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Sara lives with her husband Chris, little Oscar and the dogs in Portchester, U K




Happy  Wedding  Anniversary  !

Three years married:   Sara & Chris    photo/IG


!!   Happy  1st  Birthday  Oscar   !!

Little  Oscar  has just finished his first year on earth.
Happy  Birthday  and all the best for the future ! 
                                                                  3 pics/IG

June 20   Oscar  10 months !  (3 days ago)    IG


Video  Meeting  with  Amit  and  Sara  !!

Recording of yesterday's AMA (Ask Me Anything)
with Amit and Sara on
Sara also dropped in to have fun with almost
100 fans who logged in from round the world.

More about  you can find on  Amit's  fb fanpage


May 18   Oscar  9 months !  (yesterday)   5 pics/IG


2021/April/23              Becoming  Best  Friends
" The human's best friend is the dog ! "    photo/IG

April 17      Oscar  Today  8  months old !   photo/IG
March 18   Oscar  7 months !  (yesterday)   2 pics/IG



Video  Meeting  with  Sara  and  Dhani

On today's  International  Day  of  A*TEENS
A-Teens Chile  organized a video meeting
with  Sara and Dhani  for all  Latin American

fans on  ZOOM.  Check out the recording ! 



2021/Feb/17                   Happy  6  Months
How time flies !!  Little  Oscar  celebrates his first
half year on earth, congratulations !         photos

Feb 14   Oscar's  1st  Valentine's  Day   photo/IG
Jan 17   Happy 5 months  Oscar !   5 pics/IG





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