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                                               works as songwriter and producer
                                               and has signed @ Sony/ATV  Scandinavia 
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                                               1/2  of  the  Swedish  DJ  Duo  D H A R C
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Projects / Co-work

 Alice Chater  Two Of Us  (Dhani Remix, July 09)     lnk   IG   YT
 Alice Chater  Two Of Us  (Single, May 21)     lnk   IG   YT


2020/July/11                                                   Feedback

"How happy I am for all of your love for the  ‘Two Of Us’
remix. Keep streaming and let me know what you think"



2020/July/09                                Dhani  Remix
The remix Dhani has done for Alice Chater's single
"TWO OF US"  is out midnight !!       
How we'll  dance  to this in 50 years ...      CLIP/IG


2020/July/05                                       Working  On  ...

Dhani has different projects he's working on, coming out
this year he posted on Instagram. First up will be a remix
he has done, released under his name 'Dhani'.    photo/IG



In memory of  George Floyd     IG



2020/May/25                                 Working  . . .


2020/May/21                    " TWO  OF  US "

ALICE  CHATER's  new single is out now !    IG
       Additional sound design:  Dhani  Lennevald

                                                    listen/buy   VIDEO



Pity  For some incomprehensible reasons,
Dhani has stopped posting on Instagram .


2020/Jan/17                            MIXTAPE  IV

D H A R C   M U S I C    published  episode 5  of
the mixtapes series - to listen on   SoundCloud



2020/Jan/10         Strength  Training

Dhani's intent for the new year ...   CLIP/IG



Happy  New  Year  !


WELCOME   2020

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