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2012/Dec/30 Xtra factor - part 2  
  of Sara´s backstage pics part 2   part 1
2012/Dec/25 Merry Christmas !  
  from Sara in Mexico ... PHOTO
2012/Dec/18 Winter Vacacions  
  Sara will enjoy the beach
in Cancun/Mexico ...

FLOW  blog


2012/Dec/Nov               Xtra Factor !        LIVE !

The  X-factor  aftershow  talk  with  Sara !

More infos about   X-FACTOR
Marie  in the jury you can find on  TV4

Dec/07     Xtra Factor  10/10     watch
Nov/30     Xtra Factor  09/10     watch
Nov/23    Xtra Factor  08/10     watch

You need a swedish IP to watch  Xtra Factor  on TV4 play !

Photos:    please visit Sara´s  instagram >> webviewer
  & the FLOW blog:  Xtra factor 8


2012/Nov/19             THAT  JUMPSTYLE  !!

Sara´s  amazing look and hairstyle at  Xtra factor 07
last friday
... WOW !!   Stylistin:  Josefin Eliasson   photos


2012/Nov/16           Xtra Factor !     LIVE !

7th  aftershow  talk  with  Sara !

Xtra Factor  07/10   watch  / TV4 play
More about todays shows on  TV4  +  HERE

Photos:  please visit Sara´s  instagram >> webviewer


captures - all rights @ TV4 Sweden


2012/Nov/11         Sara @ Nyhetsmorgon
                                 Sunday Morning News Show
Sara demonstrates and talks about poledance !
You can watch the  video  here  or on

Together with her partner Ida Rosén, Sara just
opened her own studio  "FLOW sthlm"  and is
teaching poledance in different levels of difficulty.


2012/Nov/09           Xtra Factor !     LIVE !

6th  aftershow  talk  with  Sara !

Xtra Factor  06/10   watch  / TV4 play
More about todays shows on  TV4  +  HERE

Photos:  please visit Sara´s  instagram >> webviewer
                                 and blog:  Xtra factor - backstage !


2012/Nov/02           Xtra Factor !     LIVE !

5th  aftershow  talk  with  Sara !

Xtra Factor  05/10   watch  / TV4 play
More about todays shows on  TV4  +  HERE

Photos:  please visit Sara´s  instagram >> webviewer
                                and blog:  Xtra Factor 2-4  no.5

2012/Oct/28        Sunday  Interview  with  Sara !!

Sara´s blog provider "" made an exclusive interview
with Sara ... inclusive some nice photos :    swedish    english


2012/Oct/26           Xtra Factor !     LIVE !

4th  aftershow  talk  with  Sara !

Xtra Factor  04/10   watch  / TV4 play
More about todays shows on  TV4  +  HERE

Photos:  please visit Sara´s  instagram >> webviewer



Sara turns 28 today !


Only the very best to you, wellness
and luck whenever you need it !
Have a very nice day today
and fun with the video below ...
Your fans
you !!

We hope you like this video - please check also our  photos/gallery

                                      Video moved to  videos  >>>  2002/Oct/25


2012/Oct/22       FLOW  STHLM                                      
                      Poledance, polefitness and more:

Stockholm´s new training & fitness studio is now open !

Sara & Ida  awaiting you:    FLOW sthlm    english        


2012/Oct/19           Xtra Factor !     LIVE !

3rd  aftershow  talk  with  Sara !

Xtra Factor  03/10   watch  / TV4 play
More about todays shows on  TV4  +  HERE

Photos:  please visit Sara´s  instagram >> webviewer


2012/Oct/12           Xtra Factor !     LIVE !

2nd  aftershow  talk  with  Sara !

Xtra Factor  02/10   watch  / TV4 play
More about todays shows on  TV4  +  HERE

Photos   of the show and a small trip to Rovinj/Croatia
                 you can find on Sara´s 
instagram  and  BLOG


2012/Oct/07         Xtra Factor !

  Marie  and  Sara  met backstage in a break
of the X-Factor LIVE show last friday:


2012/Oct/05           Xtra Factor !     LIVE !

1st  aftershow  talk  with  Sara !

   Xtra Factor  01/10   watch  / TV4 play
Inclusive a short meeting with   Marie  / x factor jury

Photos/infos  about todays shows on  TV4  Sara´s  BLOG + IG


<<  right click on pics to enlarge  >>


2012/Oct/03          Sara @ Nyhetsmorgon
                                         Morning News

Sara  and the musican Janne Schaffer talked
the ABBA exhibition in Djurgarden´s
museum "English Music Hall of Fame" and their
careers which had to do with the legendary band.

article + video



" Xtra Factor "
Aftershow talk with Sara !!

Sara  and Martin Björk are the hosts of  "xtra factor" and
will talk about what happend just before in the upcoming
10 "X factor" LIVE shows. 
Start:  October/05  on  TV 11

Because  Marie  is actually jury member of  "X factor"
on TV4, it is for sure that both will meet again soon,
at least when the jury will visit Sara´s talkshow.   

Read what Sara said in the interview with  aftonbladet

and just posted on her  blog.   More infos will follow soon !


2012/Sept/29                     SUPERSTARS  CELEB
                                                         THE  FINAL   10/10

3 teams left !                                  
Will  Sara & Linus  win the competition ??

SUPERSTARS  CELEB  -  the  FINAL !    watch
Behind the scenes:  Sara´s   photo-bonus


2012/Sept/22                          Congratulation !!
                        Sara & Linus are in the final !

2012/Sept/22                  SUPERSTARS  CELEB
                                                     SEMI - FINAL   9/10

4 teams left -  3 will reach the final !!               

Behind the scenes:  Sara´s   photo-bonus



Two  new  songs  for  Sara  !!
written by "RedOne"

As just posted on   A*TEENS online  ... and
according to RedOne Production´s discography,
the moroccan/swedish producer and songwriter
  RedOne has written two new songs for Sara:
"Good Things Shouldn´t Stop"  and  "Slam",

which could be a remixed solo version of
the earlier A*TEENS song "Slam" ???

Currently we haven´t any infos about if and when
these songs will be released - but we hope soon !

RedOne also produced the A*TEENS´ songs
"... To The Music", "Slam" and "Singled Out" in the
years 2001/2002 ... and songs for Lady Gaga,
Kat de Luna, Nicki Minaj and countless other artists,
listed in RedOne´s  discography
  on wikipedia.

This year RedOne also has written two new songs
for  Dhani Lennevald  -  so check this out too !



Dinner  for  4  -  The  A*TEENS  2012

Dhani, Marie, Amit and Sara
met at "Griffins´ Steakhouse" - just to see how
everyone is up and to talk about old memories.

    How nice to see you all together again !  

More photos + comments you can find on the instagram
profiles of  Sara 
(pic above)  and   Marie :   01   02   03   04
and also on  Amit´s  fb fanpage                                           


2012/Sept/17         "FLOW  Stockholm"

Studio  Renovation

Now Sara and Ida have to renovate and set up
the new studio rooms before the opening in October.

That´s always a hard work, but if you´ve friends who help
it also makes a lot of fun - like you can see on Sara´s   pics


2012/August/13 - September/15

S U P E R S T A R S    C E L E B

Enjoy the  episodes 1-8/10  on TV3 play and
take a look on Sara´s photos, posted on her blog.

TV3   english         TV3 play   english

Episode 8:   4 teams will reach the Semi-Final  >>  episode 9

     09/15     episode 8     5 teams    watch    photo-bonus
                       inclusive a funny poledance lesson with Sara !

     09/08     episode 7     6 teams    watch    photo-bonus

Episode 6:   3 teams will reach the next round  >> episode 7

09/01     episode 6     group B   teams 5-8    watch
08/25     episode 5     group B   teams 5-8    watch
08/18     episode 4     group B   teams 5-8    watch
Episode 3:   3 teams will reach the next round  >> episode 7

08/15    episode 3    group A   teams 1-4    watch     photo-bonus
08/14    episode 2
   group A   teams 1-4    watch     photo-bonus
08/13    episode 1    group A   teams 1-4    watch     photo-bonus


Superstars  Celeb

Start of the
Sports Competition
Show on TV3

Sara Lumholdt
Linus Thörnblad

team "Yellow"
 (group  A)

Superstars Celeb  was recorded in May on Fuerteventura/Spain.
More infos - also about Sara´s training - you can find below,  in the
posts  April/16+25,  May/07  and above on the days of broadcast.


2012/August/13       Vakna! med the Voice

Morning  Radio                                                    
Sara talked about Superstars Celeb, Pole Dance
and her own fitness studio FLOW ...    LISTEN

which she´ll open with her partner Ida in October.
Visit  FLOW sthlm  and check this nice  photo !


2012/July/27           Superstars  Celeb
Sports Competition Show with Sara !
Premiere:     August/13
  on   TV3   english


2012/July/21         SARA  LIVE  on stage  !!
                                 RC 44 Sailing Cup / Marstrand

Today Sara sang some cover songs on the
official Regatta Party of the RC 44 Cup in Marstrand.
For more infos and photos of the location please
visit the  official website  and Sara´s  blog.


Photo Updates on Sara´s blog ...               

2012/July/18     FLOW  STHLM  on tour (3)     photos
2012/July/17     FLOW  STHLM  on tour (2)     photos
2012/July/17     FLOW  STHLM  on tour (1)     photos
 Båstad - Växjö - Visby
2012/July/16     Stena  Match  Cup  Sweden    photos


2012/July/02      Stena Match Cup Sweden 2012

This week Sara is working in Marstrand,
at the courtesy desk of the sailing cup above.
On her blog you can find some postings about:

Dag:  01  02  03        Day:  01  02  03

Stena Match Cups  official website                
                                    WEB TV - LIVE - and more !


2012/June/30      " FLOW  STHLM "  @ Café Opera

Yesterday:  Sara and Ida performed a poledance show
in the night- and eventclub "Café Opera" in Stockholm.
Photos you can find
on Sara´s  blog  and on


2012/June/28       Sara in the new "VeckoRevyn"

Article and pics in the new VeckoRevyn magazine no. 7
Read more about on Sara´s   blog   english


2012/June/26         " FLOW  STHLM "             
                           Mini Fitness Tour 2012

Sara is just organizing a small poledance-tour through
Sweden. That will be fun, because the spectators
are invited to try out at the pole by themselves !

Read more about on Sara´s    blog   english




Day of the


Check out the photos
Sara has posted on her



2012/June/21         " FLOW  STHLM "

Interview with Sara´s partner Ida about Pole Dance
and their new fitness center they open in October.
Interview + photo on
For more infos please visit


2012/June/14               2 new videos !            

Pole Dance:  Iron X x3 + Freestyle   watch


2012/May/07           " FLOW  STHLM "
Sara and Ida open own fitness center !

Sara and Ida Rosén open an own fitness- and wellness center
in Stockholm/Södermalm. Till it´s possible to move into the
amazing new facilities in October they offer courses and
open classes in Pole Fitness/Pole Dance in the premises
of the Martial Arts Club "SMAC" during this summer.

Read more about                                                 
in the interview with Ida
on  / english
                       and visit  / english


2012/May/07       The  Secret  Project  !?           infos @ April/16+26
Start of the TV recordings to  "Superstars Celeb"

Training  Diary:      dag  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12        videos
                                        13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20  21
             english:      day  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12        Sara´s
                                        13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20 


2012/April/26     Sara will compete in "Superstars Celeb"
THE TV sports competition event Aug/Sept on TV3/Sweden !
Read more about in the article on   english    



The  Secret  Project  !?

Sara has accepted a really funny
project which will start in around
3 weeks. Therefor she must be
top fit and in a really good shape.
  That means a daily training !!

You can read more about on
Sara´s blog - she just opened
  her personal training diary:

Day 1    english



2012/March/22       Sara @ sverigeSRadio          
                                       P3:  Metropol 93,8  We love Stockholm !
Sara talking about become famous in a very young age
with the A*TEENS and then come back as solo artist.

"On tour with N´Sync vs Melodifestivalen"
sverigeSRadio:   swedish   english


2012/March/18     " Bloppis " - blog flea market !

Spring is coming !  Sara sorted some old clothes
and dresses out which you can buy on her


2012/March/16      New hairstyle & look !!

It smells like a new chapter in Sara´s career as artist
and pole dancing queen - is this just the beginning ?

Check out the fresh photo on Sara´s  blog
and motivate yourself by these  true words


2012/Feb/10     Welcome back Sara !!

Enjoy some winter impressions on Sara´s holiday photos   blog

and watch 3 new clips of her polefitness and training   here


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