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                           BLOG:   English translation is back - check link above !


Superskaparna                             TV4   TV4play   facebook   instagram

Supercreators      7 creative participants create everything from
impressive chandeliers to glamorous jewelry at the time.  Hostess
Marie get help of an expert jury to find the "Super Creator 2017".

Tuesdays, 21:00-22:00  @ 7/Sjuan + after the TV broadcast @  TV4play
Season 1,  episodes 1- 7    Feb/ 21  28   Mar/ 07  14  21  28   Apr/ 04
To watch it on TV4play you need a gratis account and a Swedish IP address !


Det  Stora  Tårtslaget                TV4   TV4play   facebook   instagram

Det Stora Tårtslaget     In "The Great Cake Team" the participants
compete to create spectacular cakes.
   Each episode presents fun and
a new theme that the participants should interpret.   Hostess:  Marie !

Thursdays, 21:00-22:00  @ 7/Sjuan + after the TV broadcast @  TV4play
Season 2,  episodes 1- 9    Apr/20  27   May/04  18  25    Jun/01  08  15  15
To watch it on TV4play you need a gratis account and a Swedish IP address !

Image taken from Marie's  BLOG


2017/Jun/30                             The  Day  After

the Guns N' Roses concert yesterday Marie visited
with her friends Clara and Daga ...      CLIP   IG  IG

More about this event shows Marie on her   BLOG


2017/Jun/27                                        Gyros  Party

TB Tuesday    Just two weeks ago Marie was in Spain
and enjoyed the best Gyros ever !    photo/IG  BLOG


2017/Jun/23                             Glad  Midsommar !

The past week Marie worked on a production recording
we'll see soon.  CLIP/IG    But today is time to celebrate
midsummer in Ingarö,  an island in Stockholm's county.
Photos/IG:  01  02 (below)    BLOG (photos are from 2016)


2017/Jun/19                                              Blog  Update

A couple of weeks ago  Marie enjoyed the sunny weather
and followed two stories on her  BookBeat  ...    IG   BLOG

Pic from the "Back to the 90's tutorial"   IG  


2017/Jun/16                                 DST  Masterclass
End of Season   'Det Stora Tårtslaget' said bye with the
extra episode  'Masterclass'  while Marie's head smoked
after all the recordings in the past weeks ...          clip/IG

After holidays ...   back at home means stay with friends !  IG

Photo on Marie's  BLOG                                                           


2017/Jun/15                 Det  Stora  Tårtslaget (8+9)
Det  Stora  Tårtslaget   Baking competition, host by Marie
2 epis 2day  Grand Final + Special  to the end of season 2
21:00 + 22:00   @ 7/Sjuan   EP 8+9/9   
 (Available @ TV4play with gratis account + Swedish IP address)


2017/Jun/14                          Adiós  España !

Marie's last day in Spain ...        BLOG   IG:  01  02
today  she leaves  San Agustin  and  Gran Canaria,
jobs and the swed. midsummer waiting @ home !


2017/Jun/10                                          Olé  Ola

A magical Friday night in Gran Canaria ...    BLOG
Gastronomy:   360°-Atelier   Samsara      photo/IG
                          Marie w. her mother    IG:  01  02


2017/Jun/08                       Det  Stora  Tårtslaget (7)
Det  Stora  Tårtslaget   Baking competition, host by Marie
21:00   7/Sjuan         EP 7/9               
(Available @ TV4play with gratis account + Swedish IP address)
Makeup  Tutorial
Welcome back to the 90's !    BLOG   IG   YouTube

Good  Morning  from Spain !   BLOG


2017/Jun/06                                     National  Day

Another photo shoot, just to Sweden's National Day
Marie did in a blue - white dress ...  BLOG   IG:  01  02


2017/Jun/05                                Photo  Shots
Beautiful  Lady In Red  photo shoot   BLOG   IG
Marie Teen  photo/IG     'Sunglasses ...' MUSIC TIP


2017/Jun/02                                              London  Tips

5* and 252-room hotel   THE  NED        A historic building
reborn in the heart of the city, decorated in 1920's style.
Nine restaurants under one roof,  such as Cecconi's, Kaia
and Malibu Kitchen
.    Please read more on Marie's  BLOG


2017/Jun/01                       Det  Stora  Tårtslaget (6)
Det  Stora  Tårtslaget   Baking competition, host by Marie
21:00   7/Sjuan         EP 6/9               
(Available @ TV4play with gratis account + Swedish IP address)


2017/May/31                                         Viva  Espana
Marie changed the rainy Sweden to a sunny Spain and
enjoys now the afternoon sun on the balcony.    BLOG



2017/May/30                          Spanish  Countdown

Spanish delicacies and fruity contents in the glass, short:
Marie is going to enjoy lucky evenings in Spain,  so come
 along, departure is tomorrow !   BLOG (pics are older ones)


2017/May/28                         Mother's  Day

Sweden is a bit late with honoring its mothers,
but congratulate as heartily as everyone else
of course !  Do you remember what happened
2015 on this day when Marie was  LIVE  on TV
moderating BingoLotto ?   v/BLOG   photo/IG


2017/May/27                    A  Good  Morning

and a  Happy Saturday  from Marie, back again in
Stockholm after two nice days in London.   BLOG


2017/May/26                         Chiltern  Firehouse

May/24   The  Chiltern Firehouse  is a luxury boutique
hotel in London ... the bulding was once a fire station.

Photos and more about this day  >  on  Marie's  BLOG


2017/May/25                      Det  Stora  Tårtslaget (5)
Det  Stora  Tårtslaget   Baking competition, host by Marie
21:00   7/Sjuan         EP 5/9               
(Available @ TV4play with gratis account + Swedish IP address)


2017/May/24                                     London !
Marie visits London again.  This time she'll meet
the jewellery designer Marte Frisnes.  
  May/23   Marie met goaltender Henrik Lundqvist   IG 


2017/May/22                              Wine  &  Dine

Four days ago Marie was invited to spend a great
 Thursday evening in the  "Opera Cellar" ...   BLOG


Fun  In  The  Kitchen
The collaboration with Marie and  BookBeat  continues !
Marie likes listening to audio books while she's swinging
around pots and pans in her kitchen. So today's menue
Leaf beef with broccoli, pak choi, roasted pine nuts and
an Asian dressing
Marie prepares while listening
to  Jojo Moyes  'Life After You' ... 

Last  Night  photos/IG:  01  02  03  04


2017/May/18                      Det  Stora  Tårtslaget (4)
Det  Stora  Tårtslaget   Baking competition, host by Marie
21:00   7/Sjuan         EP 4/9        IG   
(Available @ TV4play with gratis account + Swedish IP address)

 Lady In Black 
@ IG    @ YT    LIVE


New  BLOG  Features

Commenting is now possible again  . . .  and
Google Translation  was also added.   BLOG
 Photo  borrowed from Marie's blog                     


 Tooth  Whitening  Warning !

Tooth  Whitening   On her  BLOG,  Marie  currently advertises
a tooth whitening toothpaste in combination with a so-called
"lamp bleaching", which is dangerous for the teeth because
of permanently overheatings in every tooth that finally
damages them - root treatments are then the result !

It is expressly warned against this everywhere !
Also many tooth whitening pastes were evaluated in
tests more negative, so keep your fingers away from it !

If you want whiter teeth, you should let the dentist remove
the pads and stains in a professional cleaning !

( Sources:   denta beaute zahnmedizin   ö


2017/May/15              Retail  Awards

Tonight Marie host the  Retail Awards  IG
For more infos about please check  HERE


2017/May/11                         Smokey  Eyes  90
Soon we'll see a new make-up tutorial of Marie
and her friend and stylist Nathalie ...  IG  BLOG

Working:  Marie says "Hello" from her bed ...  BLOG

May/08     Happy  Birthday !                                   
Two days ago Marie's grandpa went  90 !    BLOG


2017/May/04                      Det  Stora  Tårtslaget (3)
Det  Stora  Tårtslaget   Baking competition, host by Marie
21:00   7/Sjuan         EP 3/9        IG  
(Available @ TV4play with gratis account + Swedish IP address)

Cherry blossoms  photo/IG              

PHOTO  was taken in the  Schloss Arkaden  Braunschweig / GER
some days ago and has nothing to do with the TV show above


2017/May/02                                       In  The  Park

Today Marie went to Kungsträdgården to look at the
Cherry blossoms - like typically half Stockholm   BLOG

Later she had fun with friends @ Sturehof   photo/IG
and surely showed pics from yesterday ...  IG:  01  02


2017/May/01                                                          Charity

The "World's Night for all Children" @ TV4     video
Marie sat in the telephone loop tonight  and received calls
from spectators who want to support Unicef's work with
children round the world.  Photos on Marie's  BLOG  show
her styled by  Nathalie Berzelius     photo/IG   CLIP   CLIP

Image/cut  ORIG                                                                       


2017/Apr/29        Flying  Back  Home

Farewell from cousin Linda and Marbella,
Marie flies back to Stockholm again.    IG


2017/Apr/27                       Det  Stora  Tårtslaget (2)
Det  Stora  Tårtslaget   Baking competition, host by Marie
21:00   7/Sjuan         EP 2/9               
(Available @ TV4play with gratis account + Swedish IP address)

Marie  In  Marbella

Beach Day      Marie collaborates with  BookBeat , a Swedish
audio book provider for mobile phones and the perfect app
for the beach. Marie just listen to  City of My Dreams  by the
Swedish  author   Per  Anders  Fogelström , to find out more
about Stockholm in the earlier years 1860-1880.
Lunch Time  Listen to audio books makes hungry ...   BLOG


2017/Apr/26                          Family  Visit

Olé Espana !  Marie currently visits her cousin
Linda in Marbella.
      IG:  01  02  03  04   CLIP
Yesterday    Marie @ Shieldmaid jewelry    photo/IG


2017/Apr/22                      Hello  Dhani !

Day Party time @ Nosh & Chow !  And so cool,
Marie and Dhani met again !    IG:  01  02  CLIP

Yesterday   Dinner  @  Bernie's    IG:  01  02


2017/Apr/20                       Det  Stora  Tårtslaget (1)
Det  Stora  Tårtslaget   Baking competition, host by Marie
21:00   7/Sjuan         EP 1/9    CLIP    
(Available @ TV4play with gratis account + Swedish IP address)

Yesterday  Marie visited her parents ...   photo/IG


2017/Apr/18                          Photo  O T D
TUESDAY       Photo Of The Day  @ Instagram
2 days to go:   Det Stora Tårtslaget / S2   CLIP



2017/Apr/17                       Interview
Marie @ Sveriges Radio  P4 Extra   BLOG
You can  listen the interview @  P4 page

"Det  Stora  Tårtslaget"
Season 2  of the popular baking competition  @ Sjuan
Marie host  DST  Thursdays, @ 21:00 - start:  Apr/20 !
TV4    TV4play    photo/IG    #detstoratartslaget


2017/Apr/16                               Easter  2017
Marie spent the 1st Easter evening with
her family at her sister's home ...   BLOG

( Image detail  of the  original photo  on Marie's blog )


2017/Apr/15                                             Holy  Saturday

This  Holy Saturday  pulled Marie back to bed and in front of
the "Morning News".  Breakfast:  coffe & chocolate !   BLOG

                    Happy  Easter !   photo/IG


2017/Apr/13                Maundy  Thursday

Happy Maundy Thursday  by Marie !   IG  BLOG


2017/Apr/12                              My  Factor
Marie's own and distinctive factor is her smile
she writes on Insta  -  ...  and what is yours ?

Take part of the new campaign from  Max Factor !

Photo/IG                         Balayage  by  AXU  salon

Yesterday          A good start in the day with
a breakfast at the new  Hobo  Hotell    BLOG


2017/Apr/11                                 New  Outfit
New  Outfit     Photos on Marie's  IG  and  BLOG
Recipe   Marie's version of  Sc. Bolognese  BLOG
Superskaparna    Thank  You  TV4  !    photo/IG


2017/Apr/09                                 Stockholm

What Marie want to say about what happened
yesterday in Stockholm ...      BLOG   translation


2017/Apr/05                                                Shoes

Michaela  Forni  launched her own shoe collection
@ Strandvägen 1  in Östermalm    photo/IG  BLOG


2017/Apr/04                               Superskaparna (7)
Supercreators   Final of the "Do-it-yourself competition"
21:00 - 22:00  @ 7/Sjuan   EP 7/7    IG   #superkasparna

(Available @ TV4play with gratis account + Swedish IP address
Questions  &  Answers (2)        Part 2   BLOG

Question:         I wonder how you get your hair so fine ?
Run the Brazilian Blowout or another ?     I also wonder if
you could recommend a good hairdresser in Gothenburg ?

Photo cut / original                                                          


2017/Apr/03                                 Girl  Party !

March 31    Happy  Birthday  CLARA  !    BLOG
16 girls celebrated @  Teatergrillen  in Stockholm


2017/Apr/01                                   Q  &  A  (1)
Questions  Answers  - part 1 on Marie's  BLOG
"ONE OF US"  Marie and her cousin Linda  IG  IG

TBT  2015/April  -  United States of Cake   BLOG

What for a difference in weather !
 Marie and her cousin from Marbella ...   photo/IG


2017/Mar/29                                   New  Q & A

Ask Marie !  New Questions & Answers  >>  BLOG
HAPPY  BIRTHDAY  CLARA !  @ Riche     photo/IG


2017/Mar/28                               Superskaparna (6)
Supercreators   Do-it-yourself competition host by Marie
21:00 - 22:00  @ 7/Sjuan   EP 6/7            #superkasparna

 (Available @ TV4play with gratis account + Swedish IP address


Honey Honey  on Marie's  BLOG   ABBA LIVE
Weekly's bouquet from the flowery ...   BLOG
and white roses from 'Millionbox'     photo/IG


2017/Mar/25                              Waffle  Day  2017
The 25th of March is the  official Waffle Day  in Sweden,
Marie and friend Therese went to 'Mister French' ....
BLOG / photos  by  Marie  &  Therese      IG:  CLIP  photo



2017/Mar/24                                      Spring  Time

'Early start of Spring' today !  (calendar)     photo/IG
FBF  Flashback Friday  >>  Let's Dance '15   BLOG  IG


2017/Mar/21                               Superskaparna (5)
Supercreators   Do-it-yourself competition host by Marie
21:00 - 22:00  @ 7/Sjuan   EP 5/7            #superkasparna

 (Available @ TV4play with gratis account + Swedish IP address)

Good Morning  ...  on  Marie's  BLOG
Spring fragrances  ...  on  IG:  01  02


2017/Mar/18                  Shirtonomy  &  Nividas

Last thursday Marie and Johan past nine rooms where
Shirtonomy and Nividas held an event ...  BLOG      TBT


2017/Mar/14                               Superskaparna (4)
Supercreators   Do-it-yourself competition host by Marie
21:00 - 22:00  @ 7/Sjuan   EP 4/7            #superkasparna

 (Available @ TV4play with gratis account + Swedish IP address)

Lobster Rolls   Recipe on Marie's  BLOG


2017/Mar/12                        Mello  Final  2017
Sverige, vi har en Resultat !   winner/video
Photo below uncut on Marie's  BLOG  &  IG



2017/Mar/11                                   Mello  Final  2017
Melodifestivalen     Which song will win tonight ?  Who will
represent Sweden at the  ESC  May 13  in Kyiv/Ukraine ??

20:00  The  FINAL LIVE  @  SVTplay   photo/IG   CLIP/IG

Ask Marie !    Marie answered first questions on her  BLOG


2017/Mar/09                    Throwback  Thursday
2011  Remember when Marie host (w. Rickard Olsson)
the grand final of Sweden's biggest festival ??     BLOG

And which song will win this years final in two days  ??
Marie can choose between 3 glasses and will      IG   IG
have a clear view at all 12 performances on Saturday !


2017/Mar/07                               Superskaparna (3)
Supercreators   Do-it-yourself competition host by Marie
21:00 - 22:00  @ 7/Sjuan   EP 3/7            #superkasparna

 (Available @ TV4play with gratis account + Swedish IP address)

Q & A   Questions & Answers on Marie's  BLOG  IG


2017/Mar/06                           Melfest  &  Spring
So is  De Vet Du  in the grand final on Saturday ?
Unfortunately, no !   And Marie and her mom has
decorated the table so beautifully ... !  :(     BLOG

A first spring greeting  is on Marie's living room table,
newly composed of the remains of the bouquet she
got at the premiere of  'Supercreators'  and what the
flower shop last week delivered ...                  BLOG  


2017/Mar/04                               Melodifestivalen
20:00 - 21:30   Andra Chansen  LIVE  from Linköping
You can watch the  Second Chance  show @  SVTplay

4/8  songs reach the grand final next week !!
Marie calls to vote for  De Vet Du  >>  CLIPS:  01  02

Image captured from CLIP 01


2017/Mar/03                        TV  &  Boutique
Superskaparna  reunion @  Stureplan   photo/IG

Last night ...   Marie enjoyed a private viewing
with Andrea and Linn, the new owners of the
Nordic Gallery  in Stockholm's Östermalm  BLOG


2017/Mar/02                                Marbella

Holidays in sight ...... the spanish sun calls  !
Marie has just booked a trip in April.   BLOG

Y'day  Best rolls are from mum !  IG  BLOG


2017/Feb/28                                Superskaparna (2)

Supercreators   Do-it-yourself competition host by Marie
21:00 - 22:00  @ 7/Sjuan   EP 2/7     IG   #superkasparna

 (Available @ TV4play with gratis account + Swedish IP address)


2017/Feb/27        Oscars  2017  Dresses

Academy Awards in Los Angeles last night    IG
Marie's favorite:  Hailee Steinfeld   BLOG   article


2017/Feb/25                            Weekend

Saturday surprises !     photo/IG 
Who will win tonight ?  CLIP    Mello Heat 4
The Friday news by Marie  image/IG


2017/Feb/22                   Water  &  Wine
Cozy b-day with Marie's ex-neighbour ...   IG

Feb/18     Photos from the wine tasting near
Barcelona a few days ago.   BLOG   photo/IG



2017/Feb/21                                Superskaparna (1)

Supercreators   Do-it-yourself competition host by Marie
21:00 - 22:00  @ 7/Sjuan   EP 1/7    Trailer  Announce   v/IG

 (Available @ TV4play with gratis account + Swedish IP address)


Premiere for 'Supercreator' Marie   IG
host tomorrow on  7/Sjuan   TV4play

To watch the TV recording  tomorrow 21:00
you have to register and to log in @ TV4play

Slarvdagen    Marie & friends celebrated the
"International  Sloppiness's  Day" yesterday
on Feb/19,  one day too early,  because it is
 always on Feb/20,  so how sloppy is that ??

<<  CLIP/IG  >>


2017/Feb/18                           Lady  Quartet
Wine tasting near Barcelona ...   IG:  01  02  03
Model  Flower Power or Pink Panther ?   04  05

So Marie is not at home watching Mello Heat 3

AXU hairspray  fun @ the hairstylist   CLIP/IG


2017/Feb/15                                              A  Perfect  Day
Yesterday  Marie had lunch with her parents before she and
Johan entered the  Hotel Diplomat .   The dinner @ Lilla Ego

and the pancakes to breakfast made Marie's Valentines Day
perfect !   BLOG                                           photo/IG   CLIP/IG

Optician/Glasses   Cooperation w.  Synsam Sverige   CLIP/IG

Happy  Valentines  Day

BLOG    IG:  01  02


2017/Feb/12                   Best  Picture !

Feb/10     Marie  @  Häst  Galan    photo/IG


2017/Feb/11                       Mello - Heat 2
           20:00 - 21:30     LIVE from Malmö @  SVTplay  watch
A  classical  Eurovision  evening ...     photo/IG
One more pic from the hosting last night    IG


2017/Feb/10                         Häst  Galan  2017
Horse Sports         Marie and Per Skoglund host the
Horse Awards,  tonight @ the Waterfront Congress
Centre in Stockholm.              photos/IG:  01  02  03

Photo/IG  Hair & makeup:  Nathalie Berzelius  CLIP


Mateus  Meets  Fashion

Photos and all about this presentation dinner on
Marie's  BLOG  and below  >>  Feb/07    photo/IG


2017/Feb/08                               Fashion  in  London

Marville Road   Feminine clothes that could be worn 24/7
by the modern busy woman ...  web     photos/IG:  01  02


2017/Feb/07                      Mateus  Meets  Fashion

Mateus  web   Designed ceramic meets  Lisa J. Pettersson,
fashion director @ Damernas Värld Magazine + DV Mode,
@ tonight's presentation dinner ...     IG:  01  02  CLIP  03


2017/Feb/06                   QX  Galan  2017

Marie visits the annual gay gala tonight ... and
she looks amazing !   CLIP  :IG:  01  02  03  04


2017/Feb/06                      Melodifestivalen
Feb/04       Melodifestivalen started with  Heat 1
in Gothenburg. Marie has celebrated with family
and voted for "Road Trip
" of course !  IG  BLOG
~   Photocut from Marie's blog  
photo   ~


2017/Feb/04                              Mello - Heat 1
            20:00 - 21:30   LIVE from Gothenburg @  SVTplay  watch

Marie  cross her fingers for her boyfriend's group
De Vet Du  with  "Road Trip" start #4 !          IG

Look what Marie has collected on  IG:  01  02  03


2017/Feb/02                    Black  &  White

Marie's clothes she wore on the fashion week
@ Daisy Grace two days ago . ..               BLOG

© Photographer:  Eero Hannukainen  web


2017/Feb/01           One  4  You,  One  4  Me

This  night:   Sweet bombs !   CLIP/IG  MUSICTIP
Last night:   Fashion Week / Daisy Grace   photo/IG



Fashion  &  Fun

Fashion Week & Fun in Stockholm
01  02  03  04    BLOG


2017/Jan/24           Guldbaggegalan

NEW   Photo by Karl Nordlund   IG  BLOG

2017/Jan/23                 Guldbaggegalan  2017

Marie on the Guldbaggen Gala, Sweden’s film awards
for outstanding contributions to Swedish film over
the past year.   website   photo/IG   CLIPS/IG:  01  02


2017/Jan/19                              Idrottsgalan

Photos from the sports gala - on Marie's  BLOG

2017/Jan/17                   Preparing
Idrottsgalan 2017    IG:  01  CLIP  02

2017/Jan/16                      Idrottsgalan  2017

Marie has led this year's pre-program of Sweden's
sports gala 2017 and welcomed the dinner guests
in the famous Globen hall.   photo/fb     IG:  01  02


2017/Jan/14                                             ELLE  Gala

Short video with friend Daga and a photo of the best
 friends quartet later at the hotel ...      IG:  CLIP  photo

 Marie's  Look     Photos:  Studio E. Svensson   BLOG   IG



ELLE  Gala

2 0 1 7

Marie is ready for
the gala tonight.


Hair  styling
&  makeup :

Nathalie Berzelius
CLIPS/IG:  01  02

And after Marie will
stay the night at the
Grand Hotel.   BLOG
Check out how her
suite looks like:


2017/Jan/12                     The  Look

Preparation for tomorrow's  ELLE  gala
Part 1   Magic hair by Antonio Axu   IG


2017/Jan/10                      Which  Look  On  Friday ?

Which look will Marie wear at the ELLE gala in three days ??
"It's one of the occasions where you really have to dress up"
Marie writes on her blog  -  where she also posted her last 4
looks of the year's 2012-15, so what's your favor ?   BLOG

Yesterday    Fun on the flight home to Stockholm   CLIP/IG


2017/Jan/07                     London  Calling

Marie enjoys  Berners Tavern  - a gastronomic
gem with a breathtaking setting ...          BLOG


2017/Jan/06              Marie  In  London

Shopping and meeting friends ...   IG:  01  02


2017/Jan/01                                           2 0 1 7

Happy  New  Year  from  Marie !        IG:  01  02
Photo cut:  Marie with life partner Johan Gunterberg


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