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2015/May/31                          NEWS  -  part 2

So much news around Marie this year ... so we
decided to split her news page into two parts !

For  NEWS  June - December  please  click  part 2

                                                                   Photo:   Marie @ IG                  


2015/May/30                     Vive  La  France !

PHOTOS   A little bit sightseeing with Marie while
she's on the way to her job in the fort ...     BLOG


2015/May/29                           Fångarna  På  Fortet

In France !        Marie has reached  Fort Boyard  ... so the
recordings of the new episodes of the Swedish TV series

Fångarna På Fortet  Marie will host can start !  

Before Marie left Stockholm she did a photo shoot
in  REX hyrstudio  which you can rent.  IG:  01


2015/May/27                           Nordic  Feel

The Beauty magazine  Nordic  Feel  published
an  interview  with Marie :    english translation


2015/May/24                      Fångarna  På  Fortet

Marie  replaces the injured TV hostess  Agneta Sjödin
and will lead the new episodes of  Fångarna på Fortet
together with Gunde Svan.  Agneta had to cancel the
upcoming recordings because of an accident.   

More about Marie's weekend:  BLOG            photo:  IG

2015/May/24                       Congratulations  Måns  !

Vienna, 00:44    Marie's ex-friend  Måns Zelmerlöw  won the
60th Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna - congratulations !

Sure, Marie was one of the first who congratulated:  pic/IG

"HEROES" (winning performence)   video

Watch the  complete show (4h)  again without any installations !
"No, thanks" (HD app) ... and on the  >/II  button to start !


2015/May/22                     Let's  Dance  Reunion

PICS/IG        Look what happened tonight    01  02  03
and the last three days:  05/19  BLOG  05/20  05/21  05/21


2015/May/18                       Birka  Cruises

Check out Marie's pics from Saturday:   BLOG





Marie presented
her perfume line
on the water !

Signature I  &  II 
in form of
Eau de parfum,
body lotion
and shower gel

- available at the
MS Birka   shopping
as the only cruise ship
in the Baltic Sea.

Photos/IG:   01  02


2015/May/13                              Updates

Gillette  razor test + contest    BLOG   IG
NellyPoolParty  videos:  01  02     BLOG
Red heaven  over Stockholm    photo/IG


2015/May/12            Marie  Bomber

The leather jacket Marie has designed in
co-work with  Jofama  some time ago ...
  BLOG   IG   #MarieBomber


2015/May/11            Amare  @  Griffins'

You now can enjoy Marie's red wine "Amare"
@ Griffins' Steakhouse in Sthlm        photo/IG


2015/May/10                       24  Hours  Ibiza

NELLY POOL PARTY   @ Instagram
Picture bomb on Marie's  BLOG     Insta:  01  02


2015/May/09                   Back  From  Ibiza

Marie with friends @  Nosh & Chow     photo/IG


2015/May/08                 Destination  Unknown !

Marie on a flight with unknown destination:   BLOG  IG
Where she'll end up and what is behind ???                   

Marie has  LANDED !    Check  VIDEO  below !

Welcome  on  ...  IBIZA !     Photos/IG:   01  02  03

FASHION    NellyPoolParty  @ Instagram


2015/May/06                                        Photo  Shoot

Photo shoot  for  ELLE  Sverige  for new blog header.
Marie and several  ELLE bloggers  will show the results
in June @  ... and on their blogs.    IG


2015/May/04              " My  Calvins "

Have you missed the photo shoots too ?
Here's   a new one by Anna Maria:   BLOG

Marie is planning a party                   
 ... for her birthday in July ??     photo/IG


2015/May/03                Red  Red  Wine

~   AMARE   by  Marie  Serneholt   ~
Marie offers her own spanish red wine  AMARE
Available to order  @ 
Photo/IG        Music Tipp:  UB 40


2015/May/01                                     Archipelagos

Valborg   Marie gives her body and mind a break and
welcomed the spring in the Swedish archipelagos ...

Photos on Marie's blog:  part 1  part 2     photo/IG


2015/Apr/29                                            Signature

Signature by M. S.       Perfume, lotion, shower gel ...
complete product range @


2015/Apr/28                        Haircut  &  Jewelry

Haircut and Care  @ AXU salon        photo/IG   BLOG
Earring:  Marte Frisnes Jewellery
  photos/IG:  01  02


2015/Apr/27                                      Recharge

Marie now relaxes @ the Grand Hotel   IG  BLOG


2015/Apr/25                                     Thank  You  !

Marie says  THANK YOU  to her dance partner
Kristjan and all the people they have supported
her the last three months  Let's Dance  IG

But now it's time to start celebrating !     photo/IG

Later Marie went to  Alesso's  secret gig and after-
show party at the 
V/WALL  nightclub.    photo/IG




Who wins  Let's  Dance  2015  ?
Marie  or  Ingemar  ??   CLIP

Help  Marie  win the  FINAL
- vote  for Marie !   BLOG   IG


Marie  and  Kristjan  dancing  Jive, Tango
plus an extra  show act  tonight   >>>  videos

Pics/IG:   01  02  CLIP  03  04  05  06  07  08  09  10

Backstage   Let's Dance 9   After Dance
Check out our new  VIDEO LISTING  HERE

Watch  the  complete  FINAL  TV4play !
(requires a Swedish IP address !)

Let's  Dance (9)                video
Let's  Dance (9) - Voting    video

Let's  Dance  official
TV4   english    TV4 play   facebook   instagram   youtube

Photos  from the rehearsals
Apr.23c   Apr.23b   Apr.23a   Apr.22   Apr.21   Apr.19


2015/Apr/18                            Nyhetsmorgon

Let's Dance   Both finalists in the Morning News
                                                         video   YouTube
The big  final  this friday:  Marie  vs  Ingemar !




Marie:  We want your vote !    video/YT
Help Marie to the final next week:  IG  BLOG  IG

Marie  and  Kristjan  dancing  Disco  and  Slowfox
in tonight's  Semifinal  -  watch it in the  videos

Pics/IG:   01  02  03  04  05  06  07  08  09  10  11

Backstage   Let's Dance 8   After Dance
Check out our new  VIDEO LISTING  HERE

Watch the  SEMIFINAL  @ TV4play !
(requires a Swedish IP address !)

Let's  Dance (8)                    video
Let's  Dance (8) - Voting

Let's  Dance  official
TV4   english    TV4 play   facebook   instagram   youtube

Photos  from the rehearsals
Apr.16-3   Apr.16-2   Apr.16-1


2015/Apr/16        Beauty  Tips  &  Contest

Check out  Marie's  beauty tips for great legs and
win a  LegLuxury  kit from  Gillette Venus



 Signature   by Marie Serneholt

Photos of Marie's perfume presentations
in Stockholm and Gothenburg                 BLOG

Marie  Brooklyn   Jofama by Marie Serneholt
Let's Dance 7 - Quickstep    photo/IG                     

Marie and Kristjan wearing  Marie's leather jackets
she has designed @ Jofama:  "Marie  Brooklyn"

Image captured from  video 



Perfume  Presentation  (2)

12:00 - 14:00   Marie presents her perfume  Signature
@ Åhléns City    in Gothenburg  ....  North Town Center !
01  02  clip  03  04


2015/Apr/11                           Mix  Megapol

Marie and Kristjan @ Radio Mix Megapol today,
program  "Äntligen Lördag med Tony Irving"

Finally Saturday - listen once again !   photo/IG

Äntligen Lördag  >> Lyssna igen >> 11. April / Del 2
In the right corner above you can play fast forward
by clicking the 15 sec till 18:50 min.  ... then listen !

What Kristjan say about yesterday:  photo/IG  text



Perfume  Presentation

12:00 - 14:00   Marie presents her perfume  Signature
@ Åhléns City    in Stockholm !            pics/IG:  01  02  03

Photo by  Emelie Carlsson            #SignatureByMarieSerneholt




Marie  need our help tonight !    IG   BLOG   IG

Marie  and  Kristjan  dancing  Quickstep  tonight
and a fusion of  Slowfox and Paso Doble
After the Quickstep Kristjan collapsed !

Pics/IG:    01   02+text   03   04

Backstage   Let's Dance 7   After Dance
Check out our new  VIDEO LISTING  HERE

Watch the complete 7th show on TV4play !
(requires a Swedish IP address !)

Let's Dance (7)                     video
Let's Dance (7) - Voting

Let's  Dance  official
TV4   english    TV4 play   facebook   instagram   youtube

Photos from the rehearsals
Apr.10  Apr.09  Apr.08  Apr.06  Apr.04

Marie  @  Nyhetsmorgon

Marie was guest in the Morning News again !
" It is so incredibly fun to dance every day ! "
VIDEO   YouTube       Photo/IG


2015/Apr/09                      United  States  Of  Cakes

"Keep Calm and Bake Cakes"  Marie  posted  on  her  BLOG

Marie is the first guest in pastry chef Roy Fares' new show
United States of Cakes   @ Kanal 5.   In the premiere show
tonight:    Roy visit the world-famous  Magnolia Bakery  in
West Hollywood and their decoration master Pauline. Back
at home in Stockholm Marie visit
Roy in the studio-bakery.

Photo/IG   CLIP/IG    teaser/YT               >>>   video   YouTube
Roy  Fares  @  facebook  and  Instagram  #unitedstatesofcakes


2015/Apr/08                      Little  Private  Dinner

Yesterday Marie celebrated her friend Petra's collaboration
with  the most widespread optician service in Sweden ...
Specsavers !
  IG  The luxurious dinner at Petra's home
was composed and served by Master Chef Christian
Hellberg from
  Griffins' Steakhouse  in Stockholm !

Photos/IG:  01  02     BLOG 


2015/Apr/07               Signature  by  M. S.

Marie's perfume                                                     
Signature  out Åhléns  and  Kicks !  

       FUN  after today's dance training   CLIP/IG

              Marie's  Dinner Tip                          
                 Parma wrapped Chicken Fillet   BLOG


2015  Apr/06            Let's  Dance  /  Makeups

Photo/IG        Friday  Makeups  by   Evelina Lundqvist
                       Some more photos:   01  02  03  04  05  06

2015  Apr/05                            Happy  Easter  !

HappEastefrom Marie !    BLOG
Marie and Kristjan rehearse today for Let's Dance,
and what are they doing in the breaks ??   CLIP/IG

If you want to know what Marie did
saturday ... please check the   pic/IG




Marie  and  Kristjan  dancing  2 x  tonight !
In the audience:  Marie's life partner Qhris Magsino

Dance 1    Samba  -  incl. Jury votes   video
Dance 2    Swing  video   Jury votes   video

Who goes to the quarterfinals next week ?    video

Pics/IG:   01  02  03  04  05  06  07  08  09  10  11

Watch the complete 6th show on TV4play !
(requires a Swedish IP address !)

Let's Dance (6)                      video
Let's Dance (6) - Voting

Let's  Dance  official
TV4   english    TV4 play   facebook   instagram   youtube

Photos from the rehearsals
Apr.02  Apr.01  Apr.01  Mar.31  Mar.30


2015/Apr/02                                       RIX  MorronZoo

Today early morning:  Marie was guest in the radio show
RIX  MorronZoo  -  listen the complete audio at   RIX FM

                   Photos/IG:   01  02    CLIP 

Let's  Dance   After the radio Marie went to the rehearsal
studio, waiting for her dance partner Kristjan ...   CLIP/IG

And in Marie's handbag is ?   BLOG                      photo/IG



  Three  Exercises  For  Legs
Cooperation with Gillette Venus

Marie  showing  her  three  favorite  exercises  for  legs  !
VIDEO  ...  watch it  HERE,  on Marie's  BLOG  or  @  ELLE play


2015/Mar/29                                 Let's  Dance

Lots of photos ...  and what a happy Marie writes
about the last show and magical night ...     BLOG


2015/Mar/28                                          Video  Interview

Sara, Amit and Dhani visited Marie yesterday at  Let's  Dance
where the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet took the chance
to ask the 4 ex-colleagues if  something exciting is coming ?
video + photos




Marie  and  Kristjan  dancing  Tango  tonight,
supported by some wellknown people in the first
row of the spectators:  Sara,  Dhani  and  Amit  !

Pics/IG:   01  02  03  04  05  06  07  08  09  10
                                    Sara   Amit   Marie   Dhani

                Show Act:   Rock of all Ages   VIDEO                

Watch the complete 5th show on TV4play !
(requires a Swedish IP address !)

Let's Dance (5)                    video
Let's Dance (5) - Voting

Congratulations to Marie !!    29/30  points from the jury !

Let's  Dance  official
TV4   english    TV4 play   facebook   instagram   youtube

Photos from the rehearsals
Mar.26   Mar.24   Mar.22

Video from the rehearsals
Marie remembers to the old times with A*TEENS
and teaches Kristjan some moves of "Floorfiller"

videos/Marie   youtube



by Marie Serneholt

Yesterday at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm:
Marie presented her own perfume lineSignature
"Two perfumes with matching body lotions,
shower gels and scented candles
" Marie posted
on her Instagram - photos:  01  02  03  04

More photos:   BLOG   #signaturebyMarieSerneholt

Rightclick on pics
to enlarge them



2015/Mar/24                          Let's  Dance  Event

Funny evening yesterday:  The LD team and the stars
met for dinner and to celebrate the huge TV success !

PHOTOS  on Marie's  BLOG  &  IG


2015/Mar/22                               A*TEENS  2015.1

YES !   3/4  just met again !  Dhani  posted the  photo
below on Instagram, writes:  "Talking about the year
1999 and how that year
changed our lifes quiet a bit."

Only  Amit  was missing ... because he won an award
and wasn't in town. But he was connected with them
via  "FaceTime"  Marie  just wrote on her Instagram,
to an other photo  Sara  has up on her Instagram


2015/Mar/22                    Let's  Dance  (4)

Pictures and Marie's comment  about her  JIVE
dance  with partner Kristjan,  and the standing
ovation from the jury in the last show.    BLOG




Standing Ovation for Marie !
The jury was so impressed by Marie and her talent
to dance that they stood up - rating: 
3 x the 9 !!!

Marie  and  Kristjan  dancing  JIVE   video

Photos/IG:  01  02  03  04  05  06  07  08

Watch the complete 4th show on TV4play !
(requires a Swedish IP address !)

Let's Dance (4)                    video                   
Let's Dance (4) - Voting
    video    photo/IG

Let's  Dance  official
TV4   english    TV4 play   facebook   instagram   youtube

Photos from the rehearsals
Mar.19   Mar.19   Mar.18   Mar.18


2015/Mar/16                         Legs,  Legs,  Legs !

Girls, Girls, Girls - make your legs fit for the summer !
Marie  cooperates with  Gillette Venus  and will show
soon what you can do best for your legs ...      BLOG


2015/Mar/14                                 Nyhetsmorgon

Marie and Kristjan  LIVE  in today's   Morning  News
@ TV4.   They talked about yesterday's   Let's Dance
and how they handle  the judges'  positive  criticism.
video   youtube    IG

Marie's  TV tipp    Mello 2015  -  The Grand Final
20:00 - 22:30    LIVE  from Stockholm  photo/IG




Marie:  "Vote for me and my awesome partner Kristjan !!
               We promise to give all ... !"
    M-BLOG    photo:  IG

Marie and Kristjan  are dancing  RUMBA   VIDEO

           Photos/IG:   01  02  03  04  05  06  07

Watch the complete 3rd show on TV4play !
(requires a Swedish IP address !)

Let's Dance (3)                     video
Let's Dance (3) - Voting

Let's  Dance  official
TV4   english    TV4 play   facebook   instagram   youtube

Photos from the rehearsals
Mar.11    Mar.10    Mar.10    Mar.08


2015/March/12                    Happy  &  Sporty

Marie is lucky with her boyfriend Qhris    photo/IG
and as covergirl on the  Wellness  magazine !    IG

Wellness  3/2015    article + pics:  website  facebook


2015/March/11                             Rumba  Rehearsal

Like last wednesday, it's the rehearsal for the production
team and the press people.    Lots of pics today !    BLOG



2015/Mar/09                        Let's  Dance  (2)

Amazing photos and what Marie says about part
two of the dance competition last friday ...   BLOG

2015/Mar/08                   Sunday  Rehearsal

On friday Marie's challenge is  Rumba !   photo/IG




Marie  got the highest scoring for her Cha Cha performence
with Kristjan last week,  BRAVO !   But can they repeat that
and sweep off all other couples from the dancefloor again ?

Marie is very excited, but ready to dance !    M-BLOG   M-BLOG

Marie  and  Kristjan  dancing  Slow Fox    video

Photos/IG:  01  02  03  04

Watch the complete 2nd show on TV4play !
(requires a Swedish IP address !)

Let's Dance (2)                     video
Let's Dance (2) - Voting

Let's  Dance  official
TV4   english    TV4 play   facebook   instagram   youtube

Photos from the rehearsals
Mar.05   Mar.04   Mar.04


2015/Mar/04                        New  Rehearsal

Rehearsal day in front of the production team
and the journalists.  And how Marie will look ?
Photos  of the hairstyling yesterday:   01  02  03
Pictures  from the premiere last week:  BLOG  IG


2015/Mar/02                                  Let's  Dance  (2)

A new week has just began and the dancers have only
a few days to rehearse the new choreography before
they have to perform for the production and press on
wednesday ... so good luck Marie !!    
BLOG   photo/IG


2015/Feb/28                             Let's  Dance  (1)

Marie posted about the premiere yesterday:   BLOG

Lina from A-Teens online visited the show and
and met Marie after the broadcast:  photo @ fb

Photos/IG:   01  02                                                        




Start of the new season of the dance competition
Well,  Marie and Kristjan are ready for it !

After a spectacular opening with all participants   video
Marie and Kristjan went on the dancefloor to open the
competition with their first dance ...  Cha Cha !     video

01  02  03

Watching the complete 89 minutes of the show
at   requires a Swedish IP address !

Let's  Dance  official
TV4   english    TV4 play   facebook   instagram   youtube

Photos from the training and rehearsals
Feb.24    Feb.24    Feb.16    Feb.14    Feb.12
Feb.12    Feb.10    Feb.09    Feb.06    Jan.29


2015/Feb/26                                 ELLE  Interview

LET'S  DANCE    Marie was interviewed about dancing
and the TV competition by  english

Photo:  Let's Dance/IG                                 CLIP:  Marie/IG


2015/Feb/24                            Marie  @  YouTube  !

Say  HELLO  to  MARIE  on her new  YouTube  account  !
First video  is from todays  Let's Dance  rehearsal:  BLOG

Marie and dance partner  Kristjan Lootus    Pics/IG:  01  02  03


2015/Feb/22                            Mellomys

It's time for TV, it's time for Mello !   BLOG



Let's  Dance

Photos  &  Videos

from the press day
last wednesday
at the Grand Hotel

     on Marie's  BLOG        
                   part-1   part-2
Instagram:  01  02  03  04

Let's Dance
facebook  instagram  youtube

Marie at the press conference,
interview  with Marie and the
press conference in full length


Photo/IG       ... taken by  Ch. Brunzell


2015/Feb/20                         Malou  After  Ten

Marie visited the TV show  Malou After Ten  today, where
they talked a lot about Let's Dance, the hard training and
the pain in the feet ... and about the glittertop that fell off
at the press day on monday just during her presentation.
Marie and competitor Ingemar Stenmark are set as
favorites in  Let's Dance:  premiere friday,  Feb/27 !

Marie's   BLOG           Malou After Ten   VIDEO


2015/Feb/19                           Marie's  Glam  Squad

Marie's glam squad at the Press Day yesterday   photo/IG
and a  tbt pic  from  The Dome  in Germany ...   photo/IG



Press  Day  @  Let's  Dance

Presentation of the dancers and Press Conference
today midday @ the Grand Hotel in Stockholm

VIDEO - 2 h

Watch Marie in her golden dress and what happened
during her presentaton 
>>  0:30:30 - 0:37:22

Photos  on Marie's IG  01  02                                                  
                                 ... and on the official
  facebook / instagram

Photo  by Evelina Lundquist / Instagram


2015/Feb/17                               Let's  Dance

Watch our Golden Girl dancing !     IG:  CLIP  PIC
Q + A / part 1    Marie's  first answers ...  BLOG


2015/Feb/14                                  Happy  Valentine !

Grand Hotel     Marie happy !!   BLOG    photos/IG:  01  02


2015/Feb/13                          Black  &  White

Two fresh photos on Marie's instagram:   01  02
Marie @ club Rose's 5-years-bday party,   01  02
where Sara has performed !   Gallery @


2015/Feb/11                                           Portrait  Photos

PORTRAIT  pics from Marie - by the Swedish photographer
Magnus Ragnvid   instagram  facebook       photos:   01  02  03


2015/Feb/09                       Fans  from  Argentina

want to be Marie's dance partner @ Let's Dance   BLOG


2015/Feb/08                         Mello  yesterday

The comeback of the Mello-moderators of 2011 !
Three seconds with Marie and Rickard Olsson in a
small comedy clip at Melodifestivalen:     IG   BLOG

A few more pics of the last days:   01  02  03  04

REVIEW   That was Marie's January 2015   BLOG


2015/Feb/04                                     5 x  Marie

Five things you didn't know about Marie:  BLOG

2015/Feb/03                       Dance  Training

Let's Dance             Oh oh ...   Marie's poor feet !
But dance shoes should be danced-in !


2015/Feb/01                                        Ask  Marie  !

Question and Answer  hour - soon on Marie's   BLOG
What do you want to know about Marie ? Ask now !



2015/Jan/26                            Tired  and  ...

exhausted after a long & busy day !    photo/IG


2015/Jan/24                   Schlagerparty  !

2-days event by the retail trade company
Nordsjö Idé & Design  

Organisation:          EVENT AB   Stockholm
Location:        Infra City Hotel   Stockholm
Moderation:    Marie Serneholt  (photo below)
Performer  among other:   Loreen  ("Euphoria"

Photos/IG:   09  08  07  06  05  04  03  02  01


2015/Jan/23                                   Training

You better not mess with Marie !   photo  clip
What she has probably  taken  before ?    clip

Let's  Dance    -    check out Marie's  BLOG


2015/Jan/22                                        LET'S  DANCE
                                                     DANCING WITH THE STARS

Marie participates at the TV competition "Let's Dance"
Start:  Feb/27   @ TV4   english          article:  aftonbladet

Photo:  Instagram                  Marie after training:  photo/IG


2015/Jan/20                             ELLE  GALAN  2015

Review:     That was the ELLE Gala 2015 !            
Behind the scenes: Marie, styled by Nathalie:    BLOG  IG
Marie & boyfriend Qhris on the green carpet:    BLOG  IG
Some of Marie's last pics of the party,  enjoy:    BLOG  IG

2015/Jan/16                           ELLE  GALAN  2015

Grand Hotel Stockholm                        ELLE Galan 2015
Marie in a white dress by Ida Lanto  IG:  01  02  CLIP

2015/Jan/14                            ELLE  GALAN  2015

The  ELLE Gala 2015  will be held in the Grand Hotel in
Stockholm, January 16th. Marie has betrayed nothing

about her dress she will wear on Fridayonly that it is
from a Swedish designer ...
    BLOG   english


2015/Jan/12                 Bye  Bye  New  York  !

Now it's time for Marie to fly home again,   photo/IG
exciting stuff is waiting for her in Stockholm    BLOG


2015/Jan/11                           PARADISE

Puerto Rico - picture rain on Marie's  BLOG


2015/Jan/10                                  TAO  Downtown

Marie & Qhris visited the  TAO  restaurant in New York,
but discover it yourself:
  VIDEO           photos/IG:  01  02


2015/Jan/09                        Back  in  New  York

Marie has left the paradise  Puerto Rico  and spend a
few days more now in New York City, before she'll
finally take the plane back to Stockholm.

Photos/PR    The best way to spend a late afternoon
is obviously on the beach to await the sunset 


2015/Jan/08                            Rincón  Surf  Mafia

Marie and Qhris and the waves of Rincón/PR:   BLOG


2015/Jan/07                                             After  Beach

Marie's restaurant tip for Rincón:  Calypso Café     BLOG


2015/Jan/06                             Postcards  from  Paradise

Marie  got a connection to the internet and used it to update us
with magical beach pics of the island she just enjoys.   BLOG  IG

Photo/IG:   Marie on the Crash Boat Beach, Aguadilla, PR     (PR video)


2015/Jan/05                                                FIRE  !

" I am the god of hell fire and I bring you:  FIRE "
roared Arthur Brown 1968 in his micro ... but this
it is not !   Marie and Qhris enjoy a romatic fire on

the beach of course !            photos/IG:  01  02  03


2015/Jan/03                     Beach  please  !

Life's a beach ...  and beach is fun,                     
please check Marie's pics @ instagram:
  01  02


2015/Jan/01                 Happy  New  Year  !

Marie and her boyfriend Qhris celebrate the turn
of the year in sunny Puerto Rico ...        photo/IG

Photo/IG:   Marie at the beach of  Icacos Island,
currently without internet, BLOG updates soon !


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