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NEWS  part 1


2018/Dec/31                Best  Nine  Photos

Of course, 2018 was the most amazing and life
changing year for Marie !  To become a mother
of twin boys, who have thought that !    collage


2018/Dec/30                                                2 0 1 8
Marie's  personal  review  of  the  year   >>>   BLOG

and what 2019 will definitely bring:  Vårruset !   IG

Dec/29    Babywear                                    IG   BLOG
How do Marie thinks about her children's clothes ?

Dec/27    Feeding   "Only" 5-6 meals a day     BLOG


2018/Dec/25                   Merry  Christmas  !

Merry  Christmas  from  Marie  and  family !
Philip & Nicholas' first time in front of a decorated
tree with all the lights on ...          BLOG   photo/IG


2018/Dec/23                   Ready  For  Christmas  ?
The ham has just been taken out of the oven, the four's
bingo is finished,   the Christmas tree is dressed and the
packages are waiting to be open.
   Marie and Fredric are
ready for their first Christmas
with the kids.  

Dec/22    Marie about how she feeds Philip and Nicholas
                 when they scream to the same time ...    BLOG

Dec/21    Short breather  for Marie !    BLOG


2018/Dec/19                          Christmas  Party

For about four years Marie and friend Therese met
for their traditional  Christmas lunch @  Mr. French.

But this year they invited Fredric with the twins
and Marie's and Fredric's parents ...    IG   BLOG

Dec/18   The  Move  is  still  going  on  ...   BLOG


Moving  Day
Welcome to the new home !

Marie  and  her  little  family  has now moved to a larger
apartment which was only possible with the great help
from the
the movers of  Pandy  who thanked Marie for
the  yummy Lussebullar !   Well done guys !    photo/IG


2018/Dec/13                     Happy  St.  Lucia  !

Dec/13          Swedens celebrate the  St. Lucia day
with a delicacy called  Lussebullar    recipe (english)

Philip and Nicholas  are also delighted of the smell
of delicious saffron buns which is in the air today .

                                                                2 photos/IG


2018/Dec/11                                     Vaccinations
Philip  and  Nicholas  got their 3-month vaccinations
...  and Marie had a full job to comfort her little boys
because of the injections nobody really likes BLOG

Cellphone  Cases    "Debi Flügge X iDeal of Sweden"
Marie shows 1/4 shells Debi has created ... and with
Marie's discount code you can get  TWO (!)  for the
price of one !
  What a deal !!                   
6 photos/IG

Dec/09                                  Happy  2nd  Advent !
Back from a nice walk:   Marie answered a couple of
questions/things her readers have posted ...  BLOG


After  Dark  -  This  Is  It

Last  year  Marie visited the final show  " This  Is  It  "
by the popular drag show group  After Dark  around
Christer Lindarw (65) who founded the group 1977

and is one of the best entertainers.   article/Expressen
A preview clip + 2 pics  are up on Marie's  Instagram
The  full  show  SVT sends  tonight @ 20:00  and can

be watched on  SVTplay  till June 2019 ...  so enjoy !

Philip  &  Nicholas

Today the boys have not only made the diapers full
but also  12  weeks  earth-existence  !       BLOG   IG


2018/Dec/06                                                 Intimissimi

Earlier this evening Marie had the opportnity to get away
a couple of hours  to visit the super nice event from the
Italian  lingerie  label  Intimissimi  that opened it's doors
to a new store in Stockholm's shopping center  Gallerian
BLOG    IG:  01  02


2018/Dec/05                              Hanky  Panky
Yesterday     Marie went to the luxuary breakfast
and dessous event the Swedish fashion designer
Malin Andrén  has initiated in cooperation  w. the
American lingerie brand  Hanky Panky          BLOG

Dec/04                       Advertising - Men's Perfume
A wide range of designer perfumes at reasonable
prices  @ - free shipping !    2 pics/IG

Dec/03   Mobile  photos ...   BLOG   IG


2018/Dec/02                 Happy  1st  Advent  !
Little christmas tip  from Marie   BLOG   3 photos/IG
Philip and Nicholas  in front of the christmas tree ...
who would have thought of that one year ago !!??
And NO,  it's not always just sunshine with two (!) little
babies around, but powermum Marie is doing her best !

Dec/01    Saturday  is bathing day !   BLOG   IG

Nov/29    Countdown  for  the  first  christmas
                  with  Philip  &  Nicholas !    BLOG   IG



2018/Nov/28                                New  Hairlook
Marie's new haircut & color ...      IG:  01  02  03  04
Good work by Nathalie and Antonio   05  06  07  08

 Nov/26     "Pyjama,  Pyjama  Mama      photo/IG
Got  the  cutest  twins  in  town  Pyjama  Mama"

(Reminds me of a world known song by  Boney M.  ;) )

Nov/25    Name coin necklace   2 photos/IG
       Q/A   The birth  pt 2   BLOG



2018/Nov/24                                Winter  Walk
Marie did a winter walk with the boys @ 
the world's oldest open-air museum ...    photo/IG

The boys turned 10 weeks old today !    BLOG  IG

Nov/23   Harmonious Friday evening ...   BLOG
Working from home:   Black  Friday  offer  @  IG


2018/Nov/20              Mama  2018  Awards
Marie  followed the invitation and enjoyed a funny
evening yesterday at the  Mama 2018     BLOG   IG

                                 Article and video:  Aftonbladet

Nov/19   Mama 2018   Ready for gala tonight   IG
Nov/18   The twinbrothers  @ Sunday     photo/IG
Nov/17   The birth  New Q/A theme starts   BLOG


2018/Nov/15                   Two  Months  Old
Philip & Nicholas  develop splendidly ...       BLOG
soon the first clothes will be too small   3 pics/IG

Nov/14   Beauty Response  part 2   BLOG
Nov/13   Beauty Response  part 1   BLOG


2018/Nov/12                         All  In  One

Yesterday    Celebrating two birthdays and
Father's day together brought a lot of fun,
also for Nicholas & Philip it seems ...   BLOG



2018/Nov/10                       Life  Style

i DEAL OF SWEDEN                                        
Phone case  20% off !         
5 photos/IG


2018/Nov/09                         A  Peaceful  Evening
... with pizza and the later try getting the boys to relax
and want to fall asleep.  Tomorrow the family will meet
to celebrate the b-days of Marie's father and Fredric ...
so  HAPPY BIRTHDAY  and a lot of FUN !              BLOG

Nov/08    Happy  Birthday  Fredric !   photo/IG

Nov/07   A freaky night @ home ...   BLOG



Home  Working
While the boys rested Marie took the chance to work
out  some things for further partnerships.  Marie also

thinks about to sell some of her baby and pregnancy
clothes, maybe in spring ?   For the new Q & A theme
"Beauty"  please post all questions on Marie's   BLOG

Partnership     Discount  @  Twistshake    4 photos/IG
Nov/04    Babies   About burping  *burrp*   BLOG

Nov/03    Saturday  ... with small sounds, a lot of
                  fun and both grandparents !  ;)   BLOG



An  Eventful  Friday

In the morning  Marie visited the press breakfast of  2NDDAY
in the new  Creative Headz  salon @ St Eriksplan 41. After an
hour Marie went home, to the next  food race  (blog: mat race)
with a special  fiber intake (blog: GOS*)  of her twins, who were
cared for the hour before by   Marie's parents (mor- **)  

In the afternoon  friend Therese came by to see
Philip and Nicholas for the first time .    photo/IG

* Galacto-Oligosaccharides  fiber blend, added to HQ baby milk
**  Grandparents   maternal:  mormor, morfar  (mor = mother)
                      paternal:  farmor, farfar  (far = father)


2018/Oct/31                   Happy  Holloween  !
Take a look to Marie's two little Batmen   photo/IG

Three days ago:                                           
Halloween coffee with friends   IG   BLOG


2018/Oct/29                    Vårruset  2019 

Marie  comes back as  Vårruset's  conferencier.
Like last year,   Marie will tour from city to city
where the popular  5 km spring marathon  for
girls and women takes place.      IG   read more

         Fashion  in  Fall    BLOG    IG:  01  02


Hi  Philip  &  Nicholas  !

Marie and Fredric have chosen  PHILIP  &  NICHOLAS      IG
as names for their twins, who are now 6 weeks old !   BLOG

Oct/26    After a long day ...   BLOG
                 Halloween last year !     IG

Oct/24    Fall  Autumnal baby outfits !   IG
After feeding  is before feeding ...      BLOG

Oct/23     Facts !  Marie points out what happend
during the nights since her boys are there   BLOG



2018/Oct/21                                     Q  &  A
Marie answered two more questions   BLOG
while the boys are sleeping ... or not ?!     IG

Oct/19    Happy  Friday  !    BLOG


2018/Oct/17                             Food  Alarm  !
All around feeding the boys and Marie's daily
race with time  read more on Marie's  BLOG

Annonce cooperation with the bed shop  SOVA
Model:  SANDÖ    Manufactur:  Carpe Diem Beds



2018/Oct/15                                One  Month
As you can see, Marie's boys survived the first
month safe and sound ...       photo/IG    BLOG

 Oct/14           Naming                                           
Until now Marie and Fredric haven't decided, so
we have to wait till the boys get names.   BLOG


2018/Oct/13                                   Four  Weeks

Marie's boys completed four weeks today, so time
for an excursion:  Marie and Fredric took their two
boys and visited  Steninge Castle
  wikipedia   BLOG


Fashion  Presentation

Yesterday  mail-order company  ELLOS  invited to
celebrate their fancy party collection, designed in
cooperation with  Anja Pärson  and  Filippa Radin.
    IG:  01  02
How Marie feeds her twins :  BLOG                     

Oct/07    Q & A   Childbirth / pregnancy    BLOG
Oct/06    Antonio AXU  Mommy cut   photo/IG

Oct/04    Attention:  Twin buggy !      photo/IG


2018/Oct/03                             The  BB  Bag
Marie explains what she has packed in her  BB*
bag and what she finally needed or not.  
                                    *BB = barnsbörd (childbirth)

Oct/01    " You can not get enough ... "    BLOG


2018/Sept/29         Happy  Weekend  !
Today    Sunny autumn walk in the park    IG
Friday    "Little" help by the family ...     BLOG


Happy  News  And  Interview

" The guys grow up ... "  Marie just posted on her
blog after a visit from the  Barnavårdscentral
a special care center res
ponsible for the control of
newborn and younger children's health.       BLOG

Mama  Interview     Marie about the birth and
her first week as a twin mom ...   article 

New outfits  from the grandpa !   photo/IG


2018/Sept/23               Little  Home  Story

The 1st week of the life of a twin mother   BLOG

2018/Sept/22              Alive  And  Kicking

Marie's  boys are lively and in a good health and
have now survived their first week in the world.
                                                  photos/IG:  01  02


2018/Sept/20                     Back  Home
Yesterday   Marie and her little family went
home again from the hospital ...   photo/IG

What happened in the last few days  Marie
tells impressively and in detail in her  BLOG

Sept/18     Marie thanks everyone for
the many congratulations     photo/IG


2018/Sept/16                 Twin  Birth  !

C  O  N  G  T  U  I  O  N  S
Marie and Fredric who have become
parents of 2 little boys yesterday !

The birth took place in Stockholm's
largest hospital  Södersjukhuset  in

Södermalm.   english

Btw, you can be sure that these sweet
ones will love mom's pancakes !  BLOG



2018/Sept/12               The  Bag  Is  Packed
Marie has packed her bag for the hospital.     BLOG
The birth of the two boys is imminent -  it can now
start any moment. The best for Marie and the two
new earthlings ... 
we hope everything will be fine !

2018/Sept/11                      Preparations

How Marie prepares her home for the arrival
from the hospital. Check it out on her 


2018/Sept/10                    THE  NEW  BLOG

Marie's  NEW  BLOG  at the  Mama magazineIG
Check out our links in the header above !
The  NEW entry:   Hej !   english


The  Final  Countdown

How should I sit ?  How can I sleep ?
There are  two  lives in Marie's stomach they
now want to see the light of day   photo/IG

Sept/03    The final countdown    IG
Sept/01    Banana pancakes    IG


2018/Aug/31                                       Tick - Tack
Tick - tack, tick - tack ...   The clock is ticking, so it will
not take that long and Marie is mother !   photo/IG

Aug/25    Breakfast last Saturday ...   IG
Aug/19    Sunday pancakes ...   IG



Mother  And  Housewife

Time flies fast  soon the twins will be there !
Marie at the preparations ...   IG:  01  02

Aug/15   Promotion   Watches  50% off   IG
Aug/12   Wedding  dinner ??   IG:  01  02-03


2018/Aug/01        The  Pictures

of yesterday's kids birthday party ...
Photos & clips on IG:  01  02  03-05


2018/July/31                                 Marie  &  Fredric
In  Love  and soon parents:  Marie  Fredric   photo/IG
Today   they followed the invitation of friend  Micael  to
his little son's birthday party ...    pictures tomorrow ??

Marie  &  Fredric   got to know last year on a trip to
Paris, organized by common friend Daga   photo/IG


Marie  In  South-Sweden
Relaxing in Hotel  Ystad Saltsjöbad   IG:  01  02

July/23       Helsingborg !    Mmmh ...  La  Pizza !    IG
Mama magazine   Portrait by Hannah H.   IG:  01  02

July/22      Marie in waffle fever !                
                        Solbackens Café  in Båstad

Image:  cutout of the original  photo/IG


2018/July/20         Mama  Photos

Marie in the current  mama  magazine:
" The pregnancy was not planned, but
we know how children grow up."

photos/IG:  01  02-05  06


2018/July/17                     BLOG  move  !
Marie stops blogging on
so  links to her posts do not work !!   IG

July/15    Summer in the city ...   photo/IG



Mama  Interview
Marie  is  the  covergirl  of the new issue of  mama
the  Swedish  lifestyle  magazine  for  pregnancies
& mamas. Issue No.7 is available from July 17th.

Photos  Inside you can read what Marie says
about her pregnancy and how it feels to become
mum of twins ...     swedish  english   photo/IG

July/12    Promotion   Daniel Wellington watches
                 15% off with code "MARIE"  photo/IG


2018/July/12                                      Marie  35

Yesterday's  birthday celebration ...       BLOG  IG
A successful surprise, Marie was visibly touched !
                                                             CLIP + 2 pics

Happy  Birthday  Marie  !
Hurray, Marie turns   35   today, hip hip hurray !


We wish you a lot of health dear Marie,
and all the luck of this world !
Next year are two more at your birthday table,
all the best and a wonderful day !


2018/July/09        Happy  Monday !
Marie worked from home today,  but did
a break and walked away ...     BLOG   IG

Y'day:  Strawberries w. icecream & cream   IG
 Photo: Lucky Marie                                        


2018/July/08             Best  Day  Sunday  !

Marie and Fredric enjoyed the sunday with two
friends at their country house on Ingarö, an
island in Stockholm's archipelago ...    BLOG   IG


2018/July/05                    Pregnancy  &  Food
What Marie eat and do not eat right now ...   BLOG

Happy 4h of July !
How Marie spent the American Independence Day
you will find out on her  BLOG

July/02   Fashion  Black is Black   BLOG   IG



Feelgood  Sunday

Sunday  brunch  @  Grand Hotel    BLOG
staycation, night  @  Nobis Hotel        IG


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