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2014/December       Dhani               facebook   instagram
                                    works as songwriter and producer
ELEVENT LVNT   website   facebook   instagram
   Sony/ATV   Scandinavia    website   facebook


2014/Dec/31                      New  Years  Dinner  !

Dhani in action, just before it will be served:   photo/IG
For more of "Dhani & Ida 2014" please visit   Ida's  IG


2014/Dec/28                                                Bedhead

Dhani:  "I usually go on my day like this ..."   photo/IG


2014/Dec/24                         Merry  Christmas !

... from Dhani on his  Instagram  - incl. dessert tipp !


2014/Nov/28             A*TEENS  Reunion  2014.2

Yesterday  Sara, Marie, Amit  and  Dhani  met up with
their Ex-manager  Anders  and Ex-person in charge and
bodyguard  Stefan  @ Nosh and Chow  in Stockholm !

PICS:  D/IG  M/IG (b)  M/BLOG  S/IG  A/IG  A/f1  A/f2  St/f


2014/Nov/05                       Let  Bodies  Talk

No comments, only pics:   IG/11-05    IG/10-29


2014/Oct/25                              Brother  Dhani

Studio work:  Dhani listen to ... ??             photo/IG


2014/Oct/22                                         Surprise  Surprise  !

Amit, Marie and Dhani  surprised us in a café in Stockholm !
Thank you Dhani for coming, it was so nice to meet you again !
For more about please visit our  EXTRA  page  and  Dhani's  IG

Before the meeting Dhani has worked in the studio: 


2014/Oct/10                                                      Man  @  Work

Arises here just a new song for Dhani's solo project ?   photo/IG


2014/Oct/01                 New  Solo  Project  !

According to  A*TEENS Chile's  facebook   posting
Dhani is currently working on his new solo project
that he wants to present us in early 2015 !

Photo:  Dhani's IG  Sept/11                                           



   Daniel  Wellington  Watches

Dhani looks great on the new promotion pic you
can watch on  DW´s  website  or on  Dhani´s  IG


2014/Sept/04                 Lous  Vuitton  Monogram

It looks like that Dhani got his LV Damier Graphit product,
personalized with his initials in his favorite color:  photo/IG

And how would YOU define "wealth" ??   Dhani:  photo/IG


2014/Aug/22-23                    THE  BIG  WEDDING

of  Dhani´s friends Kristoffer Ahlbom  (Nightclub Manager)
and his now- wife Sophia !       tagged photos:  ALBUM / IG
But look who else we know is invited - yes,  it´s   Marie !

IG / Wedding / Dhani Photo Mix:  01  02  03  04  05  06


2014/Aug/19                                Professional

Selfie for  Daniel Wellington  watches:   photo/IG


           2014/Aug/14                         LOCATIONS

Photos/IG:   Falsterbo  beach 01  02      At a friend´s  home         
            Dinner  restaurant               On the water  boat 

Photo:   Dhani/IG                                                                 


2014/Aug/06                            Sailing in Sweden

Sailing trip with the family - IG photos by Dhani & Ida:
Aug/03:   01  02  03  04  05  06   A/04  CLIP   A/05   A/06


2014/July/30                     Happy  Vacation !

Holiday pictures from Dhani and Ida in Greece ....
on  Dhani´s Instagram:   01  02  03  04  05  06  07
on  Ida´s  IG:   01  02  03  04  05  06  07  08    CLIP

Pic from Ida´s clip above:                                     


2014/July/24           2x  Happy  Birthday !

How nice is that ?!   We have two birthdays today :
Dhani  turns  30  and his girlfriend  Ida  just  25

Please congratulate on Dhani´s and Ida´s
Instagrams !    PHOTOS:  01 (above)  02  03


2014/July/17           S U N S E T    L O V E                                         

WOW !  What a nice  photo (left)  Dhani has uploaded on his IG today !
For more pics please visit  DHANI & IDA  on Instagram ... and listen to
                                                            7 tracks of the


2014/July/16                         Little  Haircut  Horror

Dhani got a new hair cut !    The result is as questionable
as the method and  not for the faint-hearted !   CLIP/IG


2014/July/13         In  best  shape  !

Dhani  turns  30  in 11 days !    photo/IG


2014/July/12              Dhani  &  Ida

IG  photos:  7/08   07/08   07/09   07/12



Dhani´s  New  Love:  Ida  Ståhlberg

The 24-year-old model now confirmed the relationship
with Dhani to the Swedish newspaper  Aftonbladet

"It´s very new but serious"  she writes in an email to CLICK,
and further: "He´s amazing and I´m very happy with him"

The first photos showing the couple together,
Dhani and Ida have published on their
Instagrams:   6/20   06/23   06/28   6/30   6/30


2014/June/30                   A*TEENS  Guy´s  Reunion

Two guys from L.A. visiting two guys in Stockholm
"Chucky"  (A*TEENS choreographer and dancer)
and  Christian  (A*TEENS dancer)  met up today
with  Amit  and  Dhani  !    Photos/IG:  01  02  03

Christian                 "Chucky"              Amit              Dhani


2014/June/26               " STELLAR  LIGHT "

"Stellar Light"  by  Lupe Fiasco  was released
as the official rallying anthem of the USMNT
The song  was made by Dhani, Ishi and Jason Gill
Vocals: Jason Gill    Produced by Ishi    Dhani/IG

Check out this  video + infos  on youtube !


2014/June/19                    Denniz  PoP  Awards

June/12   Dhani visits the Awards w. friends and guys
he is working with.        photos/IG:   01  02  03  04  05


2014/June/09            Anton  Ewald  EP

Anton Ewald´s  On My Way  EP on  itunes
"A must have"  Dhani say on his  Instagram
The songs 3 and 4 are co-written by Dhani !



Two  New  Songs  -  written  by  Dhani  !

The Swedish artist Anton Ewald has released his new EP
"On My Way", including the two new songs "Prison" and
"Should´ve Named You Trouble"  Dhani has co- written
and produced ("SNYT").  Check out Dhani´s  instagram
for more details,  and Anton´s fb page for the  tracklist
of the complete EP you now can listen to - on  spotify !


2014/June/02                         Dhani  in  L. A.

Latest Instagram photos:   05/29   06/01   06/02

Photo:  Dhani met old friends - here the Swedish Elite
                                                 model  Therese Fischer


2014/May/23                 Two  New  Photos

Check them out on Dhani´s IG:   05/21   05/23

2014/May/17                  Two  New  Selfies

Check them out on Dhani´s IG:   05/15   05/17


2014/April/20              HAPPY   EASTER  !

The Swedish explanation of  " how to make an
Easter chick " 
-  by Dhani´s niece !    CLIP/IG

<<<<<<<<<   nieces & uncles  >>>>>>>>>>


2014/April/14                          H A I R

How Dhani styles his hair  >>  photo/IG
Our members  Alvaro and Julien  asked
for a video - so will we see one soon ??


2014/April/10                              Casting  for  MIKAs

Check out Dhani´s look for the casting at Mikas,  photo/IG
Scandinavian´s  leading model agency:   website   facebook


2014/April/02                      Sick  Glasses

Latest photos on Dhani´s IG
04/02    03/27   03/14   03/10


2014/Mar/14                    What  happened  ??

What can happen if you listen to music ...   photo/IG 


2014/Mar/09                   Summer  Preparations

Dhani knows what he will do this summer ...   IG photo




Check out some nice pics of the photo-shooting
last year Dhani did for the PAPPA magazine:  DSP


2014/Feb/21           Instagram  Photos

Please comment the two new photos
Dhani has posted on his IG:   01  02


2014/Jan/14                      Food  Shopping

It looks very best what Dhani has buyed in the
supermarket  -  check it out on his  

2014/Jan/08                    Healthy  Lifestyle

Read what Dhani thinks about on his  instagram


2014/Jan/01       Happy New Year !

The original photo with comments
you can find on Dhani´s  instagram


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