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2007 / Nov / 30
Västeras - Sweden
Marie performing in the "Blue Moon" bar ?
JulGalan  2007     Nov. 23 - Dec. 21    BMB



2007 / August / 10

Cityfest in Gävle - Sweden

Marie performed live:

That´s The Way My Heart Goes   1
I Need A House                        2  3
Wasted Love                                  4
Can´t Be Loved                             5

5 live videos:
all credit goes to our member   Lina

please visit Rickard Nygårds´  blogg

2007 / April
"JOY" - fashion
Marie is the new face of clothier "JOY" in Sweden,
with a new brunette hairstyle ... hey hey !

Check out Marie´s new hairstyle:
  1  2       mix of  20 pics

2007 / March / 22
<<   Studio  Time   >>
Great news: Marie is in the studio again, recording new songs
for her 2nd album. Read more about in Marie´s diary on her
official website


2006 / Dec / 01
" Catwalk Smycken "
Marie is also the model for a jewelery company with stores all over
Sweden. They have posters of Marie in their windows and their
commercial magazine with 16 pages of jewelery shows 9 pics of Marie.


2006 / November
" MQ "  fashion
Marie will be the big poster name and model for a store in Sweden
called "MQ", together with actor Andreas Wilson. This is huge
and means Marie will be on posters in streets of every town.
A commercial video is done and they also recorded a small song
for TV promotion in Sweden.  Café.se  show you the 
pics !  also recorded a nice christmas video greeting
with Marie and Andreas
which you can watch on
Jonas Åkerlund´s
  website:   MQ clip   "Give A Little Bit" CLIP

  photo: fsimoleit

2006 / Dec / 02
Hannover - Germany

German Radio 89.0 RTL
Stars on Stage 2006

17:00 CET   interview + photos
20:00 CET   Marie´s performence


photo: fsimoleit  


2006 / October           

Photo shooting         
in Stockholm

12 new portrait photos           
in high resolution !!



2006 / October

Marie´s  3rd single

Studio Release

official  videoclip

Oct/24   TV Premiere
Music clip @ "The Voice"

"Enjoy The Ride"

Marie´s  discography



2006 / Sept / 08
"Morangos com Açúcar Extra"
Marie on portuguese TV program:
info     video



2006 / Sept / 02
Berlin - Germany

10 years
"Stars for free"

Berlins Hit Radio
"104.6 RTL"
celebrates open-air
in the park.
Marie performed
"I need a house"

article     video     40 pics

6 pics + 16 of modeling !


2006 / Sept / 01
Berlin - Germany

Marie @ "VIVA Live!" again !
Music TV channel - 1 hour lifestyle show
with international guests - today with Marie !!



2006 / Sept / 01
Release Germany

2nd single

"I Need A House"

official videoclip


gallery - made of

Album: "Enjoy The Ride"

Marie in Germany again !!

Sept / 02
Sept / 01
Aug / 31
Aug / 30




"Stars 4 free"
"VIVA Live!"


  TV show


2006 / August / 19

THE VOICE Concert 2006

Marie and Dhani performed solo at Kungsträdgården,
a nice and public place inmidden Stockholm´s city.
After "The Voice" Marie performed at "Gröna Lund"
where "Sommarkrysset" was casted by TV 4.


2006 / June / 29

Burda Music Night
Offenburg / Germany

The first "Burda Music Night" @ Burda´s Media Park.
Marie performed three songs.    
1 pic    2 pics


2006 / June / 28

YAM !   Magazine # 27  
Marie´s Homestory


2006 / June / 21

YAM !   Magazine # 26
Marie shows her Stockholm


2006/June/21    LIVE chat with Marie
     17:30 CEST    @  !!



Marie performed in Gothenburg and Västeras

Marie wrote about on her blog and greet a swedish fan she
met the day before in Västeras, a town near Stockholm.
I wanna greet this fan too, because soon we´ll meet again
too. ;)   I´m just planning visiting Stockholm again ... !!



Large interview @
Unfortunately only in german, but with photos
and an audio-welcome from Marie !!  check it !



The official german single charts
# 30   Rised once again: 12 (!) places up this week  
         for  "That´s The Way My Heart Goes"


" I Need A House "

Sweden:  2nd single release, taken from
                 the album "Enjoy The Ride" !!

If you can´t find the Maxi CD please wait
till it is out in Germany:  pre-order/contact

2006/June/05     "NEW  YORKER"

450th. fashion store opening in Hannover/Germany
with Marie:  autograph hour + shopping specials !!

We met Marie again and recorded a nice video:  extra-1



Today on TV:  The DOME 38 !!
Do not miss Marie´s performence !!
20:15  CEST   @  RTL 2             
  Recording from May/26 in Bremen



2006 / June / 01      
Hannover - Germany      

Meeting with Marie      

Grand Opening      
of New Yorker´s      
450th fashion store

All about + video     
Marie - extra 1    

2006 / May / 27
Regional "Hessen-day" celebration
Hessisch Lichtenau - Kassel - Germany

Radio FFH  Hit Tour
Marie performed open-air

pics: credit to czech  fansite      4  other pics    Ooops ...  1  2


2006 / May / 26
Bremen - Germany

Marie "live"
The Dome 38


found by google

Marie´s  gallery


Meet & Greet
with Marie



on our
special site

Marie - extra 1


2006 / May / 26

German release
of Marie´s
debut album

"Enjoy the Ride"

cover & tracklist

startalk + CD check
@ - 19 pics



   2006     Germany                                                                            

   May/24    Germany
   May/26    Bremen
   May/27    Hessen
   May/28    Germany
  June/01    Hannover

 Marie  in the  BRAVO  magazine #22
 Marie @ THE DOME 38   Meet & Greet !!!
 FFH Hittour  - Marie  will perform LIVE !!
 Marie @ BRAVO TV    12:20 CEST / Pro 7
 New Yorker  - big fashion store openng
 " I Need A House "  2nd CD release


2006 / May / 10
Cologne - Germany

!!   Meet & Greet with Marie   !!
Our 1st meeting after the A*TEENS split up !
All about + video + gallery:   Marie - extra 1


2006 / May / 09
Magdeburg - Germany

Marie @  Radio SAW

Marie gave an exclusive interview to Radio SAW Airplay and answered to questions about her
debut album and her life after the A*TEENS.

article + 15 pics

2006 / May / 08
Berlin - Germany

Marie @ "VIVA Live!"
Music TV channel - 1 hour lifestyle show
with international guests - today with Marie !

A fan called in and asked Marie ...  forum


2006 / May / 06
Stuttgart - Germany


Marie just performed
her earworm

" That´s  The  Way
My  Heart  Goes "

video    pic 1  2    gallery   3 pics

So cool to see you back Marie !!


2006/May/05         Out now in Germany !!    

Marie Serneholt - That´s The Way My Heart Goes"

You now can order both singles releases: "Basic" and/or "Premium"
Check the pics of both CDs on our multimedia site  HERE


2006/April/26        Releases Germany          

May/05    Maxi-Single    "That´s The Way My Heart Goes"
May/26    Debut Album    "Enjoy The Ride"


Marie posted in her german forum:

"I just wanna say hi to all my German fans! :-)
I´m so excited to go to Germany again! ..."
read all

We say:   You are heartly welcome !!  

              and:   We can´t wait to see you again !!         



Marie soon in Germany !!

May/06   Stuttgart    BRAVO Supershow 
20:15 CEST    Pro 7 / LIVE

 May/08          Berlin    VIVA  LIVE                
      15:00 CEST    VIVA TV / LIVE



VIVA TV + radio Germany
Video-clip of "That´s The Way My Heart Goes" was just
added to the playlist on VIVA TV in Germany:
The song is played on almost every radio channel here !!


2006 / April

Promotion tour in Germany
will start soon !!

Marie made a short visit in Germany for
a photo shooting and uploaded some
backstage pics on her website: 

Marie on the beach in Rio
4 pics in the Café -magazine no.4/2006
café.se     english
3 pics+article in the earlier Café  no.10/2003
café.se     english

Café Covers:   04/2006   05/2003



Marie´s website + next performence

Updated with new infos, forum, and sections
like news, media and calendar, so 
sign up now !
April/02 Marie will perform in "Bingolotto"/TV4



"Enjoy The Ride"  out now !!

Check out Marie´s debut album on
Enjoy 10 auditions, photos + the TV spot video !

Next single release soon:  "I Need A House"



"No more A*TEENS !"
Article in the swedish newspaper Aftonbladet.
Our member Maria translated this article:  english



Swedish Single Charts
This week "That´s The Way My Heart Goes"
one place 3 - last week: new entry on "2".



Marie "LIVE" on TV !!

Marie´s 1st live-performence with
"That´s The Way My Heart Goes"

on swedish TV channel  SVT1.



Official website  -  Album  -  Interview

Online now !!
Marie´s official website

"Enjoy The Ride"
Marie´s album will be released in Sweden March/29 !!
If you need help to get it, please contact us !

Some days ago, Marie had an interview on swedish radio:
the moderator talked with her about our german fansite, specially about our voting of
"What would you do if you meet Marie ?"

Marie laughed: "Funny !!"  (info: Bella - member)




debut single


covers & tracklists

official  videoclip





of pop

is back !

Text, Picture
& Copyright:
Germany 2006



Marie´s debut single:
"That´s The Way My Heart Goes"

Now it´s fact:
Marie´s first solo single will come out in February
and her debut album will follow in March !!

The video-clip of the single is just done and costs
1 Million Swedish Krona.  (ca. 130,000 USD)

We think Marie will start and promote worldwide -
she is predicted to become a worldstar again !!

Interview with new photos is up on
Credit to "Princess_182" for the  englsih translation
edited by our member Lina and me, Thommy.

If you want to pre-order Marie´s single and album,
please mail to
  or use this   contact formular


Drei Jahre nach dem letzten, offiziellen A-Teens-Album "New Arrival"
unternimmt nun mit Marie Serneholt die zweifellos talentierteste
der vier Bandmitglieder ihre ersten Schritte als Solo-Künstlerin.
Tatkräftige Unterstützung bei ihren ersten eigenen Songs wie z.B. der Solo-Debütsingle "That's The Way My Heart Goes" erhält sie von ihrem
Landsmann Jörgen Elofsson, einem renommierten Multiplatin-Produzenten,
der in den vergangenen Jahren u.a. Songs für Britney Spears, Celine Dion
und Westlife für die internationalen Charts maßgeschneidert hatte.
Eine perfekte Kombination - dessen ist sich auch der Star-Producer sicher:
"Es gibt viele, die gut singen, aber irgendwie fehlt das spezielle Etwas.
Marie besitzt alle Qualitäten, die einen Star auszeichnen:
Sie ist talentiert, smart, denkt positiv, ist sehr attraktiv - 
und dabei extrem sympathisch."
       english translation



Melodifestivalen - ESC
Debut Single & Album

According to the swedish newspaper Aftonbladet,
Marie might be in the swedish song contest
"Melodifestivalen", the pre-selection-contest
  for the big European Song Contest 2006.
But nothing is confirmed yet !
And more:
Marie´s first single may come out in February !!
The video shooting therefor is dated to January,
so Marie´s debut album could follow in March !?
More about soon ...



"Pop-Idol & Model"

On is a new article with photos
about Marie´s model career:
Thanks to our member Maria from Sweden
transled this article:    english


Maybelline  New York

Marie is now promoting cosmetic articles of "Maybelline".
Soon you can see her in magazines and on posters.
When you know "Jade" from older times, "Jade" goes
"Maybelline" in 1999.  But Marie will not leave the studio
for beeing a model only - she want to continue to find
nice sounds and songs for going solo with music.
She´ll surprise us soon, with her 1st recorded solo CD.


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