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2018/Jan/25 - Mar/15  

Det  Stora  Tårtslaget
Saison 3                     TRAILER

Who will be Sweden's best cake designer 2018 ?      Sjuan / TV4     IG
Marie leads the baking competition of the 8 passionate cake designers
they create cakes beyond our wildest fantasy.  That requires creativity
and technical precision.     Episodes 
1-8    CLIPS  01  02

Thurdays,  21:00  @     +  TV4 play ( Swedish IP + free account required ! )


2018/May/02 - Jun/13 

VårRuset 2018                                             IG   #vårruset   #vårruset30
Marie is the conférencier of  VårRuset,  the 5 km women's marathon,
held in  21  Swedish cities.  Start  in  Malmö,  May/02     schedule & more
Interview  with Marie       
IG:  01  02  03  04  05  CLIP  06  07  08  09



Friday  Night
Oxfilet  @  Mäster Anders     BLOG

ASPVIK  by  Micael  Bindefeld   IG
Check blog post above for 20% off !


2018/June/28                                   Tableware
Lunch and launch of  Micael  Bindefeld's
service  "Aspvik" 
he named after his nice summer
place out in Stockholm's county and he designed
and made in co-work
with  Fyrklövern    BLOG  IG

June/27     Fashion   Summer favorites ...    BLOG


2018/June/26                                 In  Concert
Yesterday:    Beyoncé  and  Jay-Z  in  the town  !!
Marie  visited the  OTR II  concert in Stockholm's
Friends Arena  and was totally excited ...     BLOG

June/24    The Day after ...                             
Sunday tea time  Gröna Lund   IG:  01  02


2018/June/23           Midsummer  2018
Picture rain !   Many photos on Marie's  BLOG


Happy  Midsummer  !
Midsummer   is celebrated in the countryside,  so today
everyone leaves town, everything closes, and the cities
suddenly looks like ghost towns.   Official holiday of the
Summer solstice in Sweden is tomorrow,  on Saturday.

photo/IG   BLOG

June/21   Recipe of  Västerbotten Cupcakes   BLOG
June/20   Maternity dresses  for Midsummer   BLOG


California  Scents

Cozy  Press  Breakfast  at  Hotel  Diplomat :
Jennie  Hammer   launched her scent series
"Moreno California"  in Sweden.   BLOG  IG


2018/June/18                   Baby  Shower
Two days ago   Marie's friends and family arranged an
entertaining  afternoon  at the  Pùblico  restaurant to
celebrate that she and Fredric will soon have kids.  IG

Picture rain  on Marie's  BLOG  &  Instagram


2018/June/15               Fashion
Paid  collaboration  with  INDISKA
4 photos/IG    full collection

Pregnancy and lactation pillow   BLOG


2018/June/13                          VårRuset  Finished

After 22 runs ended the marathon tour today in  Luleå
W 7   June/11   After the run in  Sundsvall   IG
W 6   June/10   Marie in  Östersund   photo/IG


2018/June/12                                      M A M A

Photo shooting and interview  for the July issue
of the women's magazine  mama         BLOG   IG


2018/June/10                    The  Long  Lunch
A long  Saturday  lunch  Marie enjoyed  yesterday
at her friends Ulla and Arne .   BLOG     IG:  01  02
02  Marie & her 2 boys                                                 


Champagne  Tasting

Yesterday  friend Mira invited to a Champagne tasting
w. Richard Juhlin at  NOI  by Nobis.  BLOG   IG:  01  02

June/07   Marie  b/w  and  colored  Lisa Höök photos
June/06   Sweden celebrated its  National  Day   BLOG


2018/June/05                              I  Need  A  House
Do you remember Marie's song from 2006 ??       video
If the song title should come true someday, the choice
of garden furniture will not be the problem ...       BLOG

June/04   Dress details (friend's wedding)   BLOG
June/01   Sweets - Sorry, but I'm pregnant !   IG



At  The  Wedding

Marie  Fredric  at the wedding
of Marie's friend  Sara  &  Jonas
we sincerely congratulate !



2018/May/31                                       VårRuset  W 5
After runs in Vänersborg, Karlstad and Örebro the past
days started the marathon today in  Västerås ...   IG  IG
Marie's  restaurant tip:  Kajplads 9        BLOG   IG

May/30    Fashion  for  Pregnants    BLOG   IG

May/28     Marie's favorite lipstick for
the summer is from Guerlain   clip/IG


2018/May/28                          Copenhagen  DK
Two days ago  Marie's friend Sara S. celebrated her
hen party  in Denmark !      IG:  01-10  incl. 2 videos *
( * The 2 videos above have own additional pics inside ! )
A few more pics + little film by Marie:  BLOG  video


2018/May/27                          Happy  Mother's  Day  !
Mother's day in Sweden   And next year Marie will celebrate
her very first own mother's day !!  But her first present she
has already received these days ...   BLOG      IG:  01  02  03

Two days ago  Marie watched the Semi-final
 of  Let's Dance  LIVE  in the studio ...    BLOG



VårRuset  In  Stockholm  !

Like  yesterday  the first run,    photo/IG
today  the second run takes place in the
National City Park,  with start and finish
at the Frescati
University ...

Soon mother ...   New  photo  on Insta !

Fashion for pregnant women    BLOG
Marie was wearing the dress in Gävle


2018/May/22                                   VårRuset  W 4
Good Morning from Gävle !  Can you remember what
you did exactly one a year ago ?
Marie can !

Later she enjoyed her job at Vårruset
like she did yesterday in Falun ...  photo/IG


Happy  Birthday  !

Yesterday  Marie's niece  Lively  became
2 years old, congratulatuions !      BLOG

Baby  Gadgets
Marie thanks for your tipps !   BLOG


May/18                                                 Lunch  Invitation

By Malina  fashion designer and brand owner Malin Andrén
invited for lunch @ the  Hallwylska  museum ...      BLOG  IG


2018/May/17                                   The  'Köpings'
Today   VårRuset  is guest in  Norrköping   IG:  01  02
               May/16    VårRuset  in  Linköping   IG          03
            May/15   VårRuset in  Jönköping   IG   BLOG

Swedish Town Names   What does it mean ?   Sweden-Blog


2018/May/15                                        VårRuset  W 3
"Welcome in Jönköping !"  it said today  IG-1  02  03  04
after the marathon was held yesterday in Kalmar ...    IG
Indispensable baby things - your tips for Marie ?    BLOG

May/13   A  Good  Sunday ...   BLOG


2018/May/12             ICE  &  ESC
Saturday     Marie enjoyed the sunny
weather in her hometown ...    BLOG
and cool icecream 'to go'.   photo/IG
Later  she'll watch the Grand Final of
the  Eurovision Song Contest  on TV

Marie's  bloomy perfume tip >  BLOG


2018/May/10                                     Ascension  Day

The sunny holiday invited to a picnic in the park    BLOG
First inspirations for the coming children's room   BLOG


2018/May/08                  VårRuset  W 2
The 2nd marathon week started yesterday
in Gothenburg  01  02   ...  continues today

in Halmstad  IG   and tomorrow in Växjö ...

May/06   Divine fish soup by Mum  BLOG
and a restaurant tip in Stockholm  BLOG

Photo:  VårRuset in Helsingborg, May 03  IG  IG



Boys,  Boys,  Boys

Marie and Fredric get  BOYS !   BLOG   IG
                                                                music TIP   HD 



VårRuset  Malmö

The "Spring Rush" marathon tour started
yesterday  in Malmö  and      IG:  01  02  03
continues tonight in Helsingborg.     BLOG
Fish 'n Chips @  Nelly's Food Etc.      pic/IG


2018/May/01                       Happy  1st  May !
After job preparations on the PC Marie stole away
to get some saussages @  Taylors & Jones  for the
barbecue with her sister, later on  Ingarö .    BLOG

NOTE, Google translation   In Sweden another word for sister
is "syrran" ... so "gosade med syrrans barn" in the orig posting
means that Marie
has "cuddled with sister's children"  and has
nothing to do with Syrian children like the translation shows !


2018/Apr/29                            My  Weekend
Check out what Marie did this weekend and has
has planned later on this Sunday ...     BLOG   IG

Thursday ...     Marie was invited to a vegetarian
dinner on Swedish porcelain @ Rörstrand's    IG
new opened store in the Kungsgatan ...    BLOG

Trinny London    Marie met Trinny     photo/IG
@ her Swedish launch of her own makeup line


2018/Apr/24                                  Lovely  Day
Marie started the day with a press breakfast and
fashion presentation by  Day Birger Et Mikkelsen

Meet a doctor online ...                                            
Marie advertises the Swedish video-based           
healthcare provider  KRY             photo/IG           


2018/Apr/22                              Back  Again
Marie is back again at home after relaxing days
 with her parents on Gran Canaria.      BLOG  IG

On her blog Marie post about  Dua Lipa  whose
postponed concert she will see  live  @ Annexet

in two days .....  even if she is still struck by the
 incomprehensible death of Avicii two days ago.


2018/Apr/20                           R.I.P  Avicii

The music world is shocked ... and mourns the
Swedish star-DJ  Avicii     "Wake Me Up"  video
who was found dead today in Muscat, Oman.

Tim Bergling  was only 28 years old.  photo/IG


2018/Apr/18                       Gran  Canaria
Marie enjoys nice days with Mum & Dad,    IG
long morning walks and swimming ...    BLOG

Apr/17    Flower  Power  and the crazy feeling
            to think that this is the last time Marie

            will be there "self" ...  ;)   BLOG  IG  IG

Apr/16    A greek styled  dinner ...   BLOG  IG


2018/Apr/15                       Happy  Vacations  !

Marie enjoys a few days off in sunny Spain ...   BLOG


2018/Apr/13                                              Press  Lunch

After a successful meeting Marie walked in the spring sun
and then went to a press lunch for the  Tan-Luxe  beauty
brand her friend Andrea invited to ...
     BLOG    photo/IG
Three days ago                                                                       
Marie enjoyed a children's classic breaded fish fillet !   IG


2018/Apr/11                                  VårRuset  2018
Yesterday   Press breakfast and team workout   BLOG
The first 5 km run starts in  Malmö, May/02 

Apr/09  New Haircut  @ Antonio Axu salon  IG  BLOG


2018/Apr/08                                            SUN day  Plus

Two days with headache ...  BUT  today Marie and Fredric
enjoyed a long walk in best weather and a cheeseburger
@  Lily's Burger
     On Tuesday Marie has an appointment

@ her  naprapath  who can certainly help,  before the
long-awaited vacacion will start on Saturday BLOG


2018/Apr/06                             Happy  Carbonara  !
Today we celebrate the international  "Carbonara Day" !
So Marie was invited by friend  Therese
  who cooked the
italian speciality according to the original recipe ... 


2018/Apr/05                            Mini  Vacation
Marie  will soon enjoy a mini vacation, before the
big race with Varruset starts in early May.   BLOG

Apr/04    In Marie's bathroom cabinet ...    BLOG

Apr/03    Barbro "Lill-Babs" Svensson died !    IG
                         Radio Sweden   eurovoix


Marie's  Easter  Weekend

Fri - Sat   Marie and Fredric enjoyed the SPA
                 in Ystad's  Saltsjöbad  hotel   BLOG
Sunday    Departure day ... / Return trip ...
Monday   Waffle brunch at home ...   BLOG

Well, so Marie is fit for  VårRuset, and you get a discount if
you register for one of the races until April/10 !


Happy  Easter  !
Easter greetings  from Marie's trip through Sweden's
southernmost province 
Skåne County        wikipedia
Read more + photos on Marie's   BLOG  &  IG 

Mar/30   Good  Friday  !            BLOG
                From Helsingborg to Ystad

Mar/29   Easter sweets, flowers   IG


2018/Mar/28                Thank  You !

Marie thanks for all the congratulations
on  instagram  and her  BLOG  Thanks !


2018/Mar/25                                 Baking  Fair

Today  Marie conferred the baking fair in Uppsala
Photos/IG:  01  02  03-04  05  06  07  08  09  10
                    11  12  13  14  15  16-19  20     CLIP



Pregnant !

What  for  a  wonderful  news  just  before  Easter :
Marie is pregnant with TWO !!

Congratulations to Marie & Fredric
they will become parents of twins later this year !!
All the best for the upcoming time !!
    photo/IG    BLOG


2018/Mar/23                    Let's  Dance  2015

Marie remembers her participation in  Let's  Dance
 three years ago  BLOG  english    More videos  HERE


2018/Mar/22                                         Studenttider

Graduation Day    Every year in June, one week before
midsummer,  Swedish high school students celebrates
their graduation on the last day of school. Girls wear a
dress, so Marie was asked for her tips ...    BLOG
More  about  on  a  german blog   english     video 1   video 2


2018/Mar/21                 Last  &  Latest

A "Good Morning" from Marie !    photo/IG
Check out Marie's  last & latest  list    BLOG


2018/Mar/19                                    Cake  Days
Saturday, Mar/24 - 11:00                                        
Marie will be part of a jury for a cake competition

in Sundsvall,  Birsta City   shopping center.   BLOG
After the competition there will also be time for a
shorter  Meet & Greet with Marie.

Sunday, Mar/25 - 10:30                                          
Marie will moderate at the bakery fair  Everybody
Loves Home-baked  in Uppsala.  details/schedule

Advertising      Skin care  by     CLIP/IG


2018/Mar/18                Weekend  Highlights
Sunday    A light and sunny day - Marie coult
hear the ice melting she writes on her  BLOG

Yesterday  Marie was a conferencier in the Friends
arena, moderated the  Galaxy conference  of the
Synsam Group  who trade with glasses and lenses.
photo/IG   BLOG


2018/Mar/16                      Let's  Seat  Dance
Peugeot Sweden,  main sponsor of   "Let's Dance"
is giving away  VIP tickets  for the final !     CLIP/IG
Film yourself when you sit dancing, upload the clip
on instagram  -  use hashtag
  #sittdansa   and tag
@peugeotsverige   All infos on

Infos about the clothes  Marie  wore in yesterday's  final
of the  baking  competition  are posted on Marie's    BLOG


Det  Stora  Tårtslaget  (8)

Season 3        FINAL  of the baking competition :
Who will be Sweden's best cake designer 2018 ?

21:00  @ Sjuan             GRAND FINAL   BLOG   IG
 Video :  TV4 play  (Swed. IP + free account required)

Yesterday  Marie's friend Lovisa d. Geer released
her children's book "Trip to London"   BLOG   IG

Mar/12    Not only for bad weather ...   BLOG


2018/Mar/10                       Mello  Final

Are you watching the grand final ?   BLOG
Marie made burgers for the dinner ...     IG


Det  Stora  Tårtslaget  (7)

Season 3    Semifinals of the baking competition :
Who will be Sweden's best cake designer 2018 ?

21:00  @ Sjuan                SEMIFINALS   BLOG  IG
 Video :  TV4 play  (Swed. IP + free account required)

Marie's  daily  MAKE  UP  favorites  ...     BLOG    IG
Mar/06   What the day will bring today ?   BLOG


Fashion,  Food  Flower  Power

Fashion   Oscar Dresses last night   BLOG
Food   Oxfilet @ mum & dad   BLOG
Flower Power    @  D S T  (5)   BLOG


Sign in  today  &  WIN  !   photo/IG   CLIP


Det  Stora  Tårtslaget  (6)

Season 3    Episode 6 of the baking competition :
Who will be Sweden's best cake designer 2018 ?

21:00  @ Sjuan                                                        
 Video :  TV4 play  (Swed. IP + free account required)


2018/Feb/28                                   Q  &  A  (2)
Questions & Answers - part 2   BLOG    photo/IG
(Love, perfume, Melodifestivalen, plus restaurant tips)

Feb/27   Shopping:  Prom Dresses  APPRL  BLOG


Melodifestivalen  2011

Do you remember when Marie lead the shows ?
News  some  videos  are still available !    BLOG


2018/Feb/25                   Q  &  A  (1)
Questions  &  Answers  -  part 1   BLOG
Marie about having own children, cosmetics,
dresses, business, co-works and other jobs,

like the Swedish voice of "Tinker Bell" 

Photo  borrowed from Marie's blog


Marie's  Webshop

Visit Marie's  NEW  webshop added to her  BLOG
Just scroll down to the blog's page listing + click
the black button    VISA  DÖLJ    (show / hide)
On the translated blog it may shows / click   collapse 

" Saturday - Schnitzel "    photo/IG
  The  Flying  Elk  in Stockholm's  Old Town



Det  Stora  Tårtslaget  (5)

Season 3    Episode 5 of the baking competition :
Who will be Sweden's best cake designer 2018 ?

21:00  @ Sjuan                  Marie's dress in E 4  BLOG
 Video :  TV4 play  (Swed. IP + free account required)

Get well soon Marie !

Marie  is still laying down in bed because of headaches
and a cold, unable to visit  Ellen von Unwerth's   photo
presentation in the  Fotografiska  museum.         BLOG

 Yesterday  Marie started a new "Q & A" on her  BLOG
 and you're invited to leave your questions, have fun !


2018/Feb/18                                  Skin  Cosmetics

Marie about her skin products she uses ...    IG   BLOG
Yesterday  @ home, watching Melodifestivalen   BLOG



Det  Stora  Tårtslaget  (4)

Season 3    Episode 4 of the baking competition :
Who will be Sweden's best cake designer 2018 ?

21:00  @ Sjuan                                                         
 Video :  TV4 play  (Swed. IP + free account required)


Happy  Valentine's  Day  !

Marie started with breakfast in bed    IG  BLOG
before she went to Nosh & Chow to enjoy the
wedding collection her friend Petra presented ,
in combination with a yummy lunch ...     BLOG
Marie's day was filled with love & flowers ...  IG

Nail inspiration to Valentines on Marie's  BLOG



2018/Feb/13               The  Yellow  One

FASHION   Yellow is the new Black ...   BLOG
The clip Marie talks about:  IG  (2017/Oct/23)



Beauty  &  Fashion
Marie's and Nathalie's makeup tutorial from
last year.   "Back to the 90's"   video   BLOG

Dinner with friends in the newly opened italian
italian restaurant  L'avventura  in Sthlm.       IG

Feb/09    Marie's outfit @ DST  y'day   BLOG



Det  Stora  Tårtslaget  (3)
Season 3    Episode 3 of the baking competition :
Who will be Sweden's best cake designer 2018 ?

21:00  @ Sjuan                                                         
 Video :  TV4 play  (Swed. IP + free account required)

DST (2)   Have you seen the lady in red ?   BLOG

Photo  Shoot

Behind The Scenes   of the photo shoot for
the  toppHÄLSA  magazine:    IG  BLOG  IG



2018/Feb/06                     QX  Galan

About yesterday,  plus photos !   BLOG


2018/Feb/05                  QX  Galan  2018
Marie's style and outfit for tonight's Gaygala !
Hair & makeup:  Nathalie Berzelius     M-BLOG
IG:  01  CLIP  02      Red carpet  photo  by  QX

Feb/03   Good Morning !   BLOG     Semla/wiki 


2018/Feb/02                                                Blog  Move
Marie's  BLOG  moved to  IG 
                                           interview  (english)

Photo/IG      Marie  welcomes us on her new blog with a
                       small review of the last 4 months ...   BLOG


Det  Stora  Tårtslaget  (2)
Season 3    Episode 2 of the baking competition :
Who will be Sweden's best cake designer 2018 ?

21:00  @ Sjuan                                      IG:  01  02
 Video :  TV4 play  (Swed. IP + free account required)

"Exciting things coming up !"  writes Marie  @  IG
Jan/26   Remember Marie's b-day burger ??  IG


Det  Stora  Tårtslaget  (1)
Season 3            Start of the baking competition :
Who will be Sweden's best cake designer 2018 ?

21:00  @ Sjuan    CLIP   CLIP                 IG:  01  02
 Video :  TV4 play  (Swed. IP + free account required)

Marie in the 'Morning News' ... talking about the
3rd season of the competition   video/YT  clip/IG


2018/Jan/23           Det  Stora  Tårtslaget

Who will be Sweden's best cake designer 2018 ?
Season 3  starts on Thursday  21:00 @ Sjuan  IG


2018/Jan/19                                                ELLE  Gala

It looks like Marie can not attend the  Elle Awards 2018
that take place tonight in Stockholm - but photos from
Marie and her outfit from last year are up 
@ IG:  01  02


2018/Jan/18                 Phuket  LIVE

Night 'n' Day on Phuket   IG:  01  02  03


2018/Jan/16                                                Phuket
Marie on the holiday island Phuket   IG:  01  02 


2018/Jan/12                                    The  Beach
Marie on  the  beach  from the film with the same
name starring Leonardo DiCaprio.
 Yesterday    Sun terrace, Naka Island resort   IG

 Cool drinks and stars ...     photos/IG:  01  02  03


2018/Jan/07                                Thailand

Marie on holidays:  Naka Island Phuket   IG


2018/Jan/02                   Heavenly  Breakfast

View from New York's  One World Observatory  IG


2018/Jan/01                   New  York,  New  York

Marie and Fredric at the turn of the year ...    photo/IG
Later that day:  Walk in SoHo, Manhattan   IG:  01  02


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