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                                               and has signed @ Sony/ATV  Scandinavia 
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2019/Feb/08                Swedish  Music  Awards
Dhani with friend  Carl  Falk  and singer and songwriter
Salem Al Fakir  at the  Grammis 2019 ...       3 photos/IG
Salem  also produces songs for  Seinabo Sey   who has
won in the category  "Album of the Year".     Grammis.se

Honorary  Award  -  Avicii (t)
" The year's  honorary  winner  at  Grammis  19
is  OF  COURSE  Tim "Avicii" Bergling ! "   

Translation of the jury motivation:  Swedish / English


2019/Jan/29            Back  In  Sweden

Dhani is back from Cape Town       photo/IG


2019/Jan/22                                   Cape  Town

Dhani and friends  are in Cape Town because they
have prepared a big surprise for  Sandro  Cavazza
who won the  Swedish  radio  award  P3 Guld  two
days ago.  Congrats !    IG:  PIC   CLIP   photo + CLIP


2019/Jan/17                                 South  Africa

Dhani enjoys the beaches of Cape Town   CLIP/IG



Happy New Year !


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