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                                               works as songwriter and producer
                                               and has signed @ Sony/ATV  Scandinavia 
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Projects / Co-work

Avicii ft. Sandro C. Without You  (EP Avici 01, Aug/11) IG          lnk  YT
Sandro Cavazza Debut EP  (4 tracks, Apr/28) IG   SC   lnk   fb
Sandro Cavazza Don't Hold Me  (Single Mar/18) IG   SC   lnk  YT
Emelie Hollow Like I Love You  (Single Feb/17) IG          lnk   fb
Sandro Cavazza What It Feels Like  (Single Feb/03) IG   SC   lnk  YT


2017/Dec/22                                  Wise  Words

Albert Einstein  about our part in the universe   IG


2017/Dec/15                              Song  Of  The  Year

"Without You"  is nominated at the  Swedish  Grammis
held February 8th. in Stockholm (Grand Hotel)

GOOD LUCK Avicii, Sandro Cavazza, Dhani, Carl Falk  a. o.


2017/Nov/22                       Country  House

Dhani and Sandro at work tonight ...   photo/IG


2017/Nov/12                  Maldives (4)

Sunrise on the beach ...    IG:  photo  CLIP

2017/Nov/12                  Maldives (3)

Last day in heaven on earth ...   photo/IG

2017/Nov/11                  Maldives (2)

Good Morning !  clip/IG     photos:  01  02


2017/Nov/10                 Maldives (1)

Dhani  in paradise  photo/IG   CLIP (y'day)


2017/Oct/08                                 "Without  You"

Yesterday, Friends Arena   Sweden vs Luxembourgh
Qualification match for the Worldcup 2018 in Russia
Halftime performence:  Sandro Cavazza   IG:  01  02

The match ended  8:0  for Sweden, congratulations !


2017/Sept/19                                           Morocco

Last Weekend      Dhani and Valerie at a wedding in
Marrakech, Beldi Country Club   IG:  01  02  03  04


2017/Sept/13                                        In  Progress

Sandro Cavazza's 2nd EP is in progress ...   IG:  01  02


2017/Aug/25                                  Without  You

Sandro Cavazza presents a  LIVE  version of Avicii's
song "Without You" @ NRJ radio   video   photo/IG


2017/Aug/23                                    A  Sporty  Challenge

Dhani trains at  SATS  which namely stands for  Sport Aerobic
Training Center. 
The gym chain was founded 1995 in Norway
and offers
training activities like strength - and group training
and cycling in the form of spinning and personal training.

Photos/IG:  01  02  03   earlier:  04  05  06  07  08  09  10


2017/Aug/14                                                 Monday !

Just another Monday ...  photo/IG     Urbanista Life  IG
Aug/12   "Without You"  is No.1  in Sweden, congrats !


2017/Aug/10                                            New  AVICII  EP
After a longer time  AVICII  released his brandnew  EP  AVĪCI
today.  Dhani is part of in the track "Without You".   
2 days ago    Dhani supports the LA Lakers (NBA)    photo/IG


2017/Aug/05      Back  In  The  Studio

Back from  IBIZA,  now working with Sandro
and his band ...      photos/IG:  01  02  03  04


2017/July/25                   B-day  On  Ibiza

Pics from the party yesterday   IG:  01  02  03


Happy  Birthday  Dhani  !

  33        Dhani turns   33   today !        33  

           Dhani !            
Wishing you all the best     
     and a wonderful day today !    

Valerie & Dhani on Ibiza   photo/IG


2017/June/27                         Tough  Viking

Bodybuilding and Weight training:  first session
with the Tough Viking team    IG:  01  02  CLIP


2017/June/23           Happy  Midsummer !

Sweden celebrates Midsummer tomorrow ...   IG


2017/June/10                  Pie  Fight !

MEEEGA  fun !!   Playing dodgeball with
Swedish Princess cakes !     5 photos/IG


2017/June/08                                      Voting  DPA

Please  VOTE  for Sandro at the  Denniz POP Awards
(category 'best new coming artist')   photo/IG


2017/May/25                           May  Selfie

* Sensual reflecting * photo/IG
May/19    LOVE  IS  ... photo/IG


2017/May/05        Two  Friends
and two Swedish supertalents :
Dhani  and Sandro !    photo/IG

If you're doing music - check HERE


2017/April/28               Sandro  Cavazza  EP

Sandro's debut EP with the new song
"So Much Better" is out now !
     IG  IG
                                              article   interview
Choose a platform @  lnk.to  to listen Sandro's EP

                                                    Photo:  Niklas Nyman


2017/April/27                                      Debut  EP

Sandro Cavazza's  debut EP comes out tomorrow
and will be available on all platforms !           IG  IG


2017/Apr/22               Hello  Marie !

How cool !  Dhani and Marie met on the
Day Party @ Nosh & Chow ...   photo/IG


2017/Apr/21         So  Much  Better
Video  recordings  to  Sandro  Cavazza's
 new single  So Much Better    IG:  01  02

Photos/IG:  Workwear   The View


2017/Apr/15                                            White  Easter
Dhani and Valerie  having fun in  Fjätervålen, a skiing area
in middle-Sweden
at the border to Norway.    IG:  01  02

Apr/09    Beautiful view(s) ...    photo/IG


2017/Mar/18              Sandro  EP

First song for Sandro Cavazza's EP :
"Don't  Hold  Me"  IG  IG   lnk  SC
Mar/16   Palm trees from below    IG


2017/Mar/12           Wonderful  Thailand

Welcome  in  paradise !            IG:  01  02  CLIP
Palm trees, sun and beach ... what you want more ?


Holiday  Greetings

Dhani and Valerie enjoy the beaches of
Phuket in Thailand ...      IG:  01  02  03


What  It  Feels  Like

A LIVE version and REMIXES of Sandro Cavazza's
song  What It Feels Like  were released today !  IG

Listen now the new WIFL releases @ soundcloud !

A WIFL live  music video  was also published today
premiered @ POP dust  where you also can read an
exclusive  interview  with Sandro.

Photo/IG  Sandro and Dhani celebrating
Sandro's huge success  at last night's
showcase @  MONO - Nosh & Chow's
late night club (2nd Floor)
  in Stockholm :


2017/Mar/02                    Sandro  LIVE
Sandro Cavazza  performs tonight in Stockholm,
@ Nosh & Chow - Second Floor    photo/IG


2017/Feb/17                        Single  Release
Emelie Hollow - Like I Love You    LISTEN

TODAY   the  norwegian  singer   Emelie  Hollow
released her new single  " LIKE  I  LOVE  YOU "
... written and produced by Carl Falk and  Dhani

Articles:  Universal.no   J.V. blog    



Sandro  Cavazza's  debut  single
 Co-produced by Dhani  IG:  01  02
Article   listen/dl   SC

Feb/04   Sandro Cavazza LIVE in Norrköping
23:30   "Where Is The Music" festival  INFOS


2017/Jan/31                               Sandro  Single

Sandro Cavazza's debut single "What It Feels Like"
will be  out on Friday, Feb/03      IG:  01  02  03  04

Audio previews you can listen to  HERE, HERE  and  HERE


2017/Jan/26            Radio  Voting !
Please vote for  LIMBO  by  Mona Najib
            @ Sveriges Radio P3:  Unsigned Top 10   VOTE
LIMBO  was produced by Dhani a. o.  IG
Dhani  w. Grammy winner Bilal Hajji  IG


2017/Jan/19                                                     Recordings

... of the LIVE version of Sandro Cavazza's "Don't Hold Me"
in the St. John's church. Lyrics of another song are finished

too  ...  so Sandro's EP coming out soon !      IG:  01  02  03


Back  In  Stockholm
Final touches of Sandro's debut EP !  IG
Dhani's last vacation days in South Africa:
Glen Beach & one more wine testing ...
photos/IG:  01  02  03


2017/Jan/06           The  Taste  Of  Africa

Wine testing @ "La Petite Ferme Franschhoek",
a winery 80 km east of Cape T.   web  photo/IG
Yesterday's fun:  A ride in the sand ...  photo/IG


2017/Jan/01                                  2 0 1 7

Happy  New  Year  from  Dhani  &  Valerie 
in  Cape  Town,  South  Aftrica   IG:  01  02


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