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Since  June/01  Marie's BLOG can't be translated automatically by Google
because changed the design and removed this function. We hope
Marie will write her blog now in english or will move it to another service.

Above we have changed the "english" link to Google's manual translation,
so feel free to copy & paste the Swedish textes Marie posted on her blog.


Fångarna  På  Fortet            TV4   TV4play   facebook   instagram
Marie and Gunde moderate the competition series on Fort Boyard.
TV4 recorded the 4 episodes in May/June (below) in Fort Boyard / France.

Season 2015.2   you can
watch  @  youtube:   EP 1    EP 2    EP 3    EP 4

Julgalan  2015      website   english   facebook   instagram   tickets
Marie and Jakob Öqvist are hosting the shows  Julgalan Grön Gala
Schedule          Video                 Photos

Nov/20  Falun     @ FB:  Nov/17 @ IG:      jakoboqvist
Nov/27  Halmstad               Nov/28     #gröngala
Dec/04 + 05  Örebro   #julgalangrön
Dec/11  Stockholm               Dec/14           #julgalan2015
Dec/12  Luleå         #julgalan15
Dec/18  Växjö   #julgalan

Dec/15          Julgalan  requested  bankruptcy !
Chaos and fraud in Helsingborg and Västeras, disappointed guests
in Stockholm they want their money back !   article  @  english



2015/Dec/31                                 Best  Nine
IG  Marie's best nine photos of 2015 ...   BLOG
IG  More than 1,6 Million LIKES to 507 posts !

N Y E  -  The table is set ...   IG:  p01  CLIP  p02



Soon  on  Holidays

What do YOU think where Marie will
spend her next vacation ??   PIC/IG


2015/Dec/25           Round  2

of Christmas 2015 ...   photo/IG

2015/Dec/24                    Merry  Christmas  !
                                ... from Marie      

Photo/IG  (below)      more:  01  02  CLIP    BLOG


2015/Dec/23           Christmas  Time
Marie's small (!) Christmas list :   BLOG
Have fun with the  Google translator !

Christmas  TV         IG   IG    BLOG           
Do you remember  Uppesittarkväll  2013
hosted by Marie and Ingvar Oldsberg ??


2015/Dec/21            Today  &  Yesterday

Good Morning from Marie in the GH   photo/IG
Yesterday   Marie's 4th advent in pics ...  BLOG


2015/Dec/20                    Happy  4th  Advent !

After hectic days and weeks Marie checked in at the
Grand Hotel  again - the best place to recharge and
enjoy, i.e. the view from her room  CLIP/IG  ... and a
massage with Dr. Chow.   Later Marie want to enjoy

one of her favorite traditions @ Christmas time: the
musical  A Christmas Carol  @ Maximteatern BLOG


2015/Dec/19                        Hallelujah  !!

Ho ho hoo !                                                     
Mulled wine party with 4 Christmas GIRLS
Marie, Daga, Clara & Lill  2night @  Bernie's
Photos/IG:  01  02  Marie has canceled:  03


2015/Dec/19                             A  Tree  For  Free
Marie got a Christmas tree gratis, inclusive freehome
home delivery via  UBER , in co-work with  Plantagen
Photos  below  and @ IG  02 + 03  by  Niklas Nyman



2015/Dec/18                    Julgalan  Grön Gala 6
TONIGHT      Marie and Jakob are guest in Växjö with
the Christmas show  -  god Jul !    photos/IG:  01  02


2015/Dec/18                                      Glossy  Mag

Marie  adorns the cover of the December issue and
can also be found in the inner part of the magazine

Glossy campaign (Box & Mag)   Pics/IG:  01  02  03  04


2015/Dec/16                         French  Christmas
Marie and friend Therese took the same as last year,
the fantastic Christmas Buffet @ 
Mr French    T-INFO
PHOTOs  on Marie's  BLOG  and  Insta  ...  and some

more  pics  by Tess on her  BLOG  and Insta:  01  02

Dec/15  Marie met up with another friend   IG
and the day before with another friend ...    IG


2015/Dec/14                    Sankta  Lucia
Yesterday was  Saint Lucy's Day   BLOG  IG
also celebrated as "feast of light"   wikipedia
Photos   Postcards  from  New  York  BLOG


2015/Dec/12                      Julgalan  Grön Gala 6
TONIGHT         Marie and Jakob are guest in Luleå
with the Christmas show ...       photos/IG:  01  02


For more about  Julgalan  please check  below  and  above  !

2015/Dec/11                      Julgalan  Grön Gala 5
TONIGHT      Marie and Jakob host the Christmas show
 in Stockholm / Globen hall                photos/IG:  01  02


2015/Dec/10               Nyårskarameller
Marie as guest at the recordings to  Agnetas
  @ TV4    photos/IG:  01  02

Agneta has developed the funniest, most hilarious
and the most memorable clips from TV year 2015.

Together with the guests she looks back to the
past year.  TV4 
Jan/01  20:00-21:30  TV4 play


2015/Dec/09                         Goodbye  NY

It was short, but nice !     pics/IG:  01  02  03


2015/Dec/08                  GLOSSYBOX
Marie is fronting  GLOSSYBOX  Sweden's
December box      more infos  >  photo/IG


2015/Dec/08            New  York  City

People   Marie's "tour group"   photo/IG

Places  The Standard GrillLe Bilboquet,
Absolute Elyx House  &  Soho House NY

Photos  on Marie's  BLOG
&  IG:   01  02  03  04  05


2015/Dec/07               Manhattan  Skyline

Good Morning New York, Good Morning Marie !
First pics on Marie's  BLOG  +  IG:  CLIP  01  02


2015/Dec/06                     New  York,  New  York
fly SAS   Marie on the flight to New York, reading Lovisa
de Geer's travel tips ...   photo/IG     MUSICTIP:  NY, NY

Happy Nicholas Day !


2015/Dec/04                Julgalan  Grön Gala 3+4
TONIGHT & TOMORROW   Marie and Jakob presenting
the Christmas show in Örebro ...           CLIP/IG   BLOG
                                               photos/IG:   01  02  03  04

For more about  Julgalan  please check  below  and  above  !


2015/Dec/01                Meet  You  On  Tuesday
Marie with friends F12 Publico    photos/IG:  01  02
Marie's 1st advent  in pics - check it out on her  BLOG


2015/Nov/29                         Crystal  Head  Suite

Last night ...                                                                     
What happens when you rent a suite @  Lydmar Hotel
together with  Crystal Head Vodka  ... invite friends,
throw in a bartender and serve mixed taccos ?    BLOG
"Home Party" at its best !            pics/IG:  01  02  03  04

     Happy  1st  advent !


2015/Nov/27                     Julgalan  Grön Gala 2

TONIGHT  Marie and Jakob are guest in Halmstad with
 the X-mas show ...  BLOG   pics/IG:   01  02  03  04  05

 For more about  Julgalan  please check  below  and  above  !


2015/Nov/26                                        Max  Factor  3

Now the time has come for Marie again to interpret one
of Thomas Lenneryd's magical makeups  -  and this time
it's the look  "Star Wars Seduce"    BLOG    video   @ YT

Christmas has started in Marie's windows ...    photo/IG
Yesterday  three little artists gave their best:  photo/IG


2015/Nov/23                                           Food  &  Wine

The latest issue of ELLE's advisor magazine  Food & Wine
recommended Marie's ecological wine AMARE ...      BLOG

NEW black  LILI RADU  bag  ...  Marie is thrilled !      BLOG


2015/Nov/20                          Julgalan  Grön Gala 1
Marie and Jokob are hosting the premiere in Falun   BLOG
Promo  VIDEO         Photos/IG:   01 (below)  02  03   CLIP

Grön Gala preparation time   photos/IG:  01  02  03  04
For more info about Julgalan please check  Nov/16  and above !


2015/Nov/19                       Fest  Hos  Bindefeld
TV  program  with  Micael  Bindefeld                CLIP/IG
Sweden's most popular party organizer invites to his
summer paradise in the archipelagos to celebrate the
end of summer 2015 with Marie and other guests  ...
showing some best party tips !         photo/IG   BLOG

Fest hos Bindefeld (6)   End of Season
Kanal 5  20:00
       VIDEO  @
The devil wears Prada, Marie  Frame + Lindex    BLOG
Julgalan Grön Gala Premiere tomorrow in Falun !   pic/IG


2015/Nov/18          Skincare  Campaign
Marie and ex-friend Qhris Magsino are models
of the new campaign  @ Transderma Skincare

Photos/IG:  01  02  03  04  05           photo/fb

Hair & Makeup:  Nathalie Berzelius    photo/IG
More Marie styled by Nathalie   IG:  01  02  03

2015/Nov/18                      Max  Factor  3
                                                    MakeUp tutorials

Marie's  collaboration w.  Max Factor    clip/IG
Video   "Star Wars Seduce"   BLOG    YouTube


2015/Nov/17               Go  Go  Sweden !

Marie very happy !!  Two goals in Denmark !!
Ibrahimovic shoots Sweden to the  EM 2016

                                             photos/IG:  01  02
Sweden  -  Denmark                                    
Duell 1  2:1Duell 2  2:2  ...  total  4 : 3        


2015/Nov/16                                    Julgalan  LIVE

Julgalan    is a touring Christmas Show, but divided to
different galas, because of the different artists and the
cities where they perform.   Marie  will act as Master of
Ceremonies on  Julgalan  Green Gala  ...  together with
radio moderator Jakob Öqvist.  IG:  01  02  03  04  05

Premiere  show  in  Falun   Nov/20   tickets


2015/Nov/14                                            Duty  Free

Marie introduce her perfume line "Signature by M. S."
on board the giant  Viking Line  ferries this weekend.


  #Peace for Paris
  Pics/IG:  PEACE
  01 (right)  02  03


Sweden  vs  Denmark
Playoffs  EM 2016  in France

The last chance of Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Why Sweden should win   >>   article

   Home   14.11.15   2:1  SE   Sthlm - Solna
   Away   17.11.15  -  20:45   Copenhagen


2015/Nov/12                              Friend's  B-day

Happy Birthday Daga !    photos/IG:  01  02  03  04


2015/Nov/11                               CLOSE  UPS

Short before Marie's close up for         photo/IG
Make Glamour Happen    by  ELLE  + Max Factor
Three days ago:  Happy Fathersday ! photo/IG


2015/Nov/06                                             H a i r c u t

5  cm  shorter  !       Marie lost hair @ Antonio Axu Salon
"It was needed.  After months of styling the tops were
 as tired as I am right now.  It also became new loops.
As usual, more than satisfied."
  BLOG   IG:  before  after


2015/Nov/03                                                     Fake  Spring

@ the recordings of  Det Stora Tårtslaget !  Marie and the set
pretending spring, because the TV broadcasts are planned in
Spring 2016. So enjoy the pic while waiting for it !   photo/IG


2015/Nov/02                  TV  Recordings
Det Stora Tårtslaget  -  The Big Cake Team
Ready for recording   IG:  01 (below)  02  03

Go Green  freestyle                                         
by friend Nathalie yesterday ...   IG:  01  02


2015/Nov/01                Ready  For  Takeoff
Some more photos of Sofi's party past Friday are
on the  BLOGs  from  Marie  and the author  Sofi

who released the "Ready for Takeoff" cookbook.

Halloween Night    photos/IG:  01  02


2015/Oct/31                          Good  Morning !

Hangover breakfast after the "Ready for Takeoff"
dinner with Sofi Fahrman (cookbook release) at the
new restaurant  Hillenberg  in Stockholm and the
subsequent club party ...    photos/IG:  01  02  03


2015/Oct/30           Summer  On  Set

with a matching interior design   photo/IG
around a very well styled Marie
who likes to eat Princess cakes    photo/IG
~~~~~~~  Det Stora Tårtslaget  ~~~~~~~


2015/Oct/27                         Work  &  Free  Time

Two more recording days on set,    photos/IG:  01  02
but last  Saturday three days ago  Marie had a day off

and visited old friends in Lidingö: brunch, baby sitting
and a big life update stands on the schedule ...   BLOG


2015/Oct/24                   Det  Stora  Tårtslaget

All about the baking contest - now on Marie's  BLOG

2015/Oct/22                  Behind  The  Scenes

of  "Det Stora Tårtslaget"    photos/IG:  01  02  03
A fun recording session with Marie
  video  Sjuan/fb



Det  Stora  Tårtslaget

The secret is out:   Marie is in the middle of the filming
of the baking contest "The Big Cake Team" Sweden's
TV channel "7" (Sjuan) broadcast next year in Spring.
Marie  host seven shows and she just has a lot of fun
between all the sweets and cakes on set. ;)  photo/IG

For more please read Marie's comment   >>  photo/IG
and the articles on  english  and

ENGLISH  Copy & paste the Swedish text:  google translator


Yesterday  Marie  lead  the  3rd  and  last  LIVE  talk
of  Allerdagarna 2015  in Stockholm:   photo/IG
Photos of the past shows in Malmö and Gothenburg
are now up on   (Stockholm pics soon)

Photo/IG  by Marie's friend and stylist Nathalie B.
Photo below:  cut out of the  photo  on Marie's IG



2015/Oct/18          On  Set  On  Sunday

" Another day on set has come to an end ... "
Marie let us know on her Instagram:   01  02


2015/Oct/17                           Golden  Cup  Cakes

Marie remembers the Golden Vanilla-Cupcakes she has
enjoyed in the "Little Cupcake Bakeshop" in Soho, last
time she was in NY -  a prima Saturday candy !    BLOG

Too bad if you're just on work like Marie ...     photo/IG



Today and yesterday, after long days
 on set ...          photos/IG:   01  02  03


2015/Oct/13                                        TV  with  Marie  !

Tomorrow  start the recordings to a  NEW  TV  production
with Marie. Today walk testing and the screenplay plug are
on the plan, so a powerful breakfast was needed !     BLOG



2015/Oct/10                                     Autumn  Weekend

Saturday       Griffins' Steakhouse  turning 5 years old today,
     congratulations !    photos/IG:  01  02
     Later with friends @ Riche    photo/IG
Marie's  Friday  photos   @  Instagram:   Morning  &  Evening


2015/Oct/08               Allerdagarna  -  Gothenburg
8:00 - 12:00  Infos  @  +  Oct/06      clip/IG
                        Last stop  Oct/20  in Stockholm, 12:30 - 17:00 !!

Marie's  Restaurant  TIP:   the  magical  TOSO  (fb)    BLOG


2015/Oct/07                     Gothenburg

Marie arrived in Gothenburg and will host
Allerdagarna  tomorrow morning:   BLOG



2015/Oct/06                               Allerdagarna  -  Malmö

"Aller Days" are a live podium by  Aller Media, presented by
their event chef Shatilla Holm and this year guided by Marie.
Advertisers, partners, agencies, marketing managers and
others are invited for inspiration, knowledge and insights.
This year is focused on LIVE - so visitors can listen to the ESC
general Christer Bjorgman, ELLE chef editor Cia Jansson and
event organizer Michael Bindefeld who talks about the work of
ELLE Gala.  TODAY  8:00 - 12:00   Infos @
Photos/IG:  01  02  03  04  05  06
  07   #allerdagarna


2015/Oct/06             Marie  Single  Again !

After 1,5 years Marie and Qhris have broken up !
Read more in the article of   english


2015/Oct/04                         3  x  K

Three images that start with K summarizing Marie's sunday
so far: Kaffe, Kanelbullens and Kaniner på fötterna !  BLOG

>>    Details via english translator    <<


2015/Oct/03                        Flowers

Would you like to go flower shopping
on a Saturday like Marie       photo/IG

or would you prefer bib ?    photo/IG


2015/Sept/30                  Amare  by  Marie  Serneholt

Marie's  red wine  AMARE  is now available at  Systembolaget.
The wine is made in Tempranillo-druvor / Spain and is suitable
for meat or as a party wine.  Please check too Sept/22 below.

Pics/IG:  01  02     Warning !  Wines could cause side effects !  video


2015/Sept/29                                            MIAMI

" THANKS  Miami  -  it was short but very sweet ! "
Some more pics from the trip to Miami  >>  BLOG




MIAMI  -  Stella  Squad
Happy Birthday Rebecca Stella !

One of Marie's best friends Rebecca Stella invited to
her birthday weekend and a trip to Miami, Florida !!

Rebecca Stella Blog:   Day 1   pictures !   back in Sthlm

Photos/IG:    01  02  03  04   CLIP   05  06  07  08  09
RS    #stellasquad      10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17    FIN


2015/Sept/24                                 Max  Factor  2
                                                     MakeUp tutorials

Marie shows her own makeup tutorial Modern Retro
Video 2   "Marie's  Modern  Retro"   BLOG    YouTube


2015/Sept/23                      Photo  Shoot

... by Nathalie Berzelius         Instagram  01  02


2015/Sept/22                  Marie's  Amare

Swedish magazine attention to  Marie's  wine
AMARE - now available @ Systembolaget  IG

INFO      In Sweden you can buy alcohol
only in special shops - @ Systembolaget

Sept/17     Marie's wine tasting    BLOG


2015/Sept/17                          Cozy  Breakfast
Breakfast invitation from Emilia and Ebba they are
celebrating their book release "Safe Style".   BLOG

The later the day ...                                                    
     Marie invites for wine tasting of her red  Amare


2015/Sept/16                              Max  Factor  2
                                                  MakeUp tutorials

Marie's  collaboration with  Max Factor  continues:
Video   "Marilyn Monroe makeup"  BLOG   YouTube

Modern Retro look by Tomas Lenneryd
Do you recognize Marie ??      


2015/Sept/13                       Sunday  Wake-Up

After the movie night @ DOG TV:   photo/IG   BLOG


2015/Sept/11                    Fångarna  På  Fortet
Marie and Gunde host the competition series on TV4
- recorded in Fort Boyard / France, May - June 2015
Episode 4/4  video   (Swedish IP address required !)

Marie's  latest  pics  @ Insta:   brushes   crayfish   Barbie


2015/Sept/09           Three  Things

Marie's latest BLOG postings are about



2015/Sept/06                           Max  Factor  2

Photos of the filming and photo shoot Marie did
for Max Factor some months ago (Smokey Eyes)

"You must keep your eyes peeled for my next look.
Coming soon ..."   Marie posted on her  BLOG


2015/Sept/04                    Fångarna  På  Fortet

Marie and Gunde host the competition series on TV4
- recorded in Fort Boyard / France, May - June 2015
Episode 3    video     (Swedish IP address required !)


2015/Sept/04                    Friday  After  Work

with friends  @  Riche  Restaurant / Bar    photo/IG


2015/Sept/01                              Signature

Marie's fragrance line "Signature" got a fantastic
well received  since the release last spring and
Marie is very happy for all the positive feedback.
The ball "perfume series" rolls now into a raging
lovely surprise  ...  so stay tuned !        BLOG


2015/Aug/31           Photo  Adds

Kristallen   IG:  01  02  03  04           
IG:  01  02  03   BLOG


Kristallen  2015                                                

Sweden's  annual  TV  award                                                          
   website     IG:  01  02  03                                                             


                                                       Guldknappen  2015

Damernas Värld     The fashion and women's magazine
offers their annual award   "Gold Button"   ...  to win by
Swedish fashion designers.  website
      IG:  01  02  03  04


2015/Aug/28                    Fångarna  På  Fortet

Marie and Gunde host the competition series on TV4
- recorded in Fort Boyard / France, May - June 2015
Episode 2  video  (Swedish IP address required !)  IG


2015/Aug/27                                 Crayfish  Party

Yesterday    Marie finally got to eat the first crayfish,
which jostled with Västerbotton pie, booze and hats
on the table. To flick smacked Marie and her friends
in the Jansson's temptation, "sausages & meatballs"
she posted on her  BLOG  today.    Insta:  01  02  03
A Västerbotton cheese pie recipe you can find  HERE


Stockholm  Fashion  Week

Back in Sweden, it throws Marie straight in the
the Stockholm Fashion Week.
Usually she never
have the time to go for a few views, but this
year Marie was there with ONE day anyway.
Photos/IG:  01  02  03  04  05  06    BLOG    BLOG


2015/Aug/24                 V  Festival

P h o t o m a n i a   on  Marie's   BLOG
&  Instagram:  01  02  03  04  05  06

2015/Aug/22                 TBC  &  V  Festival

Marie @ The Breakfast Club  BLOG  and later at
the V Music festival  (by Virgin media, record label)
Photos/IG:  01  02  03 


2015/Aug/21                    Fångarna  På  Fortet

Marie and Gunde host the competition series on TV4
- recorded in Fort Boyard / France, May - June 2015
Episode 1  video  (Swedish IP address required !)  IG

2015/Aug/21        From  London  With  Love

Lots of photos on Marie's  BLOG                  photo/IG


2015/Aug/20                   Liberty  London

After breakfast at the hotel restaurant  BLOG
Marie went shopping @ Liberty ...     photo/IG
Also worth a visit:  The Bodega Negra   pic/IG


2015/Aug/19                           Welcome  In  London  !

Marie  and  Qhris  arrived  safely  and have checked in at the
hotel Marie felt in love with last year because of the perfect
balance between "modern & homely".    photo/IG    BLOG

Later they went to  Bobo Social  where they offering very
tasty Hamburgers  BLOG  ... met up with a friend  photo/IG
and ended up in the  Novikov  Restaurant & Bar.   photo/IG


2015/Aug/18                                  London  Calling

Tomorrow  Marie visits London for a couple of days to
fresh up and extend her "Places To Remember" book.

                                                               photo/IG    BLOG


2015/Aug/16                                              Photo  Update

Today on Sunday    Marie on the way to work ...    photo/IG
Yesterday  @ the blue lagoon ...   photos on Marie's   BLOG

2015/Aug/15                                   The  Blue  Lagoon

Because the weather is fine and sunny Marie will pack
her bathing bag and gas out of the boat to spend this
Saturday on a cliff.    BLOG   photos/IG:  01  02

Today's breakfast  photo/IG  and the Korean steak tatare
@ Milles yesterday  BLOG  will deliver the required energy.


2015/Aug/12                         Bungee  Jump

Fångarna På Fortet    Marie's jump in Fort Boyard
                      VIDEO    TV4
play    facebook     BLOG


2015/Aug/12                    Relaxation

Picture bomb of Marie's last 24 hours in
a japanese wellness temple:   BLOG   IG


2015/Aug/09                     Fångarna  På  Fortet

Marie and Gunde host the competition series on TV4,
recorded in May and June on Fort Boyard in France.
Episode 1   Friday, Aug/21 - 20:00


2015/August/07                            Summer  Time

Between coffee and steak ...    photos/IG:  01  02  03


2015/August/05                Maximum  Enjoyment

Yesterday   Marie enjoyed a sunny day at some friends'
magical place out in the country.  Lots of pics !     BLOG

Today  she met her favorites of Fångarna ...    photo/IG



Today  &  Yesterday

Today:  Sweden delivers summer !   photo/IG

Yesterday Hamburg delivered:   Sunny, 30°C
Before Marie and Qhris flew back home again
they enjoyed some hours on the hotel's roof
terrace,  later a small shopping tour and a ....
very delicious "Moules Frites" meal !      BLOG


2015/August/02                 Wedding  Celebration

Marie & Qhris enjoyed a wedding celebration yesterday
in Hamburg and made some stunning pics ...  IG    BLOG


2015/August/02          Fun  &  Sun  In  Hamburg
Welcome  in  Germany !    Marie and Qhris enjoy a sunny
Hamburg this weekend.    photos/IG:  01  02  03   BLOG

Friday Night:   Marie and Qhris on the  Hamburger DOM
the largest folk festival in Northern Germany  facebook


2015/July/29                    Family  Celebration

Marie's brother in law's anniversary was celebrated
yesterday. Marie about on her blog today: "It was
one of those days that you do not want to end.
Hang with the family beats everything."  BLOG   IG


2015/July/27                    Gothenburg

Marie's weekend in Gothenburg ...   BLOG
Photos/IG:   01  02  03  +  July/24  below


UBER  Ice  Cream  Day
Today Marie meet up with some "old" friends
in Gothenburg ...     @ IG:  01
  02  03  04  05

After Marie arrived in Gothenburg she got some
yummy  Mochi Ice Cream  Bubbies  with the special
delivery service  UBER  offers today in  Sweden 
and many other countries worldwide !

  Marie got yummy ice cream via  UBER GBG


2015/July/23                                 MAX  FACTOR
                                                         MakeUp tutorials

Marie's  collaboration with Max Factor continues and now
it was HER turn to create her very own makeup tutorial .

Video 2    "Marie's Smokey Eyes"    BLOG    YouTube

Yesterday evening Marie spent with Jennifer, who played
with Marie in the musical "Grease" some years ago.


2015/July/22              Summer  2015

Latest photos on Instagram    01  02  03
... and postings on Marie's  BLOG   01  02


2015/July/18                          Staycation

Day 2 of Marie's stay in the Grand Hotel ...
enjoying not having to make the bed, but
getting served a delicious dinner on the
hotel's terrace with the fantastic view, just
just after taking a bath in the hotel's spa !
Photos/IG:  01  02     

2015/July/17              Feet  Up  Hotel

Marie takes staycation @ the Grand Hotel
and enjoyes the really nice view ...   BLOG


2015/July/17                         French  Lunch

Yesterday  Marie enjoyed a delicious lunch with
friend Therese @  Mister French  in Stockholm's
old town "Gamla Stan".           photo/IG    BLOG

Some more photos you can find on Therese's   BLOG
and you can read a small conversation to this   pic/IG

Skål !  Orig-pic  on Marie's blog !                              

2015/July/16                                     Jo-Jo  Weather

Not the best summer weather in Stockholm today, so
Marie dreamed back herself to last week when her body
was warmed by generous plus degrees and when every
meal was taken outside as it should be in July.    BLOG
Head up Marie, the
will be back soon !   BBC/weather


2015/July/15                                      Let's  Grill !

              Smoky  Wrap time @ sister's place    BLOG
07/12   Barbecue @ friend's country place    BLOG


2015/July/14                                       MAX  FACTOR

Make-up   Marie and blog colleague Elsa Billgren have
had the great honor to enter into a partnership with
MAX  FACTOR  -  a collaboration that kicks off NOW !

A month ago,  Marie spent some instructive hours in a
studio with the make-up artist Thomas Lenneryd who
showed her many tricks Marie want to share now ...
Video 1    "Smokey Eyes"     BLOG    YouTube


2015/July/13                   B-Day  Review

A perfect day Marie had on Saturday   BLOG

2015/July/12                         H A P P Y

The day after / Qhris & Marie   photo/IG


Flowers graphics        Marie  turns  32  today !        Flowers graphics


01   02   03   04

Flowers graphics



2015/July/07                                        POOL  DAYS  !

Marie at the hotel pool ...      photos/IG:  01  02     BLOG
Body Boost  Give your body a vitamin injection !   BLOG


2015/July/05                         Flower  Power  1 & 2

No text needed ...     photos/IG:  01  02     BLOG   BLOG


2015/July/04                          Gloria  Palace

A warm and beautiful summer evening on the
Chill Out Terrace Gorbea  yesterday ...    BLOG

But before anything else Marie has enjoyed the
ocean views over the beach of  Playa del Inglés
... and the whole of San Agustin.       photo/IG

Hotel  Gloria Palace Amadores   Gran Canaria / Spain

And a  NEW  photo shoot  -  on Marie's  BLOG


2015/July/02                                Beautiful  Holidays

In the shade under the palm trees ...      photo/IG   BLOG


2015/July/01                                                  Sunkissed

Marie enjoys the sunny weather and fuels her body with
vitamins ... cheers !         
     photos/IG:   01  02     BLOG


2015/June/30                Banana  Pancakes

Make your own Banana pancakes !       photo/IG
Very easy recipe you can find on Marie's    BLOG

Summer feeling ...      photos/IG:  01  02        BLOG


2015/June/26                           Happy  Vacation !

Marie started her holidays in Spain with a waterlemon
juice under swaying palm trees and a clear blue sky ...

                                      Photos/IG:  01  02  03     BLOG


2015/June/24                                   Hola  España !

Marie has enough of rain and cool temperatures ...
"Sweden, the next time we meet I hope you are ready
to show that summer is here.
  BLOG   photo/IG



   Happy  Midsummer  !

Awesome pictures on Marie's   BLOG                    
                                    and Instagram:   01  02  03


2015/June/16                                  Pool  Hopping

Marie visits her friend Anna who surprised her with a
trip to a much needed Spa circuit.    photo/IG   BLOG


2015/June/15                My  Weekend

Marie's  weekend in pics  ...  on her   BLOG
Palm trees, beach and sea - 1 week to go !  IG


2015/June/12+13                   Summerburst

Marie   with friends at Sweden's largest Open Air
festival in Stockholm    photos/IG:  01  02  03  04

Day 2   The party goes on ...   photo/IG   clip/IG


2015/June/11                    Louis  Vuitton  Dinner

When  "Louis Vuitton"  invites to dinner, it must be fun
to wear clothes of him !
  photos/IG:  01  02  03   BLOG
Marie went to the cocktail,  followed by dinner to
celebrate the store's stunning renovation.  BLOG


2015/June/10                     Photo  Shoot

Behind the scenes of the latest photo shoot
- the result we will see later in fall ...     BLOG


2015/June/09                    Fångarna  På  Fortet

All 12 episodes recorded !   Marie on Insta:  "This has
been one of the most amazing experiences in my life"

photos/IG:   01  02     BLOG


2015/June/07                  Back  To  France

Marie on the way back to France ...     photo/IG
MUSIC TIP  "To France"   RMX   Spanish Dream Mix



Sweden's  National  Day !

Marie is back in Stockholm for 24 hours and want
to celebrate Sweden's National Day with frinds
@ the V/Wall club later. "untz untz untz"    BLOG

Photos/IG:   01  02  03  04


2015/June/05        Fångarna  På  Fortet

9 of 12 episodes are now recorded !  
Instagram photos:  01  02  03




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