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2019/May/02 - Jun/13 

VårRuset 2019                                             IG   #vårruset   #vårruset31
Marie is the conférencier of  VårRuset,  the 5 km women's marathon,
held in  21  Swedish cities.  Start  in  Malmö,  May/02     schedule & more

  with Marie       
IG:  01  02  03  04  05  CLIP  06  07  08  09



Party  Weekend  In  Marbella

TWO  family events were celebrated the last days:
April 12   On Friday, Leah the daughter of Marie's
                 cousin Linda was baptized ...  
April 13   ... and on Saturday they celebrated the
birthday party  of  Linda and her husband Fredrik
who now count 80 years together !      
             Marie  Fredric  photo/IG                         


2019/April/11                                   Today's  Postcard
Trocadero Playa   Marie and Fredric spent a wonderful day
with their friends Sara, Jonas and their children ...     BLOG

April 10    Lunch  on the playground   8 pics/IG


2019/April/09                       Hola  Marbella  !

Done !  Marie and family are now in Marbella.  The
first trip with the two little boys, but on the flight
everything went well ...   BLOG             IG:  01  02

April 08     Good Morning !   Mom sick ?   CLIP/IG

April 07     Vårruset  is approaching ...   photo/IG

April 06     One More Boy !    Marie's friends Clara
                    and Fares are also going to get a boy !
                  Congratulation !       BLOG    photo/IG


2019/April/03                                   Children's  Wear

Polar  O.  Pyrets  presents their new  "Selected by Mama"
collection,  starring:  Philip & Nicholas !    BLOG   8 pics/IG
"Priority for me is good quality"  says Marie on  PO.P   IG

April/02    Saphira   Jewelery photo shoot   6 pics/IG   IG
Philip & Nicholas   Smile and carry on ...   BLOG   4 pics/IG


2019/Mar/30                         Fashion  &  Lunch
A  perfect break from feeding children and changing
diapers:  fashion brand  Busnel  invited to lunch and
the new collection ...     BLOG   IG:  01  02
                                           Philip & Nicholas   2 pics/IG

Mar/28         Advertising   Dried organic pulses from
Bonduelle  to salmon and salad ...   mmh !    8 pics/IG


2019/Mar/26              World  Of  Fashion
Advertising   Cooperation with  MQ    8 pics/IG
Philip  Nicholas   About food & sleep    BLOG


2019/Mar/25         Jewelry  By  Safira
Advertising       Fashion Jewellery   Safira     
Rings, chains, pedants, ear sticks   7 pics/IG



2019/Mar/24                            Sunny  Sunday

Coffee  Time  !   Marie about herself, last week and
things they are like they are ...    BLOG   BLOG   IG

Mar/23    Saturday,  7:22 am    photo/IG


2019/Mar/22                                   Mixed  Food
Philip  &  Nicholas  now get solid food every day ...
20% discount on Twistshake items     6 photos/IG

Marie's  visit at the  naprapath   BLOG                      

Mar/21    The Rocking Socks !    IG   BLOG
Mar/19    The packing list  so far ...   BLOG


Mar/17               Lounging   Sunday

A lazy day at home    Marie asks for help
with the packing list for Marbella   BLOG


2019/Mar/15                                           2  x  1/2

Philip and Nicholas  turned six months old today !!
How fast time has passed !?  Check out the bunch
of pics Marie has uploaded ...          BLOG   6 pics/IG

Mar/14    Doc visit at the age of six months:          
                  Marie's boys enjoy best health !    BLOG

Photo 2/IG                                                                    


2019/Mar/13                        Children's  Book
Yesterday  Marie visited her friend Lovisa de Geer
who launched her  second  book  of the children's
series about Sofi and Jakob's travels. This time it
goes to  ...  New York  !    BLOG   IG    10 more pics

Mar/11    Feeding  "Thanks for the tips !"   BLOG


2019/Mar/08                           Time  For  Gruel
In one week  Nicholas and Philip  will be six months
and will then get porridge and gruel and may start
with some food too ?  Any good advice ?       BLOG

Fridays ...   Taking a bath and dinner at home    IG

Mar/07    Good night greeting  from Marie     BLOG
Advertising:   SAFIRA  fashion jewellery    6 pics/IG

Mar/06    "Good Morning"  from Marie     photo/IG


2019/Mar/05                           Fatty  Tuesday
On  Shrove Tuesday  ( Fettisdagen )  it is tradition
in Sweden to prepare / eat small, with cream filled
yeast buns (Semlor)  before Lent begins and runs
a period of 40 weekdays ... from  Ash Wednesday
till  Holy Saturday
, the day before Easter.    BLOG
Photo  time  for  Nicholas  &  Philip  >>   5 pics/IG

Mar/04    Marie's trick with her hair  >>>    BLOG
Advertising:  Cooperation with  Sleepo  3 pics/IG
!!  Take a look to Marie's new sofas ...  20% off  !!


2019/Mar/02                       Melodifestivalen
8 years ago     Marie host Sweden's pre-selection
for the ESC, do you remember ??   2011     BLOG

TB  ELLE  Gala  2019   Funny  photo + CLIP  @  IG

Mar/01    VårRuset    Already registered ... ?    IG
                 Tiramisu     Right now,  at home   BLOG
Feb/27    Nicholas & Philip  Food question  

Photo:  Malin Goransson                                              


2019/Feb/26                         I'm  Walking ...

It thaws !!    Slowly the roads and paths get free
from snow and ice, so you'll see Marie a bit more
outside again on a walk with her kids ...     

Feb/25                    Nicholas  &  Philip
Birth poster in scale 1:1     10 pics/IG


That  Went  In  The  Pants  !

Marie tells of the little chaos that happened yesterday.
It sounds a little funny if you read it,  even though the
situation surely was not this ... !?
       BLOG   BLOG   IG

Feb/21      Philip & Nicholas   Mood swings   BLOG
TB  Marie one week before the boys arrived ...  IG


2019/Feb/19                             Play  All  Day
Philip and Nicholas  have fun with their new toy,
Skip Hop's  Activity Center ...    4 pics/IG   BLOG

Feb/18   My heart is exploding   photo/IG

Feb/17   A Sunny Sunday  with the boy's
                grandfather and uncle ...    BLOG


2019/Feb/16                                    Advertising
Sunny weather caused spring feelings !  BLOG  IG

Twistshake Baby         Marie introduces three new
products from the Swedish baby brand   8 pics/IG

Feb/15    Dr.Oetker  Cake it away !     Marie in one
of her elements baking !  The result you can see

below,  instructions  in  pics  are  on  Marie's   BLOG


2019/Feb/14        Happy  Valentines  !
 LOVE  IS  ...                 BLOG     IG:  01  02
Feb/13         Hemmakväll  / Home Evenings
What would the world be without candy ??
Hemmakväll   shops offers loose little candy
you can select  to create your own mix  and
box for an evening at home ...        6 pics/IG


2019/Feb/12                            A  Day  In  Town

Marie had errands to do in the city. A true challenge
with two children in the stroller  who want to be fed
and cared for,  even it's freezing cold outside and an
icy wind blows !      But the warming rays of the sun
gave Marie a first small feeling of spring.   


2019/Feb/10                                 Sunday  Work 
Two collaborations  were photographed and filmed
at home till the evening.   The results we will see on
Insta during the week,  Marie posted on her   BLOG

Feb/09   Marie alone at home with the boys before
she got help from her mother and Fredric
...  BLOG


2019/Feb/08                            Charity  Event
20   Years   World   Childhood   Foundation
Yesterday  Marie & Fredric went out to celebrate
the  20th  anniversary  of  the   World  Childhood
Foundation  web 
at  Tyrol ,  Gröna Lund.   BLOG

Feb/05    1 Year Ago  Marie was keeping a secret
and had no idea that there are "2" !!    IG   BLOG


2019/Feb/04                Travel  With  Kids
Marie and Fredric are planning a week in Spain
in March.  The first time vacation with children,
how will that be, and what you have to pack ?

Feb/03    Philip, can you say Mama ?    CLIP/IG
Food  Times
  of the past three days ...     BLOG



International  Twin  Day

Marie never thought she would be mother of twins
one day !   Now Philip and Nicholas filled 20 weeks !

Congrats to all twins and their parents !         BLOG


2019/Feb/01                               The  Taste
Marie  bakes  cake   for   Dr. Oetker   CLIP/IG

Jan/31    Philip  and  Nicholas  made their first
experiences with food this week and enjoyed
the new tastes without any protest !     BLOG


2019/Jan/30           Behind  The  Scenes
Full house at Marie's home today since early in
the morning ...  because of a photoshoot for a
Spring collection.  "Fake sun on a snowy day",
photographer  Emily  created April in January .

                                                             BLOG   IG

Jan/29    After 1 month in the new house   IG

Jan/28    Right now  in Marie's kitchen    BLOG
                 Discount of  photo books     4 pics/IG


2019/Jan/27                                Back  Home  !
Marie  is back in Stockholm, landed last night after
the job trip to Copenhagen in Denmark .     
Too cold or hot ?     Marie refers to a smart device
that monitors the temperature in her stroller  and
displays on her mobile.   
Very useful in winter but
also on hot summer days !    parvel  :P       5 pics/IG

Marie's reply  to a request   BLOG

Winter walk   Image detail of the  original  on M's  BLOG


2019/Jan/25                                Copenhagen
Because of work Marie is in Copenhagen for two
days and checked in
@  Hotel Sanders   photo/IG

Jan/24    Photos of one of the collaborations
Marie talked about two days ago ...   7 pics/IG

Jan/22    Today  vs  yesterday    BLOG


2019/Jan/20                         One  Night  In  Hotel

So how was the sleep away from the kids ?   BLOG   IG


2019/Jan/19                       Preparations

Yesterday     Marie's look, make up, hair and
outfit for the evening ...
  BLOG    IG:  01  02

2019/Jan/18              ELLE  Gala  2019

Marie  and  Fredric   will enjoy a nice evening
with friends at the beauty awards and later
stay the night at the hotel ...          photo/IG


2019/Jan/17                  Divided  Emotions

Tomorrow  Marie will stay the night without her
kids for the very first time !   After the ELLE gala
Marie and Fredric  will enjoy a night at the hotel
while Marie's parents take care of the children ...



2019/Jan/16                                       Time  Flies
Where's the time gone ?   Yesterday  Marie's twins
Philip and Nicholas were four months old !   
Dinner is served   ... and what for one !    IG
10 Years   Marie then and now ...   image/IG


2019/Jan/15            Four  Months  Ago
It's already four months since Marie became
happy mother of twin brothers ...

Jan/14   Is it time for real food ?   BLOG   IG

Jan/13   Sweet 17 ...                                         
Yesterday the twins filled 17 weeks !   BLOG

                ELLE  Gala    Countdown ...    BLOG

2018, Sept. 15    Hello Philip and Nicholas !


2019/Jan/12                                               Saturday  !

Saturday  started with scrambled eggs & bacon ...    IG
Later,    Marie and her little family will visit Marie's sister
who celebrates her birthday she had this week.   BLOG

Philip & Nicholas  seem to have enjoyed the visit ...   IG


2019/Jan/10                      Photobook  2018
Marie's  yearbook  of  2018  shows her pregnancy
from January to September and as mother of
two little boys,  Philip & Nicholas !   BLOG

30% discount on photobooks with
rabatt code
'Marie 30' @  önskefoto

Jan/08    Mom talk  about bottle  cleaning   BLOG

Jan/07    ELLE  awards  2019   Jan/18, Grand Hotel
Marie's awesome dresses on past galas  4 pics/IG


2019/Jan/03                                    Baby  Teeth

Philip and Nicholas getting their first teeth.   BLOG
In two days the twinbrothers turn 3 months old !


2019/Jan/02                            Gött  Snack  !

"Gött Snack"  means ?  Sound on  >>  2 clips/IG
Marie  about  "sleep and feeding"   BLOG



Happy New Year !

from Marie, Fredric and their     IG
twins Philip and Nicholas !    BLOG


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