Miami ...   LISTEN

 AVICII ft. Sandro and Dhani      listen @  soundcloud


2016/Mar/18                                        Hello  Miami !
AIRVICII  The Swedes on the way to Miami   photo/IG
01 02  CLIP                 And what a great view !   photo/IG


2016/Mar/17             ORB  Recording  Studios

Austin - Day 2         Great work in the studio tonight !
Photos/IG:  01  02  CLIP                  Videos/YT:  01  02


2016/Mar/16                             Welcome  In  Texas
The team reached the studio in  Austin - Day 1   video/YT
                                                          photos/IG:   01  02  03

Studio Sets on the days before:                                          
New Mexico / Albuquerque       aerial tramway   CLIP/IG
Monument Valley National Park
          photos/IG:  01  02


2016/Mar/14                                       LIVE  Broadcasts
of the US journey and new project by  AVICII  and friends
where also Dhani is involved:  The Crowning Of Prince Liam

Avicii  LIVE @ YT:   Mar/14   Mar/13      photos/IG:  01  02


2016/Mar/13                              Grand  Canyon

Today's studio location for Dhani and friends is the
wellknown Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona.
Adventure  journey               CLIP/IG  photos:  01  02
In some days will be a little reunion with Dhani and
A*Teens choreographer Charles "Chucky" Klapow
in Miami ... best greetings please !!       More soon !


2016/Mar/10                                          Roundview

Check out where Dhani is currently staying:   CLIP/IG
Western Malibu, Pacific Coast Hwy   Cypress Sea Cove   map


2016/Mar/08                                                        Malibu

Dhani @ Insta:   "If you're practicing with sunglasses it
actually looks like you know what you're doing."  photo


2016/Mar/06                          Los  Angeles
It looks like Dhani is in LA ... so          photo/IG
it could be his photo below show yesterday's
awesome sunset at the Pacific coast in South
California, maybe somewhere near Malibu  (?)


2016/Feb/29                                           Breakfast  Club
Today's menu among with original L'Arpege eggs as a first
 course and french toast with Cardamom creme as dessert:
Photos/IG:  01  02  03  04               
  L'Arpege eggs  recipe
Later try out and producing @ Kinglet studios      photo/IG


2016/Feb/15                               Valentines  Day

With friends in the CrossFit Atum studio    photo/IG
& Valentines dinner @ Frantzen   photos/IG:  01  02


2016/Feb/10                                Wednesday

Wednesday ... like Dhani has posted    photo/IG


2016/Feb/08                 Breakfast  Club

Eggs Benedict and the dessert of the year !
Photos/IG:  01  02  03    and Dhani  fashion


2016/Feb/06                                Happy  Weekend

... and the weather in Stockholm by Dhani   IG:  01  02
some true words by Dhani's idol Bob Marley  image/IG
who would have turned 71 today ...  Happy Birthday !


2016/Jan/31                           Sunday  Vibes


2016/Jan/30       Brunch  &  Fashion

Today's  details  ...         photos/IG:  01  02


2016/Jan/29                 Pure  Grinding  Remix

Pure Grinding  by Avicii  -  remixed by Dhani and iSHi
 Listen the remix @ YouTube  HERE  or  HERE        IG


2016/Jan/26                         Winning  Concepts

Coached personal team training @  UCSP    photo/IG
Making Music    Dhani and friends @ work    photo/IG


2016/Jan/23              A  Saturday  Breakfast

... that makes Dhani's morning perfect :    photo/IG


2016/Jan/18                      The  Breakfast  Club
The breakfast club Dhani is taking part at is back and
opened the new season today       photos/IG:  01  02

It's very cold in Stockholm                photos/IG:  below  02


2016/Jan/07         Family  First

Dhani's dad, mum and sister Dinah
a few years ago ...            photo/IG


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