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 December                 works as songwriter and producer
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2013/Nov/30                     Dhani in the "Pappa Magazine"

Dhani  has made a fashionshoot for the Swedish dad-magazine
"PAPPA" ... to find in the new issue of the mag - it´s out now !
You too can watch some photos on Dhani´s instagram:  01  02




Good  Morning
Dhani !

Dhani´s  IG - photo


2013/Nov/13                  "Close Up"   by  Anton Ewald

Today,  the swedish singer Anton Ewald has released
 his new song "Close Up", which is  co-written by Dhani !

 You can listen to a preview of the song  @  Scandipop
                                             Anton Ewald  @  facebook


2013/Sept/08              Dhani  @ work !   - 4 -

Check out todays photo on  ELEVENT´s   facebook


2013/August/15            Deal  with  Sony/ATV

Dhani has just made a contract with Sony/ATV !
ELEVENT´s facebook:   08/15    Grattis Dhani !

Sony/ATV  Music Publishing   Scandinavia

Sony/ATV  is the largest music publishing company
worldwide.  Read more about on  wikipedia


2013/July/31              ALL LOVE  feat. ELEVENT

Soul Night in the club  F12 Terrassen  in Stockholm !

ELEVENT / facebook:    08/01    07/31    07/31



All the best to you

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Health, success, luck and peace in all things
you´re doing and a wonderful day today !

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You can congratulate Dhani on our   facebook page


2013/June/14                    Dhani  met  DJ  Tiesto

Dhani met the legendary DJ Tiesto at the Summerburst
Festival in Stockholm.
           Photos by stureplan:   01  02
                                   Aftershow party / "Wall" club:   01  02


2013/May/29            " Brand  New "

The swedish singer Anton Ewald released his first EP
single "A" today. One of the songs is "Brand New",
produced by ELEVENT among Dhani !   article  video

Fresh photo with Dhani and Ishi working in the studio.
Check it out and leave a comment:   facebook  instagram



2 Stripes Music  goes  ELEVENT

ELEVENT  - formerly 2 Stripes Music -  is a Production
and Publishing Company  
website   facebook   instagram
where Dhani works as songwriter and producer under
the pseudonym  John Frost .
   instagram    team PHOTO


2013/April/09           Dhani  @ work !   -3-

Check out todays photo on 2StripesMusic´s  IG

2013/April/03           Dhani  @ work !   -2-

Check out todays photo on 2StripesMusic´s  IG

2013/April/02           Dhani  @ work !   -1-

Dhani  is now working with the swedish artist Anton Ewald
who participated at Melodifestivalen with "Begging".   video

Check out todays 2 photos on Anton´s instagram:   01  02


2013/March/28                    Dhani  surprised  Marie !

Yesterday:  Dhani surprised Marie in Gothenburg, where
Marie just has presented her jacket collection in the store
"Wasséns". Marie´s joy was great, as you can clearly see
in the picture :                        Marie @ Wasséns:  March/27


WELCOME   2013

GOODBYE   2012



Two  new  songs  for  Dhani  !!
written by "RedOne"

As just posted on   A*TEENS online  ... and
according to RedOne Production´s discography,
the moroccan/swedish producer and songwriter
  RedOne has written two new songs for Dhani:
"Radio"  and  "Dancing on the Moon".

Currently we haven´t any infos about if and when
these songs will be released - but we hope soon !

RedOne also produced the earlier A*TEENS´ songs
"... To The Music", "Slam" and "Singled Out" in the
years 2001/2002 ... and songs for Lady Gaga,
Kat de Luna, Nicki Minaj and countless other artists,
listed in RedOne´s  discography
  on wikipedia.

This year RedOne also has written two new songs
for  Sara Lumholdt  -  so check this out too !



Dinner  for  4  -  The  A*TEENS  2012

Dhani, Marie, Amit and Sara
met at "Griffins´ Steakhouse" - just to see how
everyone is up and to talk about old memories.

    How nice to see you all together again !  

More photos + comments you can find on the instagram
profiles of  Sara 
(pic above)  and   Marie :   01   02   03   04
and also on  Amit´s  fb fanpage                                           



    2 8 th  



Exclusive Interview with Dhani !!

After a long time we haven´t heard anything about Dhani
and his actually projects and plans, he now answered
our questions
in an exclusive interview:   HERE

     THANK  YOU    
Dhani for the quick reply and update,
and Marina who made this interview !



- random find -



and  ? ? ?

SMILE  ! ! 

Dhani  says
true  words



" Mouli "  - fashion !
Dhani is modeling for Mouli-fashion in Sweden  website
Behind the scenes @ Mouli SS12 photo shoot  Mouli - blog



Boulevard  Press - Gossip
Articles about Dhani´s and Mandy´s new relationship.
Read what Mandy says about on her  blog  english


New  love - new  photos !!

Unfortunately we haven´t heard much about Dhani
in the past months. But now we know that he has
found a new girlfriend in Sweden.  Her name is Mandy. 
So from now on we will  follow
Dhani on Mandy´s  blog
where she has posted some fresh photos with Dhani.


Dhani  !!   
Best congratulations !
We wish you a lot of fun today
and hope to see you soon, back
on stage, with a new own song
of course .
..    take care ! 

New Dhani-fansite opened

Our member Guillaume from France just opened
the new fansite   DhaniLennevald.net

This site has a really nice look, and beside
the usual sections like news, photos and videos,
you´re invited to register to a special bonus forum

Great idea, great work - enjoy your stay there !


Dhani is single again ??

The rumour around is true, the relationship between
Dhani and Natacha is broken in the past weeks:  read


Message from Dhani !!

Since 2008,  Dhani lives more or less in Los Angeles,
together with his girlfriend Natacha.  But he also
visits his sweet home in Sweden from time to time.
Today Dhani send us a message via facebook    read

... and Natacha will surely soon post some
more and new photos of Dhani on her    blog

like she has done in the last year - thank you !!


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