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                                               works as songwriter and producer
                                               and has signed @ Sony/ATV  Scandinavia 
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                                               1/2  of  the  Swedish  DJ  Duo  D H A R C
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Projects / Co-work

 Alice Chater  One More Sleep  (Cover Song, Dec 21)   IG   SW   YT
 D H A R C  Rapture  (Debut Single, coming soon)   IG
 May & Robot K.  Bad Kingdom  (Dhani Remix, Sept 18)   IG    IG   SC 
 Alice Chater  Two Of Us  (Dhani Remix, July 09)   lnk   IG   YT
 Alice Chater  Two Of Us  (Single, May 21)   lnk   IG   YT



Merry  Christmas                           
                      &  Happy  Holidays

from Dhani and Alice !       photo/IG


2020/Dec/21               One  More  Sleep

"One More Sleep"  by Dhani's girlfriend  Alice
And Dhani successfully produced it !   IG
Original by Leona Lewis, 2013  video


2020/Dec/11                                Darkness

It gets dark early and light late in Stockholm
Sunrise:  08:34   Sunset:  14:47     


Happy  Anniversary  !

1 year a couple:   Dhani  Alice
All the best for the future !  ;)
3 pics + 7 clips/IG

Nov 24   Fashion  When the days ...   IG
Nov 18   Invisible  Bringing work home   IG


2020/Oct/09                                 Visit  To  The  UK

Impressions from London last week ...   CLIPS & pics/IG

Oct 04   Dhani  Alice  in London  IG   more
Sept 29   D H A R C  @ work   2 pics/IG
Sept 26   D H A R C  Back in Gothenburg   IG


2020/Sept/26                  D H A R C   L I V E

Dhani and Marc  LIVE  in Gothenburg @  Grottan
                                                                    5 pics/IG


2020/Sept/21                               "Rapture"

D H A R C 's  debut single, coming soon !   IG


Bad  Kingdom  (Dhani  Remix)

Dhani got obsessed by the song  "Bad Kingdom"  in
the Netflix series "Dark" (S 3)   ... and made a  remix

of  May &  Robot Koch's  cover  version.  The  Original
is from 2013, released by the german band Moderat
(LIVE).  Singer Sascha Ring (Apparat)  also released
"Goodbye" - the main theme of the Dark series.   IG

Sept 18   "Bad Kingdom"  Dhani Remix   IG    LISTEN 

Sept 08   DHARC  @ Grottan  Gothenburg   IG

Aug 25   Dhani  Alice  Private   3 pics/IG

July 30   Summer  beats ...   IG


"36 ...   I can highly recommend it !"               photo/IG



36 years                                               
          full  of  fun  &  music  ...


Enjoy Your Special Day !

July 19   Early morning @ the summer house   IG


2020/July/15                    DHANI  &  ALICE

A new love is like a new life ...                     
                                           IG:   photo   CLIP   2 pics


2020/July/11                                                   Feedback

"How happy I am for all of your love for the  ‘Two Of Us’
remix. Keep streaming and let me know what you think"



2020/July/09                                Dhani  Remix
The remix Dhani has done for Alice Chater's single
"TWO OF US"  is out midnight !!       
How we'll  dance  to this in 50 years ...      CLIP/IG


2020/July/05                                       Working  On  ...

Dhani has different projects he's working on, coming out
this year he posted on Instagram. First up will be a remix
he has done, released under his name 'Dhani'.    photo/IG



In memory of  George Floyd     IG



2020/May/25                                 Working  . . .


2020/May/21                    " TWO  OF  US "

ALICE  CHATER's  new single is out now !    IG
       Additional sound design:  Dhani  Lennevald

                                                    listen/buy   VIDEO



Pity  For some incomprehensible reasons,
Dhani has stopped posting on Instagram .


2020/Jan/17                            MIXTAPE  IV

D H A R C   M U S I C    published  episode 5  of
the mixtapes series - to listen on   SoundCloud



2020/Jan/10         Strength  Training

Dhani's intent for the new year ...   CLIP/IG



Happy  New  Year  !


WELCOME   2020

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