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NEWS  part 1



2019/Oct/16                           Marie  In  Black
Fashion  This is how Marie looked like today when
she went around meetings ...       BLOG   6 pics/IG

Oct 15   Answering Questions   BLOG
Oct 14    Meet with godson Ziggy   BLOG  IG
Oct 12   Family Day  @ friends   BLOG


2019/Oct/09                                                         Cold  Time
Despite a cold, Marie was working in Spain the last weekend.
And how it looks like at home this week ?  Get well !

Oct 04-06   España  A job on Mallorca    IG:  01  02  CLIP  03

Oct 01   Cough  Hopefully not a cold !!   BLOG


2019/Sept/28                     Lunch  Party
The table is set and ready for today's lunch
party and Marie's friends ...         IG:  01  02

Sept 29    Lunch Party  Yesterday ...   BLOG

Sept 27   Preschool  Week 1   BLOG


2019/Sept/23             Preschool  -  Day 1
Philip & Nicholas   1st day in preschool    BLOG
                             ... and later at home   CLIP/IG
Sept 25   Preschool  -  Day 3    BLOG

Sept 18    An afternoon @ Skansen   photo/IG


2019/Sept/16                    Picture  Rain

from the party yesterday    BLOG   7 pics/IG
Sept 17    Some more photos ...    10 pics/IG



Marie's twins turned 1 year old today !
photos/IG:  01  02



Great  Day  Tomorrow

Tomorrow  is a big big day !   We celebrate
Philip's and Nicholas' 1st birthday !   BLOG
1 year ago  on the maternity ward ...     IG

Sept 12   Now !  Marie sells clothes   BLOG
Sept 10   1 Year !   Blog birthday !    BLOG


2019/Sept/06                         My  Mini  Me's
Fashion       Visiting the preschool today, just to
take a look where the boys have to go to soon.
Cool  jackets !   Pic below  >>  BLOG   6 pics/IG

Sept 05   Dinner  @  Atelier 23      IG
                 Philip & Nicholas  2 pics/IG

Sept 03   Time to sleep ...   BLOG 


2019/Sept/02                                     A  Rosy  Lunch

Aug 29     Lunch and afternoon with friends ended with
a windy but wonderful ride in a beautiful boat ...    BLOG

Sept 01   Chorizo    Hot recipe with rice     BLOG
Aug 30    Friyay  Playing with the kids ...   BLOG
Aug 29    Lunch  @  Hotel  Skeppsholmen       IG


2019/Aug/28                           Shoes  &  Bags

Shoes & Bags   Press breakfast and presentation
@  Jimmy Choo's  shop in Stockholm     BLOG   IG


2019/Aug/27                          Preschool  Favorites
Philip and Nicholas  will attend preschool in a few weeks.
And what might be needed at their start ?    If you scroll
through the pics you can see some of  Marie's preschool
favorites from  Babyshop   * 15% discount !  
10 pics/IG

Aug 26     Jewelery   around Marie's neck    BLOG
Artipelag  Family brunch yesterday ...     4 pics/IG

A restaurant visit with two small children is
not always easy, but this time it went well !


2019/Aug/25                   Sunday  Funday

Excursion  to  Artipelag, an international venue
for art, good food, events and more ...    BLOG


2019/Aug/23                      Hello  Gothenburg

Yesterday     In the morning a routine check at the
Children's Health Center stand on the plan.    After
Marie flew to Gothenburg,  where she was booked
for the evening,  to moderate the  inauguration  of
Sweden's most modern  Audi-facility      BLOG    IG
 The night Marie spent in her fave hotel  Pigalle   IG

Max  Factor   6 pics/IG
Aug 17       A Saturday in Shifts
With the kids at home ...  BLOG


2019/Aug/15                          Philip  &  Nicholas

11  months          How time flies !  Next month Marie's
boys celebrate their first birthday !!   BLOG   5 pics/IG

.....  can be proud of their mother !    photo/IG   CLIP

Aug 13   Secret  Project  is picking up speed !    BLOG


2019/Aug/12                                Beauty  Favorites
Advertising    Marie shows her favorite makeup products
from  Max Factor    The video and pictures were taken in
Copenhagen (DK) in
January:   CLIP/IG   video

Aug 11    Visit from London    Two days ago Marie   IG
met old friends at her friends' country place ...    BLOG


Burger  Of  The  Month

Back on the menu !     Marie's burger she created for
Vigårda  three years ago  has won in the selection of
all and became 'Burger of the month August'   BLOG
Photos & video:  Instagram    More:  01  02  03

Aug 07   Shopping Spree   Nacka Forum   BLOG
Aug 05   Food for Kids   Recipe with fish   BLOG


2019/Aug/04                       End  Of  Vacation
That was it with the holidays together,  tomorrow
will be the beginning of everyday life again.

Little consolation   Marie's new favourite accessory:  IG

August 02   A perfect summer day ...   BLOG  IG
August 01   Home  Hang  A day @ home   BLOG


2019/July/31                    Children's  Party

Friend  Micael Bindefeld  invited Marie's family to
celebrate his son  Simeon's 3rd birthday  


2019/July/29                               A  Magical  Saturday

Two days ago  Marie's family spent a great day with friends
and Marie still enthuses about the  "Little Vodka pasta with
roasted salad"
  For recipe please check 'comments' @ IG   BLOG


2019/July/27                               Good  Morning  !
It will be hot again today, so Marie packs the bathing
suits and visits friends who have a pool ...   BLOG   IG

Shopping Tipp :  Sleepo_se  20%   2 pics/IG

July 26   Wonderful sky last night   IG


2019/July/25                                      What  A  Day  !

Marie  is proud of son  Philip  who was able to stand
unaided .
.. and who made his first two steps today !
Actually a visit to  Skansen  was planned today. But

due to the hot weather Marie and her family stayed
home instead, so the boys could splash in the pool .

Yesterday   Marie and her family were invited by friends
to their magic country home in  Ingarö  where another
friend's birthday was celebrated.
   9 pics/IG   IG

Timeless    Marie's  tip  in Slottsträdgården Ulriksdal   IG


2019/July/21                        Excursion  To  Siggesta

Siggesta Gård        Marie showed her family the farm where
the episodes of the TV baking show "Det Stora Tårtslaget"
were recorded (2016-2018)   BLOG   b.t.s.  >  2017 /Nov/02


A  Fairy  Godmother  Dinner

Yesterday       Marie is one of four godmothers
friend  Clara  has chosen for her son Ziggy and
invited to a fairy dinner ...   BLOG    IG:  01  02


2019/July/19              Enjoyment  &  Fun
Yesterday   Sunny lunch  at  Solsidan       BLOG

July 17     Marie's day  in some pictures    BLOG
And also the twins had fun today ...      CLIP/IG
 i   Collaboration with Max Factor - more soon !   IG

July 15   Philip & Nicholas  10 months old !   IG


2019/July/14                       Marie's  Bday  Olé  !

Last hours on Mallorca !  Marie reviews her bday before
it goes back home tonight ...   BLOG        IG:  01  02  03


2019/July/12                                           Mallorca

Gran Hotel Son Net        Marie woke up in paradise
and enjoys every second right now ...   IG:  01  02


 36      2019/July/11       3
 Happy  Birthday  Marie ! 

Happy Birthday Cake with Candles and Fireworks: [New] Animated GIF

Mallorca, Spain   Marie was surprised with a
helicopter flight to the hotel ...
  IG:  01  02-03


Last  Days,  Last Year

Last days  as a 35 year old. In 3 days
Marie celebrates her 36th birthday ...

Last year  to this time Sweden had one of the hottest summer,
Marie was pregnant in the seventh month and on her birthday

she got surprised with a dinner with her closest friends.   BLOG


2019/July/07                           Then  And  Now

Yesterday    Marie showed her boys the  A*TEENS
video of  "Mamma Mia"  she recorded 20 years ago
together with Sara, Dhani and Amit ...           BLOG


2019/July/06                 3 rd  Place  !

C o n g r a t u l a t i o n s   S w e d e n  !
The female players took place  3  @ the

FIFA Women's World Cup France 2019

And who knows, if the WC will not be in Sweden
someday - and if we will not be entertained then
in the stadiums by this new  DJ duo !


2019/July/05             Friday  Is  Fish  Day
And Fredric is the man,  just on the way to buy
some Sushi for dinner while  Marie writes about
the topic 'Preschool' on her  BLOG    God aptit !

July 03   "Life as a twin mother is no dance
  on roses, but ..."


2019/July/02        Preschool  In  Autumn

Philip & Nicholas  will visit a preschool in autumn
after they have completed their first year of life.
Marie  justifies her decision with several reasons
... on her  BLOG    press article    vabbuari / vabruari


2019/July/01                     Fun  In  The  Pool

Yesterday, Sunday     A warm summer day invited
Marie and her family outside in the garden, where
a small inflatable pool made a lot of fun,   not only
for Philip and Nicholas ...  ;)          BLOG    9 pics/IG


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